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Typing this before going to bed at the end of my two days off. I actually did everything I set out to do during these two days which is something I can't say very often. On both days I have managed to write for my freelance contract, get some musical composition work done, and do a little bit of work on the house. Despite doing everything I set out to do I still feel like I could have done more. Maybe that's just the feeling that comes with being on a bit of a roll. Who knows.

I even had enough time to do some WoW playing which I haven't done in a while and to do some reading. I guess it feels like it was a long couple of days. Oh, also had rehearsal where we did the blocking for the scene I'm directing. That was easier than you might think. I have such a wonderful group of actors and they don't require that much direction. Most of the time their instincts on where to go were exactly the blocking that I had in mind. I am really proud and am so excited to see this performance happen in a few weeks.

The past two evenings were spent watching a lot of horror movies. I'll try to post mini-reviews of them. For now though I should be getting to bed.
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The heat index reached 119 in some areas around here today. Oh, wait! Did I mention that our house's air conditioning died yesterday? It did. I can't remember the last time I was this physically uncomfortable in my house. Actually I can. It was over ten years ago when the A/C didn't work in my apartment. Sitting there in my underwear with all the windows and the balcony door open. Yep. I was classy. I was also miserably hot. Our landlord is theoretically going to get it fixed tomorrow. Hope so. Really hope so.

I have three days off in a row. Bad because Job #2 didn't have any extra hours to give me. But I will try to be as productive as possible with the time. I was planning on going and seeing Transformers tomorrow but at this point staying in and playing Dragon Age and/or WoW sounds just as appealing.

Feels like forever since I've posted. The 4th of July was pleasant. My father managed to get a bunch of fireworks for 13$ and we had a good old time blowing them up. Other than that, not much happened. Playing Dragon Age: Origins again because I couldn't get my old character's info back after reformatting my computer. And I just can't play 2 without importing my adventures from Origins, you know? Having a lot of fun. The game is waaay easier to play as a mage. It's just ridiculous, in fact.

After much anticipation with getting WoW paid for again I haven't really played it much. Logged in for about half an hour on Thursday to start the Firelands quest chain and that was it. Oddly, I get more excited anymore about leveling characters up than sending my 85's to tackle new endgame content. Go figure. I'm even getting a serious jones to play Horde again despite having played Alliance exclusively since shortly before Wrath of the Lich King.

I'll get right on that after I shatter a few more frozen Darkspawn who have been infected with Walking Bomb...
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My motherboard and power supply are arrived, installed, and the PC now runs better than ever. My PC is slowly turning into a Ship of Theseus but that's okay. It's fun to upgrade parts.

This means I am freed up from using my mom's ancient computer which turns firing off a FB or LJ comment in 20 seconds into a ten minute ordeal. I can now do things in a timely fashion.

It's too bad my WoW subscription ran out and I can't really afford to renew it until next week :( 
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I feel very lethargic today despite having done everything I set out to do. It's been the second of two days off in a row. The first involved rehearsal with the troupe. Our big performance of the summer is two weeks out and I think everyone is feeling the stress. Rehearsal was a lot of fun though and I'm not worried. Then again I basically just have to show up and say my lines. I'm not involved in making costumes or any of the other logistical stuff. I will be next year if I manage to write & direct a couple of sketches like I'm planning on. This year it's still a source of relaxation and I'm grateful for that.

Dieting. Transformers. World of Warcraft.. )
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 As some of you who are American might know, Friday was the 4th of July. Independence a Day is a holiday I can typically care less about due to having spent most of my July 4th's bored, lonely, and wishing the day were over. To illustrate, let me say that one of the best 4th of July evenings I ever had was spent with [personal profile] batchix and her husband inside a Kinko's - a Kinko's! Yeah, not my holiday. This 4th was fairly decent though. My parents cooked a lot of hamburgers and brautwurst, which is a sure-fire way to make me happy no matter what and while the meat cooked we sat and watched Independence Day which I had not seen in many years and had honestly forgotten how much fun it was. It's not Citizen Kane, okay well as far as alien invasion movies go it probably is the Citizen Kane, but it's still a lot of fun.

And why does everyone always compare movies to Citizen Kane? I've seen it and it was boring as hell. 

