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My vacation has not turned out like I planned. Saturday I came down with a really nasty case of flu or something that I'm still fighting my way through. I have slept most of the last two days. Today I thought I was finally shaking it but that was not the case. Fortunately I did stay well long enough to drive up to Lilies War and participate in our troupe's production of Hamlet. Mind you, this is Hamlet as a comedy. We had the best turnout for a daytime show that I've seen us have yet and the audience absolutely loved it. It was more than worth the exertion.

Obviously I'm not camping out here. Three hours into the illness and I knew that was not going to happen. Maybe it's for the best since I couldn't really afford to do the camping thing this time anyway. I still want to but it won't be this year. Maybe some year.

We have the adult show, which includes the scene I'm directing, on Wednesday night. Best I can do is hope I'll be recovered by then.

Down sick

Mar. 15th, 2012 12:11 am
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I have been very, very sick for over a week now. That's why I haven't been on here very much. I am now finally getting to the point where I feel functional again.
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I feel very lethargic today despite having done everything I set out to do. It's been the second of two days off in a row. The first involved rehearsal with the troupe. Our big performance of the summer is two weeks out and I think everyone is feeling the stress. Rehearsal was a lot of fun though and I'm not worried. Then again I basically just have to show up and say my lines. I'm not involved in making costumes or any of the other logistical stuff. I will be next year if I manage to write & direct a couple of sketches like I'm planning on. This year it's still a source of relaxation and I'm grateful for that.

Dieting. Transformers. World of Warcraft.. )
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I've been working a lot of short shifts at work this week. This is a mixed blessing. On one hand, all the extra free time makes it feel almost like having a day off. On the other hand, the actual work shift itself feels longer. In an 8 hour shift I get two breaks plus an hour lunch. That breaks the day up quite a bit and makes it feel faster. The short shifts only give one fifteen minute break. So the shift seems to go slower.

Our store has an optometrist shop built right into it. Oh evil corporate juggernaut, you serve me well! I am getting new glasses finally after needing them for like, four years. And with my employee discount I got about fifty dollars off on them. It's going to be so nice to see again. They won't be ready until Wednesday and it feels like waiting for Christmas.

Writing continues at its uneven pace. Completed a phenomenal section of Seasons in the Abyss only to be stymied as to what the next scene should be. This happens a lot. When I finish writing a scene I am really pleased with the next scene after just doesn't want to get started. I'm taking a few days away from it because I know from experience that that's the best thing. But it feels like I'm being non-productive and lazy even when I know I'm not.

Maybe today will be the day the scene takes the shape it's meant to. I shall now return to bed to hasten the moment when I find out.


Oct. 30th, 2007 12:57 pm
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I feel lousy today, like I'm getting sick. I didn't sleep last night. Woke up about 1:10 AM and didn't fall asleep again until almost five. As a result I've been in a haze all day. At least work has been good. All the equipment up and running again and no system access issues. All just business as usual. We still don't know what to do about our home PC though.

I've got a bag of books and notebooks. I'd love to read or write but am afraid I'll fall asleep.
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I got invited to an interview with my old job this week. But the best position they're offering wouldn't pay much more than what I used to make there - not on par with my current job. Plus there's the issue of me being out of town for several days three weeks from now. New jobs frown on that.

What I didn't tell you? We're flying down to Mobile to visit Mel's parents. With her mom undergoing chemo we think it would really be a good time to be together as a family. I can only stay for a few days but Mel will stay a while longer.

Anyway, all this plus Mel's surgery this coming Monday leads me to think maybe it's not the best time to switch back to a lower paying job right now, regardless of how much fun I would have there.

I politely let them know that I wouldn't be able to attend but to keep my ap on file.

It's hard and frustrating, wanting out of my job so bad but not being able to take offers that come my way. My mom is rehearsing a play right now (the reverend who married Mel and I gets to murder her,) and hearing her talk about it makes me envy my inability to do theatre with my current job even more.

Ah well, sometimes you've got to pick your battles. As much as I want to go, my gut tells me I need to stay if just for a little while longer. I desperately need new glasses too and those don't come cheap. Hell, no reason why I can't get some work done while I'm doing work, right? Time to check out the company vision plan.
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The bad news is that Mel's surgery isn't actually tomorrow. It's just a consultation with the surgeon. We'll still have to schedule the appointment after this.

