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Somebody posted this in a community. The artist is called LeLe. And while it's creepy, misogynistic garbage it's also the earworm from hell. And the accompanying animation... well, that's as hard to stop thinking about as the song itself.

I like how they modulated the singer's voice to make him sound like a big, black American guy. But I don't think there are that many American rappers who would use the word "baguette" in a song, though. And Jean-Pierre La Douche, hahaha, I'm going to have to remember that one!
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After years of making fun of him I've finally sat down and started to read The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin. You know those Annunaki reptilian alien conquerors I'm always joking about?

Yep. They're his idea... )

So there you have it, The 12th Planet by Colonel Sanders. The aliens have sprinkled our gene pool with the eleven herbs and spices to produce beautiful space babes like Julianne Moore who will star in The Rocky Horror Picture Show alongside Kiefer Sutherland, with fight sequences staged by Keanu. The apocalypse is coming. You have been warned.
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 Do you know why you shouldn't do heroin and share needles? I mean do you really know why you shouldn't do heroin and share needles? Do you really know why, even if you have lost your home and your children in a messy divorce you should never EVER do heroin and share needles?

Because you might wind up with HIV and literally clawing your own skull open with your bare hands!

It's a long article with a forest of medical jargon to wander through but the essence of it is: skull, torn open, bare hands.

Don't do drugs, kids.
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If you're an elderly man who goes to the public library so you can look at the profiles of hot young men on Match.com, you might want to consider losing the three-day stuble growth, taking your weekly bath before you go, not "gumming" while you're sitting at the public terminal, and generally trying to look a lot less like a serial killer!
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So this morning just before dawn we wound up standing on the front porch with the rest of our neighbors because we thought we smelled a gas leak in our apatment. We smelled SOMETHING strange, that's for sure. The gas company came and couldn't detect any gas or carbon monoxide, but apparently there was a malfunction inside the heater of some kind. Building maintenance was still working on it when I left for work.

The way this week is going I'm afraid to see what tomorrow will bring.
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In the words of Professor Hubert Farnsworth, "Let this abomination unto the Lord continue!"

Korean scientists clone glow-in-the-dark cats.
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During her vacation [livejournal.com profile] stitchedsutures snapped a photograph in a museum of a mummified cat from ancient Egypt. At my request she turned it into this totally awesome undead cat macro.. )

Thanks Amanda. You rock socks. Or in this case, funerary wrappings.
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-The guy I wrote up this morning... now suddenly has the stomach flu and can't work tonight. Joy. I got the shift filled but still... joy. I had a feeling all day today that something like this was going to happen. At least he called instead of just not showing up at midnight.

-Interesting occurrence this afternoon with someone not following the procedures they were supposed to follow for coming onto our property. I made the right judgment call and steps are being taken to make sure that contractors understand protocols better.

-Pulled into a gas station parking lot to inform my boss of the call-off and to call the guy I would ask to come in and fill the shift. While on the phone a woman's child puts her car into gear while she's filling it with gas. It rolls and rear-ends the SUV in the stall next to me. I'm glad I didn't park there.

It has been a weird day. The kind where you wish you'd left the house with a helmet on.
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Last night Mel and I went over to my parents' house for supper. As I usually do, I pull up in front of the house on the opposite side of the street and the cube-shaped Toyota Scion behind me pulls to a stop as well. The driver gets out and begins approaching my side of the car. I figure he lives at the house and is going to ask me to move. I get out of the car to meet him and he begins chattering in a high state of agitation about how I've got a tail light out.

I mean he didn't say "Excuse me, you've got a tail light out." No, it was "You've got a TAIL LIGHT out! You've got a TAIL LIGHT OUT! ALL YOUR TAIL LIGHTS ON THE RIGHT SIDE ARE OUT!!!" Mel and I thanked him and tried to go across the street to my parents' house, but he wouldn't leave us alone, just kept nattering on about it in an extreme state of paranoia, saying he didn't "stop us" to be a jerk, he just wanted to tell us we had a tail light out. Then he starts going on about how he was an ex-police officer and didn't want to see us get a ticket. He must have kept us held up there for about five minutes, capering around like a court jester in the middle of the street, going on and on about all my tail lights on that side being out. Meanwhile my parents are watching from the house going "wtf?"

I don't have much firsthand experience with hard drug users, but this guy was skin stretched over bones, sunken-eyed, sunken-cheeked, and I could have imagined it, but I think I saw several sores on his left arm. You can draw whatever conclusions you want, but I think if he really was an ex-police officer, then the reason he's not with the force anymore is because meth or speed kept disappearing from the evidence locker.

Then when we finally got rid of the guy, he peeled out leaving a nice fifty-foot streak on the pavement, blasting this weird country-western fiddle music all the way. He had a little boy in the car with him too. That made us feel whole lots better.

During the conversation I kept waiting for him to ask us for money. If my parents hadn't both been standing outside by the end, I think he probably would have.

It was just one of those episodes I had to blog, you know?

BTW, it turned out it was just my brake light that was out. Not the whole panel.


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