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-Sent in a resume for a job last night. Got a phone call from them today. They must have liked my answers because the woman said she'd forward it on to the hiring manager to schedule an interview. Last week I had an interview for a promotion at my current work. Since I was the first interview the manager said it would be a while before I heard anything. As someone who rarely gets offered an interview and has worked a lifetime of crummy jobs because of it, I'm starting to feel kind of good about myself. I feel very motivated now to go out and keep applying for jobs rather than procrastinating against the inevitable humiliation of interviews and the disappointment to follow.

-I had training for a standardized patient gig yesterday and will be performing the gig Monday and Tuesday of next week. Since I have a feeling I'm going to owe on taxes again this year, the little boost of money will be nice.

-I feel like a creative dynamo. I have been faithfully writing and/or practicing bass guitar every day for a month now. The bass is really taking a toll on my left shoulder though. Why does B.C. Rich have to build their Warlocks so damn neck heavy? It's a complaint I've seen repeatedly about the Warlock model but I didn't listen. There's got to be a way to rebalance it so I'm not in agony after twenty minutes of practice. Meanwhile, my latest Apocalypse Woman story is finally doing what it needs to do after three false starts. I no longer dread trying to write on it, at least.

-Unfortunately, it appears I will not be able to afford the Emilie Autumn concert on March 10th. I'm disappointed, but actually feeling very relieved not to have to come up with the money. I can only hope she'll come through here again sometime in the future when I'm more financially viable. In the meantime I will count the days until my Opheliac cd that I ordered from Amazon.com arrives in my mailbox. It will have to satisfy me in the meantime.

-There is no way I will win Dragon Age: Origins before the release date of its sequel on March 6th but I'm still valiantly trying. And I've decided I really do want to play Awakenings anyway. *sigh* So much Ferelden, so little time.

Now I am off to a short shift at work. I hope everyone is having a decent week so far.
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I very rarely have an all-out, honest-to-God Monday, but this has been one.

-In a vain effort to fix all the things wrong on our home computer, we reinstalled Windows. But now we have no internet access at all. I imagine we need to go in and set up the connection again or something, but we have no idea how to do that.

-Changed my login password at work right before the weekend... then promptly forgot it. Had to spend an hour trying to get through to tech support to get them to reset it. They sent it to my voicemail.

-Voicemail was locked. Had to reset my password for that too.

-Boss is out sick. I'm running the show alone.

-Had a somewhat important piece of equipment come unplugged. When plugged back in it didn't work anymore. Even after consulting with sick boss on the phone I have still been unable to fix it.

At least it feels like the day is going by fast.
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It's been a long time since I made a real non-friendslocked entry. The last week has been pleasant and eventful. Last Sunday we went to the KC Rennaisance Festival and even though we didn't get to stay as long as I wanted we still had a wonderful time. The Ren Fest really is one of my favorite places in the world and I never get enough of it.

This week my wife became a manuscript screener for my publisher, Aphrodite's Apples and she is taking to the job with gusto. I think it's exciting that we're both involved in the company now.

Work keeps me very busy and often leaves me tired out, but I love it and am thankful every day that I ended up where I am. For the first time in my life I have a genuine sense of personal satisfaction about what I do and am proud of what I do. It feels like a dream that's too good to be true.

The state of Missouri never assessed my car for property tax in 2006. Now I need to get it assessed and pay tax so I can get my tags renewed this month. I was unable to reach the courthouse last Friday because someone set up a carnival literally in the middle of my path. A carnival which consumed all parking for a mile around. Now normally I LOVE carnivals. But not when the courthouse is about to close and I have taxes to pay.

After months away from the real-life RPG hobby I have gotten back into Legend of the Five Rings and re-started my Exalted game that lay dormant for the year I was lashed to the oar at Void Circle Pharmacy. Last night's game was a pleasing success in my eyes and I look forward to doing it again.

Anyway, that's been my week. Made for a longer update than I expected! Just imagine how long it felt living it. But in a good way.
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We have a new router because like everyone else who uses the internet, I hate waiting! I still won't be around much for the next few days though. I have to be at work very early in the morning tomorrow. Then when I get off I have to come home, go to sleep, wake up to go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at midnight, come back home, sleep a few more hours, then wake up and go to work again. So this may very well be farewell until Wednesday. Keep me posted on whatever I may miss.
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And now a post where there's no bitching about work or religious discussions or anything like that. Just me actually talking about what I've been doing for the last few days that I've been back.

On Sunday went over to my parents' for Easter after I got off work. Got a small basket of Easter candy from my mom and played some L5R with my dad. We rarely get to play anymore and the two epic games we played were very fun. Helped my mom run her lines for the play she's in. She says it's probably going to be the worst thing she's ever appeared in since the other actors either don't show up or don't learn their lines. I've been in plays like that and it makes the whole thing a chore. But somehow plays have a way of coming together in the end so I'm not as pessmissic as she is.

Last night went out to eat and hung out with [livejournal.com profile] dragonstrider and [livejournal.com profile] pinkfaeriestars. Talked about WoW with Angie, ate Chinese food, and then watched Equilibrium. You might remember it as the movie where Christian Bale plays a dark, brooding handsome guy with problems... Wait. Anyway, I could write at least twelve pages about all the plot holes surrounding the totalitarian society in the film and how you could drive a truck through said holes, but it was still an enjoyable movie. Imagine V For Vendetta as a can of Coke. Now imagine a Diet Coke version and you will get Equilibrium.