After food I humored my dad and set off fireworks with him, which I haven't done since I was a child. And I actually had fun doing it probably for the first time ever. I then went home and rounded out the holiday by watching the last two episodes of Season 1 of Oz. Because nothing makes you appreciate freedom like watching people in prison. 

Saturday was my day of getting things done. I did all our laundry, found a new pair of work shoes so I could finally throw my old hole-filled ones away, and got a long-overdue haircut. The haircut was almost a post in and of itself. I got to the hair salon I always go to and found that it was closed so I then went off in search of this one my boss told me about that he goes to. Locating it in the shopping center was a mini-adventure of its own. The real fun was when I got inside where I was hit with more questions then you should need to answer for getting a haircut. "What's your full name? What's your address? What are the last four digits of your phone number?" I think there were a few other questions too, none of which seemed in any way relevant to the transaction I was there for. I thought barbers got out of the surgery business centuries ago, so why did I feel like I was filling out a release? They also immediately try to upsell you on all these shampoo/styling/hot towel on your face extras. I"m sorry, but what is so hard about hair is long, take scissors, make hair short? I was really happy with the haircut I got but I can't decide if I want to go back there again.

Between all of Saturday's chores I also got a lot done on World of Warcraft. Hit honored with both Aldor and Sha'tari and was able to upgrade to some nice new gear on account of it. The day was rounded out by a fun game of Munchkin with my wife. By that time 5:30 AM had rolled around so it was time for bed.

Sunday I hit WoW for a few battleground matches, bought some groceries, washed some dishes, did a lot of sleeping, and watched Family Guy, Venture Bros., and Metalocalypse. After a shaky start, I must say the new season of Venture Bros. is finally starting to get really good. That means nothing to most of you and that's fine. Just take my word for it.

And that was the weekend that was.
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...So we all set out for the Promised Land. Ready Set Go! (That's a joke that only [personal profile] dungeonwriter will get.)

This has, been, by uberreinigerien standards, a very wild weekend. I've actually been meaning to blog about it for a while now but just haven't had a moment's rest to do so.

Today hasn't seen any social activity, although [profile] pinkfaeriestarsand family will be over shortly. Instead I've spent it grocery shopping and washing dishes. If there was a lesson to be learned this weekend it's that being social makes dishes really, really pile up.

On a sadder note, this weekend marks the passing of Charlton Heston; one of the last cinematic giants of his generation. A big, decadent epic film is nothing without an actor who can carry it and Heston's broad shoulders did it time and time again. I admired him as an actor and films like The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur  are still amazing works of art even to this day. But they would have been nothing without the man who starred in them. Farewell to yet another legend. 
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I had a very fun weekend. Saturday's L5R game was a blast, especially with all the tacos. So, can someone who was there tell me what happened after we stepped through the Torii arch? I'm dying to find out!

I could continue all the bitching I did at the game about the upcoming 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, but I doubt anyone here cares.

Sunday was very mundane. I did all the laundry I've had piling up for weeks and I went grocery shopping. But all of that made me feel very accomplished. Aside from that my big accomplishment for the day was levelling my warlock in World of Warcraft. I'm levelling her pretty fast but the real fun is coming from speed-leveling her professions. (When you have a level 66 character who can go get all the materials you need for profession leveling in 15 minutes when it would take weeks to acquire them at lower level, things move pretty fast.)

I've fallen behind on my reading lately. In January I finished four books in a month and in February I barely finished one. This weekend I made a great deal of progress on The Subtle Knife, book 2 of Pullman's His Dark Materials. Very enjoyable and action-packed just like the first one. It's a shame that Pullman hates the founders of the genre, hates the readers, and pretty much everyone else because he really is very good at what he does.

I wish I could say the same for my own writing. I keep starting stories but then quickly lose all interest in them and have no desire to finish them. It's frustrating as hell.
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I start on day shift this Friday. HuzzaH! So I'm off today and tomorrow, on for a day, off for the weekend, and then back on Monday for my regular Monday thru Friday shift.

My first ever regular Monday thru Friday shift. Welcome to the rest of your life.

I found out last night that the guy taking over my night shift plays World of Warcraft, so that was what we talked about for most of the shift. The last two hours we spent reading various WoW web comics. It certainly beat the night before where he mostly told me stories about the bar he used to manage. He's a nice guy, but he's a talker. I am not a talker. Those of you who know me in person think that's B.S., I know, but I'm a different person at work, no matter where I work. I've never cared much for socializing with co-workers and I pretty much keep to myself. If I don't have common interests with someone I tend to pretty much go "yeah" and "uh-huh" to everything they say as they blather on about their pursuits. And people love to blather to me about them for some reason.

