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This week in America we celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. As you may know, Thanksgiving commemorates a surly, suspicious, isolationist cult who fled their homeland due to religious persecution, because like all insular, abusive religious totalitarians everywhere they could dish it but they couldn't take it. They got to America and promptly almost died because they had been so busy telling other people how to live that they picked up absolutely no life skills of their own. Luckily for them, some magical Native Americans wandered by and took pity on them and hooked them up with some food. And so we reflect on the Native American with his practicality and generosity and the Puritan with his humility and austerity and raise a middle finger to them both by engaging in a bacchanalia of gluttony and sloth.

Nevertheless, as my wife and I spend our first Thanksgiving in a new home, I am thankful. I am thankful for my parents and their generosity in letting us live at their house during a time that was long and difficult for us all.

However, now that I am out of that house I am also very thankful for the following:
-Being able to park my car in the driveway and not having to drive around the block before I park.
-A brand new stove whose oven door handle I don't have to delicately grasp just so to prevent it from falling off when I open it.
-Two toilets, both of which are set to "kill" as opposed to "stun."

Happy feasting one and all!

Good news

Oct. 25th, 2011 02:58 am
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Something wonderful happened to me today. I finally got made full time at my work. This couldn't come at a better time since I'm going to be driving farther to get to work now. This will at least pay for gas getting me there and back. I'm still trying to get a part-time job for my days off. Mind you, an adult in their thirties in America should not have to do this. American dream my privileged white ass. But this is the way things have to be until I can find my way to make them better and I truly am grateful to have more hours. It should lessen the stress I've been having about the move just a little bit.

Listening to Alestorm has gotten me on a pirate kick lately. Maybe I'll dig out my old 7th Sea icons and use them to replace my draenei ones since I'm not currently playing World of Warcraft. Interestingly, I got home from work last night to find Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End playing on TV. I hadn't seen it since it was in the theatre. The Pirates movies make a lot more sense on subsequent viewings. I couldn't understand what was going on the first time I saw the sequels and that detracted from my enjoyment. Too bad I haven't heard a single good thing about the fourth one because the series was quite good for the first three films and that's a rare thing.

Tomorrow's the last day at work before my days off, a.k.a. Moving Day parts 1 & 2. Looking so forward to having the move done.


Oct. 19th, 2011 05:47 pm
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These past two days have seen me driving back and forth to the new house a lot, cleaning and moving stuff in. M. has had work and classes so it has mostly been me the last two days. I unexpectedly had to get up on three hours of sleep yesterday morning because I forgot the new stove was being delivered. Took a power nap afterward but it still left me feeling burned out and the feeling carried over despite getting a full night's sleep last night.

But the house is starting to look really good now. All that's left to clean are the kitchen and the second bathroom. Those are going to take a lot of work but if M. and I can both get down there together it will go really fast. Tonight friends are coming to help move our couch. Now if I get tired during cleaning I can lay down and goldbrick for a little bit :)

I am still finding time to work on music during all of this, somehow. I've been grateful for having something to unwind with. This Saturday cable internet gets put in. Hopefully I will be posting from the new house very soon :)
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It feels like a lot has happened this week although I guess it's not as much as it seems. On Sunday... well, I hesitate to say too much at this juncture but the long and short of it is that M. and I are taking steps to finally get out of my parents' basement and Sunday was spent making this in some ways official. It is very scary to be setting out all of a sudden; this whole opportunity came upon us rather unexpectedly. It will be a really busy number of weeks ahead of us. I'll say more as things fall more into place. It's been in the air for a while now and we're finally at the point where I feel comfortable talking about it.

Monday night the Champagne Players threw a going away party for one of our members, Tess, who will be spending a semester studying in England. It was really more of a going away dinner. It was so good to hang with my acting friends again since it's been over a month since I'd gotten to see all of them. Discovered a nice Chinese restaurant in Westport I had never been to before: a nice quiet place. I hope we didn't offend them too much with our bawdy humor. It really is impossible to keep a risque acting troupe proper in any kind of setting once you get us all together. It was wonderful. Tess is in England now and even though she updates Facebook daily as always, Kansas City still seems smaller without her. We're all looking forward to having her back in December. Although we've half-jokingly said her absence will mean her returning to find very strange roles written for her in the coming season's skits.

Monday also saw my mother depart on a three day trip to Kentucky to assist a friend with the re-interment of a famous racehorse. (Long story.) My mom got to spend a few days among the race horses that are her passion and M. and I got a few days' peace and quiet around the house. It was a nice time for everybody.

Tuesday night we gave our cat Zephyr his first bath ever. Zephyr is huge; twenty pounds worth of cat and he did NOT like it. But he was so miserable, suffering with fleas that I didn't know what else to do. I came away with a few scratches, and a few fleas died in the process. I can tell he feels better but there's a lot of work to do still. None of the cats willingly set foot on a carpeted surface anymore. All four of them huddle on whatever linoleum and/or high-up surface they can find to get away from the fleas. It's like they're fleeing a sinking ship :(

And please, spare me all your home remedies for dealing with fleas. I'm tired of hearing them. We've all gotten paid. We're just going to get some Advantix and try to kill them that way.

Tonight was supposed to be band rehearsal but it got cancelled due to bandmates being behind schedule getting back to their farm due to a failed GPS. Unfortunately they were not able to get cell reception until I was practically AT their farm. So I basically drove to and from Excelsior Springs for nothing. I had been looking forward to practice all week but I guess that's how the chips fall sometimes. So instead of jamming I spent the night finishing A Storm of Swords.

