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Gay couple in Malawi throws an engagement party, gets sentenced to prison for it.

Got to protect "society" and "civilization" from the gays, don't we? Got to fight it with incarceration and intimidation. If this is the society that gays will erode and destroy well... maybe it needs to be destroyed.

I found this part to be heartbreaking:

Ahead of the verdict, the two men thanked their supporters, remaining defiant in a statement released through Tatchell.

In it, Chimbalanga said: "I love Steven so much. If people or the world cannot give me the chance and freedom to continue living with him as my lover, then I am better off to die here in prison. Freedom without him is useless and meaningless."

Meanwhile China is sentencing swingers to prison.

The article focuses on one particular member of a swinger club being persecuted for their activities. He's a divorced college professor who cares for his eldery, Alzheimer's-stricken mother. The article casually mentions that he apparently was known to host orgies in the apartment he shares with his mother.

Wait... Yes, China has no business in peoples' bedrooms and consenting adults can do whatever they want. But this guy is scum in my book. China's activities here are disgusting. What's also disgusting is no one - not China and not the media - seems to be very interested in seeing how well the guy cared for someone who can't care for herself.

Personally I don't think I know two people who get get in the mood while someone was dying of Alzheimer's in the next room, let alone an entire orgy's worth of people.

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 Thailand's prime minister defends use of force against Red Shirt protesters.

It really is a shame that the term "Red Shirt" has such unfortunate connotations in English.
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Teen arrested for hijacking Wal-Mart intercom to make racist remarks.

I saw some comments on one article I read about this along the lines of  "Don't the police have anything better to do?" But here's the thing. I work in retail and have personally been the victim of harassment from groups of little jackass teenagers who come into the store with no intention of doing anything other than causing trouble. So I say fuck 'em. Let him learn there's consequences for being a hateful, shitty little monster.
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Oregon man police apprehend a man because the think he might commit a crime.

Police can come to your home and apprehend you without a warrant if they think you might be thinking about possibly committing a crime. Think about that for a moment.

At least in The Minority Report the guy they were chasing was a Scientologist.
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I have been searching for words in response to Pat Robertson's remarks and been unable to find them. In the long run it's better to let someone from Haiti speak for themselves. Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] cherith

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Miep Gies, protector of Anne Frank and her family, dies at age 100.
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It's hard for me not to talk about the murder of abortion provider George Tiller. He operated out of the part of Kansas where I grew up. Indeed, it came as quite a surprise to me a few years ago when I started to learn that our local abortion doctor was in fact famous all over the country. I've driven by his clinic, seen the protestors outside. In the late 80's and early 90's he was easily our most talked-about and notorious local celebrity.

I've gone from one extreme to the other about abortion over the years and I've done so more than once. This makes me have to face that all over again. What I've come to is that I can't condone what Dr. Tiller did for a living. It was wrong. I think he profiteered on people who were in misery and despair, and although I'm reluctant to speculate on such things, I think he probably has a lot to answer for in the next world.

But I don't feel good about what happened. His murder just feels like a sad, wretched inevitability that has not made the world a better place. Nobody has "won" and nothing has changed.
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I'll be honest, I wouldn't want to be the Taliban who had to report back to his superiors that he was unable to take a position manned by a guy in pink boxer shorts.
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In case you haven't heard, there's rioting in London.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I hate protest rallies. Rallies like this one always end the same way with the police looking like fascist stormtroopers and the protestors looking like savages out to destroy for destruction's own sake. Sooner or later mob rule takes over, people forget what they're even protesting about, and it becomes just an excuse to get in a fight or to break something. Protests rallies are pretty much the entire tragedy of the human race played out in microcosm. And the sad thing is, if I was a professional on welfare, having to make my house payment on credit cards I'd probably want to smash something too. But I'm sure that for every person there with legitimate anger there's at least one more there just wanting to lash against authority because it's there and because they can.

Oh and the slogan "abolish money!" Yeah, that's real brilliant. You may as well be shouting "abolish oxygen!" Because you know, our dependency on it is pretty oppressive.
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I've been trying to make up my mind how I feel about the building being erected at the site of the Twin Towers having its name changed from "Freedom Tower" to "World Trade Center One." A lot of people, (including former New York mayor Rudy Giulianni,) are quite angry about it. Apparently the decision was made to change the name in order to make the property more "marketable" to foreign companies who in some cases come from countries with totalitarian regimes. (One of the first tenants to sign up for the future skyscraper is a Chinese finance company.)

My issue is this: I agree that's a pretty lousy reason to change the name. We're supposedly building that tower for us and those who died, not to please foreign businessmen. But... I honestly think WTC-1 is a much better, more dignified name. There's a beautiful elegance and dignity in just naming it after the building that stood there before. Freedom Tower sounds like a tacky tourist attraction; like it would have a 90-storey American flag painted on the side and gigantic speakers that blare Lee Greenwood 24 hours a day.

I guess my dilemma is that I love the name they're switching to but hate their reasons for doing so :/


Mar. 31st, 2009 01:25 pm
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Walgreens to give free healthcare to the jobless and uninsured.

While on one hand I'm delighted to see my former employer doing this, I really have to wonder how they can afford it when they've had to cut positions and hours at both the store and corporate levels.
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U.S. move to cheaper Chinese condoms threatens American jobs.

Notice that twice in the article the author takes it upon himself to refer to the American condoms as "AIDS-preventing." That makes me imagine condoms in foil wrappers emblazoned with the American flag sporting starburst slogans of "AIDS-PREVENTING!" and "MADE IN AMERICA!"

Wait... apparently that's not what's on the wrapper after all:

"Condoms from those companies will likely carry the USAID logo — two hands shaking over red and white bunting."