The good news is that all the insurance problems are cleared up. Long story short: Mel was not listed on my insurance despite me submitting all her information properly when I enrolled. Turns out there was some piece of paper they didn't get within a certain deadline so she didn't get added. But after a few hours on the phone today with a very friendly and helpful woman from Void Circle Pharmacy's benefits department she's not only covered now, but is covered retroactively back to January 1st. So while the surgery isn't happening just yet, when it does happen we are good to go. I'm glad my six months at this company have at least been good for something and that there's one really awesome person working in just the department she needs to work in.
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I drink too much soda, I play too much WoW, I don't write enough, and the so-called pharmacy I work for is running me around in circles so I can't get my stomach medicine that I need. (They're basically hoping I'll just settle for taking Prilosec and go away. Not gonna happen.)

But I had a beautiful Valentine's Day with my wife - Dairy Queen, shopping, and Soul Calibur at a real live video arcade, you can't go wrong with that. And my first novel is hurtling like a comet toward its very sexy release date. I should feel bad about some things, but all things considered, I feel pretty good.
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Really more of a personal entry for me here. Some of you might know that I'm obsessed with a band called Saviour Machine. They play some of the most beautiful dark gothic music you can imagine. Musically they've been my guiding light for fifteen years now. I am not exaggerating when I say their music and words have sometimes literally been the only thing which has helped me have faith at times when I was ready to abandon it altogether.

The band is pretty much completely the brainchild of one man, Eric Clayton. He has been "working on" the band's final album for five years now. A man of few words, he's not spoken much about the reasons behind all the delays. Not having thought of them in a while, I decided to cruise over to the band's website tonight to see if anything new was happening. I found posted an interview from last August that's really left me kind of numb. Turns out the reason for the delays have been extremely severe, possibly life-threatening health problems on Mr. Clayton's part. He has Barrett's Esophagus due to 26 years of acid reflux disease. It's literally where your stomach lining begins crawling up your throat and is a precursor to esophogeal cancer. He has to get endoscopes and throat biopsies every three months.

It's left me numb for two reasons. 1) I have acid reflux. I haven't had it anywhere near as long as he has, but when I saw my doctor last month she really wanted me to get an endoscope ASAP. I guess now that I have benefits I'd better do it, huh? Especially after reading all the difficulties Clayton must now live with on account of his condition. 2) This man has one of the most beautiful, angelic, operatic voices you have ever heard. His voice can bring me to tears no matter how many times I hear it. The thought of his throat suffering permanent damage is like the loss of something priceless. I can't imagine possessing something that beautiful and literally having it erode out from beneath you.

This just stuns me. He has been a profound influence on who I am. I had the good fortune to meet him once about ten years ago and spend a few days in his company and he amazed me all over again with how kind he was. I feel like I'm watching a friend suffer. Knowing that his fate might be my future isn't helping at all.

This was really mostly just for me to get my thoughts out. I needed to. It helps.


Jan. 7th, 2007 08:14 pm
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I went home from work early yesterday. I was sick. I think the gruelling pace of the job just caught up with me. I haven't mentioned it, but lately they've been scheduling me on a lot of turnarounds, which is where I close at night and then open the next morning. If I'm lucky I have just enough space for six hours of sleep. So far I haven't managed to get more than four. Yesterday was such a day and I think it just caught up with me. I came home at two in the afternoon and crashed for about four hours. I woke up when Mel got home and felt better, but after I went to bed later that night I developed a fever. The problem with this was that I made the mistake of playing Shadow of the Colossus immediately before going to bed. If you don't know, it's a video game where a warrior is trying to slay primordial giants in order to resurrect his dead girlfriend. Now you'd never think it from that description, but the whole game is actually very eerie, desolate, and surreal. The graphics are dreamlike at best, almost halucinatory in some places. Needless to say, it makes for interesting sleeping when you're having fever dreams in which this is coming at you. ) Or this. )

Yeah. Anyway, fortunately the fever broke at some point - I think that's what it means when you go to sleep shivering under two blankets and with the heater blazing and wake up later pouring sweat, anyway. I managed to get through my full shift today, but everything ached by the time I went home. Making matters worse still, I haven't been able to afford my stomach medicine this month so my acid reflux has been taking its toll on me.