I don't know how GRRM does it. I really don't. Sometimes I don't want to know. If I didn't have to work tomorrow I'd jump right into A Feast for Crows tonight. Although after the body count of ASoS I'm a little afraid to.

I am very tired and am going to get too little sleep now. Moving into a new place means I need to make more money though, and pronto. Prayers and meditations that I find better employment would be very much appreciated right about now.
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Hi ho. Kermit T. Uber here. I'm pleased to report that my mom's gall bladder surgery went well with no problems. The cat spent all morning ignoring me and then spent tonight demanding every bit of my attention. Cats, I tell you. Anyway, I took advantage of having spare time and my folks' house to myself to finally get my drawers of CD's and my guitars and amps out of there. That was an all-day task, but a worthwhile one. I've never felt comfortable practicing my music in my parents' house since they always want to hear what I'm doing, which makes me self-conscious. I'm the kind of artist who doesn't like anyone to hear what I'm working on until it's finished. Now that my gear is in my own space it's like a switch was turned back on. I woke up this evening after way too little sleep with a bass line running through my head which I just had to get up and go play a few times lest it be lost forever. We are slowly turning the space cornering the living room and the kitchen into my music area. Once it's all done I might put up photos of the new dwelling place of my Battleguitar Galactica.

Spent this evening watching Stargate SG-1 reruns on Sci-Fi channel. It's funny, there are hundreds of episodes of that show I've never seen, yet somehow, when I sit down to watch the reruns I always manage to catch only ones I've seen before. I guess it makes keeping track of the story simple! Not so with my beloved Battlestar Galactica, however. I missed one episode a few weeks ago - ONE! - and apparently it was the episode where a billion things happened. This week's new episode had me almost completely lost. Of course, if I were completely Lost I'd be living on an island with monsters and strange underground hatches, surrounded by hot chicks who are tragically already paired off with southern bad boys, angsty doctors, hunky Arabs, and portly millionaires. No, far better to take my chances in Galactica's co-ed gymnasium.

This entry had a point to it, but I think it's gone now.
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First weekend in our new apartment. First breakfast cooked in our new apartment (the pancakes didn't quite turn out the way we wanted them to...) first bag of trash to take out.

It looks we're going to be living out of boxes for quite a while, as is so often the case when you move, but it's great being here and totally worth it. Last night we went out to watch [livejournal.com profile] duendegrrl dance at a Mediterranean restuarant down in Overland Park. Food was pricey, but full of beefy goodness. Definately a worth and much-needed night out after a relentless and exhausing weekend. You know you're sweating a lot when you drink fifteen times as much water as you normally drink during a day and pee about fifteen times less!

I feel as if I've done nothing but lug heavy boxes and I still haven't moved everything I'd like to over here yet. It's been a great workout though, which I've needed. Lost enough water weight that between Friday and Saturday I went down a notch on my belt. Of course Mel's been working every bit as hard, having spent all day yesterday getting my kitchen things out of the boxes they've been in for the last three years and washing them. She was also in charge of going out and buying the thousand little necessities you never think about until you realize you don't have them.

So yeah, we're here! Housewarming party to come soon. Details of same to follow.
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I am typing this from the comfort and coziness of our beautiful new apartment. This calls for BUKKAKE! )
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We own a sofa now! Got it for 75% off at Nebraska Furniture Mart. (It was a return.) My dad won't be free to help me pick it up until Saturday, but then I will have the first piece of furniture I've ever bought for myself. Yay! Now I just really wish all the moving would be over. It is stressful.
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I'm sleepy tonight, but it was worth it. [livejournal.com profile] kakita_shisumo and [livejournal.com profile] duende_grrl Took us out to dinner tonight to repay us for minding their pets last weekend. We had delicious gobs of Italian food up at The Red Zone. I am well sated and apt to acquire fatness. Mmm mmm. In other news, everything should be set to go at the apartment. We have utilities, cable and internet; all the necessities of life, really. All the ones you can't eat, anyway. Now we just have to get stuff in there. I can't wait. Today we're going to go down to Nebraska Furniture Mart and scout for couches and the like. I normally hate going any further into debt, but for actually owning my own furniture, I'll gladly make an exception.

And now, a news story in which bad things happen to bad people:


Please, no one lecture me on how the punishment is too harsh and how prison only makes bad people worse, yada yada. I'm a vengeful motherfucker who loves seeing bullies get their come uppance. As this rarely ever happens in our world, I reserve the right to take pleasure where I may. And really, how much worse is prison going to make them? Will it teach them to engage in five on one racial violence, as commonly happens? It probably would, if they weren't already doing it.

However, I do find it odd that South Carolina defines a lynching as a mob attack where the victim survives. I always thought lynchings were supposed to be lethal.
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We got the apartment!
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Well, we still don't know anything about the apartment, although they did call my parents to ask about us, so they are doing the check-ups on us. The lady said Wednesday at the earliest and Friday at the latest for an answer, so hopefully tomorrow will bring us good news.

Today also brought some unexpected joy: I received the reimbursement check for my car rental and deductable from the wreck back in July. Now I'll be able to afford the new L5R expansion and make a generous payment on the credit card as well. Considering how everything I'd been told indicated it would likely take thirteen months before I could receive the reimbursement, I feel this calls for an undisputable HuzzaH!


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