Maybe it's USAID's subtle way of saying that instead of having sexual intercourse using these risky condoms you should settle for an "adult handshake" instead?

Also since I'm assuming since these condoms are for distribution to impoverished countries that they are utilitarian in nature, i.e. no studs, spirals, or ribs for the pleasure of all parties involved. Too bad. Otherwise you'd have a killer headline in the form of "Stimulus Package Threatens Stimulation of Packages."

In all seriousness, this is bad news given the fact that the low-bid Chinese condoms have such a poor track record. Why even BOTHER passing these out as aid to impoverished people if they don't work? The media's been awfully hard on Pope Benedict the last few days about his thoughts on condom usage in AIDS-ridden parts of Africa. But damn, if this is the way things are going maybe the old coot is onto something.

So lets fire some hardworking Americans, give peasants condoms that don't work, and do it all through a front company to cover our own asses just to save a lousy THREE CENTS per rubber. Nice to know that we don't let little things like charity work and preventing unemployment get in the way of good old-fashioned American capitalism.
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Since I was stuck in the office with a trainee for most of yesterday and since the office TV always plays news channels I got to watch pretty much the entire inauguration all day. I've got to admit I normally don't go in for those kind of things, even for presidents I like, but this was pretty snazzy. Of course, we can't just have a nice party day without someone somewhere finding something to get upset about.

There are actually people (Fox News's Glenn Beck among them,) who took umbrage at the elderly African American reverend who gave the closing prayer for doing the little rhyme about how now "black don't have to step back, brown can stick around, yellow can be mellow, the red man can get ahead, man, and white can do what's right." Apparently that's racist against white people and furthering divisions Obama said he'd get rid of. Funny, I thought it was a veteran of the Civil Rights movement talking about how his dreams of unity from many decades ago had come true. People love to read things that aren't there; people who, if they can't find a legitimate reason to be unhappy about something will just make one up.

And then people are mocking Obama because he tripped over a line in the oath of office. What actually happened was that the guy reading the oath to him screwed it up, Obama tried to get him back on track, and wound up with them both getting turned around. I've spent my share of time on the stage and can attest that you can be the best actor in the world, but if the other person on stage screws up you can STILL wind up turned around all to hell and back.

I recognize that a lot of people are just waiting for Obama to fail. But seriously, you'll get your chance. Getting your panties moist over insignificant word slips during a pompous ceremony just makes you look petty.

My mom told me a funny story this morning. Apparently she was arguing circles around one of my aunts who is anti-Obama. My aunt quoted my late grandfather who apparently once said that "if a black man ever becomes president the white man will be scrubbing the black man's floors and cleaning his toilets." My mom said "if he wants me to come scrub floors and clean toilets in the white house, sign me up! Those people make a lot of money!" That shut her right up.

Sign me up too. I don't know what kind of money a white house janitor makes, but I'm sure it can't be shabby. They've got to be out-earning me, at any rate.

Right now they're televising the President & friends attending the national prayer service at the cathedral in Washington. I'm sure the atheist bloggers must be creaming their jeans over that one.
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It's easy to get down on myself when I feel like my novel isn't selling well. But it's not like I only sold seven copies and then got sent to prison for my trouble.

I hope the government of Thailand realizes that things like this just make people want to insult their precious monarchy that much more.

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Just this morning it clicked with me that the presidential inauguration is tomorrow. It just kind of snuck up on me. Hear about a thing so much and it just fades into the background. It doesn't interest me though. I'm more interested in what presidents do once they're in office than their investitures. I'm much more excited about the premier of Lost on Wednesday.

MLK day so the building is deserted.  A nice bit of quiet before I have to sit with my new trainee all day tomorrow. I hate training people, but thankfully I just have the one day of it. Still, it makes for a long day.
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On this day, I am ashamed to be an American.
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2nd in command of al-Qaeda insults Barack Obama.

I'm sure this won't faze the WorldNetDaily-reading far right conspiracy nuts who are convinced he's an al-Qaeda sleeper-agent, however. Clearly this is just an act to throw us off the scent and their ridiculously circuitous plan to control America with a Muslim president will soon be one quarter of the way complete!
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This is one of those things I probably shouldn't share just because it will do nothing but make people angry. But it's so easy to get wrapped up in our own lives and forget about stuff like this and I just can't stand to think of it being forgotten.

15 girls and teachers in Afghannistan sprayed with acid for daring to go to school.
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Last night I went to bed high on Obama's victory, had dreams of women engaged in sapphic breast fights, and woke up with a sore throat.

I didn't expect Obama to win by the landslide that he did. It was amazing. But I really want to give my respect to John McCain for the beautiful, classy concession speech that he gave. I've believed in John McCain for as long as I've known who he was. This year I felt that he betrayed me. Last night I watched him become the man I admired again. I hope he stays that way, that he will be willing to help Obama lead this country and that Obama will be willing to let him.

I believe Obama is a good man. History was made last night. I hope he will be worthy of the honor he has received, that he will be the man to meet the colossal challenges he will inherit.

News has just come down that Prop 8 has passed in California. Now I have been saying this all morning so I apologize if you're hearing it again, but it is a message that I feel cannot be stressed enough:

All that the passing of Prop 8 means is that we still have more work to do!

Part of what supposedly makes America great is that we do not rest secure in our victories. We're always on to the next challenge, the next obstacle to overcome. Even if everything about the new administration fails the fact still stands that last night we proved that paradigms can be shattered. So let them have their Prop 8 while it lasts. It's only a matter of time now.

And now if you're tired of the soap box you can read about that weird booby dream I had last night. )


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