So my overall feeling today has been "blah." Hopefully that will change. I broke down and bought some Prilosec today for my stomach. I can only take it for a limited time before it starts to disagree with my stomach, but since I get paid this week I should be okay on it until then. We'll see.
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Ever since I've been taking aciphex (close to three years now, I think,) it's been easy to forget most days that I even have acid reflux disease. When I got sick a few weeks back, however, it was a cruel reminder as I got the worst case of heartburn I've had in a very long time. My doctor was nonplussed, saying the type of virus I had creates a sort of paralysis of the stomach, aggravating acid reflux. Sure enough, after two days it stopped along with the rest of the problems.

Twice in the last week now, however, I've found myself having heartburn, heartburn that completely ignores my perscription. I have to take Zantac to get through the day. I don't know what the hell's going on but I'm getting scared that the aciphex is going to stop working. Given how bad acid reflux hurts me and how depressed it makes me, this is the absolute last thing I want or need.

I'm hoping it's just some residual effect of the virus or the virus trying to come back. I also haven't eaten particularly healthy this past week and that interferes with the medicine working as well. Whatever the cause, I'm hoping it's something I can correct on my own without a quest for a new medicine that works. I don't want to go through this again.
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The downside of rarely getting sick is that when you do, it hits really hard. I had to call in sick to work Thursday night it was so bad and of the 48 hour period that followed, I spent 27 hours of it sleeping. I'm really disappointed we had to call off the housewarming party, but there was just no way I could've done it. Fortunately, I seem to have bounced back quickly. I'm on a course of some heavy drugs and all signs of the illness seem to be gone. I can eat normally again, fever's gone, quit running to the bathroom once per hour, no more aches.

One thing I learned: nasty stomach viruses makes acid reflux go crazy. Boy was I miserable. I was afraid to eat for two days. But like I said, that's gone now and good riddance.

This was one of those viruses you get because some jackass doesn't wash his hands after using the potty and you're the unlucky one who grabs the door handle after him. So please, everyone, learn the lesson which the peasants of medieval Europe refused to: if your hands touch shit, wash 'em.

And now for some bad news. According to IMDB.com, Gary Oldman has apparently been inexplicably fired from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix )

Don't panic; the Ministry of Wizardry has already dispatched a team of Aurors to figure out a reason why people should now care about seeing the movie.
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I am sick and because of it our housewarming party is cancelled. Hopefully we'll reschedule in a few weeks. I've got a contagious stomach virus and feel terrible. Hence, I may not be doing much with LJ. If I miss something super-important, please let me know via comment.
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Well I went to my new doctor today to confirm the findings of my previous doctor who, on my last visit told me I had high blood pressure. I expected to walk out of that office with a perscription for blood pressure medication which I would be on the rest of my life.

Guess what... my blood pressure is normal. There is nothing wrong with me. To put it nicely, that other doctors' office lied. Dr. A. told me a lot of things today which my previous doc completely neglected to mention. Like if they suspect your BP may be high then they have to test your BP three different times on three different days. If it reads normal even one time, then you have nothing to worry about because BP fluctuates depending on stress, level of activity, etc. Today I was rock solid in the normal range at 124/80. I am, as they say, fit as a fiddle.

I cannot express how glad I am to have found this doctor. She's been a great comfort to both of us in the few days since we started seeing her. I feel like I'm getting competent medical care for the first time in ten years and it's one of those things you don't realize how much you need it until you have it again after going without for so long.

I'm more than a little steamed at Dr. S., my previous doctor and I'm more than tempted to file some kind of complaint. I figured he was running some kind of a scam with all his hyperactive cholesterol testing on every one of his patients, but trying to trick a healthy person with normal blood pressure into a therapy for high BP... GRR!!! That may not be what they were trying to do, but all I know is they didn't tell me everything about the condition. They didn't tell me even a third of what Dr. A told me today.

We trust our doctors with our lives. We view them as authority figures and follow their advice in good faith. But you can't take anything for granted. You can't take it for granted that they have your best interests at heart, or even the skill to know what those interests are and that is a scary thing indeed.
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Today something happened to me which I only ever thought happened to other people: LJ stopped sending me comment notifications! It sounds like I'm not alone too. Somebody remind me again exactly what we're paying this website for again?