I have a feeling I've said all this before here, but whatever. You're getting it again.

Anyway, he's a good guy. He'll work out well. And now I'm off for two days so I'm gonna enjoy me some WoW and just enjoy the day in general.
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Your Score: More of a habit

You are 43% Addicted!

You seem to enjoy the game, and understand it, but it hasn't yet taken over your life. This is probably a good thing, depending on who you talk to.

Link: The World of Warcraft Addiction Test written by survivedestiny on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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I am still here, just spending a lot of time on WoW hunting werewolves in Silverpine Forest. It keeps a person terribly busy. One of my characters even helped kill their leader and yet they still keep coming and coming.

Be responsible. Get your werewolf spayed or neutered.
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What to say, what to say. Work is still work. I still have no leads on another job but really I'm not trying as hard as I should be. I work with some very friendly people who truly seem to like me and that's a blessing. Except for one kid who is a public health hazard. Aside from thinking he runs the store and always trying to weasel out of doing his assigned tasks, the kid's just gross. He has spinobiffeda, but doesn't properly manage his health problems. Those with weak stomachs might want to stop reading now. )

Then there is the pharmacy which could have better customer service skills. My having to handle phone calls from angry customers saying they are NEVER COMING TO OUR PHARMACY AGAIN is almost a daily occurence now. Why the pharmacy doesn't handle their own messes is beyond me. I've seen what the pharmacists get paid. Eight hours of their time is worth more than your life. The pharamcy techs get year-end bonuses. I don't. Let them clean up their own messes. Pharmacies get a lot of accusations levelled at them unfairly, being caught as they are between customers and unhelpful insurance companies. But I've seen how our department operates and they really do bring some of it on themselves. And it always winds up being my problem.

In happier news, World of Warcraft has become the opiate which helps me cope. Yes, I'm sucked into the game like all those people you make fun of. Laugh at me. I don't care. However, having read the fiction in the Burning Crusade expansion's instruction booklet I can officially say that I have no clue what this game, as delightful as it is, is supposed to be about. To borrow a line from MSTK, "Tolkien couldn't follow this plot." I played the original Warcraft back in the 90's. Back then it was a simple game about orcs and humans attacking each other's farms. Fun, addictive, and one of the first games to cast orcs - the mid 20's black male of fantasy gaming - in a sympathetic light. So now ten years later we've got this game where... well, where what the fuck is happening anyway? The Horde and the Alliance are no longer fighting except when they are, which is all the time, and the real enemy is these demons from beyond time, and apparently in Burning Crusade we have even MORE demons from beyond beyond time... and there are about a bazillion legendary characters who did legendary things and lead their legendary peoples who begat other legendary peoples who were different but not quite the same. It's like being plopped down in the middle of The Silmarillion... and it's in Elvish.

I think part of the problem is too many people and cultures with names that are too similar. 800 years ago Arwan Firepants lead his people the Spandax out of the Mighty Forest into the Dry Desert where they shared water with the Pletha tribe and its leader Waran Shinypants. But the Pletha betrayed them and lo great battle ensued. Arwan Firepants begged his people to see reason, but voices cried out for revenge. Under the leadership of Narwa Brightpants this rebel faction named themselves the Latax and exiled themselves to the Continent of Beyond where they might forever contemplate their revenge. Meanwhile the dwarves of Ledaahosan under the leadership of Narwa Mightypants launched their great war machines against the remainder of the Spandax as they emerged from the desert. The Elves would have been lost that day if not for the heroics of Waarn Tightpants. As a reward he and his followers were granted the majestic and very impressive lands of Pak'kage Bulge. Now centuries later these old conflicts are stirring again. The Latax have returned from their long sojourn and have made a deal with the ancient demon Thkk'ing Hazn'op'aanz and war threatens to tear the Alliance apart!

Yeah. That's World of Warcraft. MMORPGS are a lot like life, I guess: time-consuming, hard to get out of, and most of the time you have no idea what's going on. But as long as we have lots of money, power, and an unrealistic, unhealthy standard of female beauty we'll be okay.

I really do love the game, though. I tease because I love.


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