I woke up this evening with my neck hurting from sleeping on it wrong. I did something to it several weeks ago and the muscles have just not been the same since. It'll feel like it's getting better, then I'll do something careless and aggravate it. Perhaps I headbanged too much in my youth. Guess I'll have to be careful what I do with my neck at the King's X concert tomorrow night.

I may get annoyed with the overall level of stubbornness and bullheadedness in the world. But today has made me realize how many really intelligent, fascinating people I've met through LJ. I'm very grateful for everyone I've met here and for the people I already knew whom it has given me the opprotunity to know better. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
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Well, my weekend went almost exactly as predicted with me just sleeping my life away. And I don't feel the least bit bad about that. I think this may be three years of getting an average of 4-6 hours of sleep per day catching up with me. All I want to do is sleep. I sleep until I can't sleep anymore and then in a few hours, I'm ready to sleep again. My head and sore throat seem to slowly be getting better, but they're taking their time.

I did feel well enough to go out to my tournament on Sunday, only to have it not happen. Apparently he had a lot of interest for it and several people had pledged to attend. However, the distributor did not ship the starter decks. No starter decks = no sealed deck tournament. Needless to say, I was pretty damn disappointed. But he's going to try and reschedule it in two weeks. I came home, applied for jobs online, watched the last half of the Kansas City-Oakland football game, played some L5R solitare to assuage my craving, watched King of the Hill, The Simpsons, and Family Guy and then went back to bed before work.

I'm sure it sounds like my life is all cush, but it isn't. My dreams are really screwed up and the physical act of sleeping isn't as pleasant as it could be. It's unpleasant but it's necessary.

Anyway, life goes on around me. I want to send special congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] lurex on her successful move to Kansas City. Hope to see you soon, girl. Or possibly find one a troll doll attached to a balloon tangled up in the tree outside my house. And congratulations and special hello to [livejournal.com profile] cherith who is back from her honeymoon in Florida. Glad to have you back!

Okay, since being sick makes you feel perpetually filthy, I'm off to take a shower right after I procrastinate a little more.
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Today marked an important milestone in Mel and I's relationship: we did laundry together for the very first time. It was actually a lot of fun, and I never consider laundry to be fun. Although I don't think she was ready for what a typical "guy" I am when it comes to my laundry :) I never use dryer sheets or iron my clothes if I don't have to. My stuff can be rumply as long as it's clean. While we were waiting for it to dry we went up the street to Foo-Kee and had Chinese food. I love that place and the food was a cut above usual today. We even had free entertainment with our meal as the baby's mama seated behind us got into a shouting match with her baby's daddy on her cell phone, then spent the next ten minutes telling her girlfriend how she was getting her lawyer on his ass. This girl couldn't have been more than nineteen and she had at least two kids - the one she had with her and the one she said was in school. I don't get people sometimes. I really don't.

When I finally got home I slept propped up and it really helped my back which has been in pain for several days. Mel and I had a nice long talk about the state our bodies are in and what we need to do about it. Hopefully once the turbulence of this first week passes and we get into a waking/sleeping routine together we'll be able to start going for walks in the evening like we've planned. We're also planning to hit the Plaza this Saturday for walking while we shope for Lesley's birthday present. (SSHH! Don't tell Lesley!) It looks like the slave girl we ordered for her from Thailand in order to assist in White! Hot! Fourths of July will not get here in time, so we have to get a last-minute present.* Anyway, I've got a lot of years of bodily negligence to make up for, so here' hoping it's not too late to reverse at least some of the damage.

This morning I also spoke to the insurance man who's handling my medical claims from the accident. I finally got my hospital bills, so we set up a time to meet on Monday morning. I don't want to jinx anything, but it sounds like I may be getting some cash back on this. That would really help us out right now, so I will hope. If it doesn't happen, I won't be disappointed as it was not expected and in a way sounds too good to be true.

In the morning I'm picking up my arch supports finally. Maybe now the pain in my right foot will go away. That would be something, anyway. I take small comfort in knowing that it's a hereditary problem and not something I did by being neglectful or bad to myself. And on Friday morning I'm looking into gettins us teh cable internet. Are any of you KC folks using or have used Road Runner internet through Time Warner Cable? Any good/bad experiences I need to know about?

*DISCLAIMER: There is no slave girl from Thailand. What? Did you really think there was? You are a sick fuck. Stay away from me.


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