Today I was off from work so I spent the afternoon chatting with [livejournal.com profile] hskinn about publishing stuff and working in retail. Then went to do laundry, deposit tax refund check in the bank, and get some money back on my exhorbitant perscription. Talked to my beloved Mel on the phone while the laundry did its thing, then came home and spent at least an hour putting laundry away and sorting through the accumulated mail. A productive day in all.

Tomorrow night I work a turnaround, then I pick Mel up after I get off work on Friday. Then Saturday night we go see Type O Negative. Much to look forward to, yes? Anyway, off to do some writing, play some WoW and Kingdom of Loathing, and finish the Chinese food that's in the fridge.
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It was a pretty good day today. I had a lot of things to say about it but I'm too tired to get into it. I'll just break it down point by point.

-Friends who buy you concert tickets and let you pay them back are friends worth having.

-Knowing that your four-day trip out of state will fall on the last two days of one pay period and the first two days of another, thus preventing you from having lost hours is a great load off the mind.

-Pharmacy techs who help you find ways to save money on your perscription that isn't covered are angels in disguise. I wish I worked for that company...

-Pillows fights are very interesting when held in the stockroom where you work and using carboard boxes that contain... pillows.

That is all.
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I actually got up a couple of hours before I had to be at work today instead of just having enough time to shower and then get there with seconds to spare. It felt good to actually do something before work, even if it was just play some WoW and edit Fool's Game.
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"Ew! I can't believe she put something she found in a bowling alley in her mouth!"

[livejournal.com profile] stitchedsutures is returning to Florida. I have two days off. Saw a kickass staging of works of Edgar Allen Poe. That's where I'm at right now.
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...And saw An American Haunting. It was okay, but not the faithful retelling of the real-life Bell Witch haunting that I wanted it to be. They abandon terrifying historical fact for not-scary Hollywood conventions: annoying violin crescendos that tell you when you're supposed to be "scared," swooping camera work intended to give you a "ghost's eye view." Blah. They even engage in some zooming, fast-motion chase-scene camera action which I haven't seen outside of the "Evil Dead" movies. Had Bruce Campbell popped up with a shotgun and said "okay she-bitch, let's go," I wouldn't have been surprised.

In other news, it looks like we may have some job security where I work after all. New property management people met with our office's people on Thursday. Without going into a lot of detail, the meeting left us the impression that we're more than ahead of the pack in terms of acquiring the contract. Nothing's known for sure yet, but we can maybe breathe a bit easier. I'm still hunting for a new job though. I am ready to make more money.
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The property management company who has given us so much trouble these last few months and who has tried to take our jobs from us did not get their contract renewed. We haven't gotten ours renewed yet, but they definately will not be managing the new building. My boss says there's a 70% chance that we will get our contract renewed. Anyway, the odds are in our favor. It's a good day. I'll still be job hunting because I flat-out need more money, but the odds look better that this job will still be here if nothing works out.

In other news, a very happy birthday to Mr. [livejournal.com profile] kakita_shisumo!
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Now I understand why I mysteriously stopped getting contacted by employers directly via Monster. Today's "I Am A French Author Named Dumas" award goes to me for FORGETTING to update my resume with my current address, phone number, and e-mail! DURR!! So now I have a job interview with an advertising agency this Friday afternoon. I'm nervous since I'd rather get a root canal than apply for jobs, but we'll see what happens.

Today's political comment: I'm very annoyed at all these pro-illegal immigration protests going on in which the participants are all waving Mexican flags. If they're so proud of being Mexican maybe they should, I dunno... go back to Mexico?
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Well, in the wake of the Great Virus Attacks of 2006 (which we are still trying to deal with here at Uberreinigeren Headquarters,) now has come another reason why you will see even less of me on here. The enemy has finally struck the remote communications facility. Or in other words, I can no longer get on LJ at work.

Yes, I sat down at the desk last night all eager for another night's hard work of friends list reading only to have my screen flare into a massive, angry message proclaiming "RESTRICTED: NEWSGROUPS. CATEGORY: ADULT/MATURE CONTENT" What's spookier is that just last night [livejournal.com profile] cherith was telling me how something similar had shot her down at work too. Since work is where I do the bulk of my LJ'ing, well, you see the problem.

The war effort is crippled, but we will rebuild! I will wait out this onslaught just like I did last year when they took my Kingdom of Loathing MMORPG away from me. It's back now and LJ will come back just the same. Of course, if we don't get our contract renewed in April, it will be moot.

Anyway, fear not for I am still reading everything even though I may not type comments as much. [livejournal.com profile] megiloth, I'm going to have to get in on those Risk games. I am clearly missing out an a lot of fun. [livejournal.com profile] cygny, your kittens are cute and good luck in the job search. [livejournal.com profile] elvinborn, keep them equines out of trouble and don't get too angry at the Asparagus. And ask that Church Boy out!

Let's see... the play went really well. We had decent turn outs all three days. It feels SO good to be done with it! I had a great time, but doing theatre while working the night shift just takes more out of me each time I do it. The real high point of the weekend, however, came with getting a brand new cell phone yesterday, one of those sleek, top-of-the-line Motorola Razr models. Long story short, my mom dropped hers in water and fried it. I had to go with her to get a new one since they needed me to sign paperwork since I own the plan. They had buy-one-get-one-free deals on the Razr phones, so I got the free one. It's exciting for me because I've never owned super-fancy high tech toy when they first came out before. I'm always the guy buying them six months later when they're marked way down. It's just kind of fun that I got it for absolutely free when I wasn't even planning on getting a new phone. Anyway, yeah, I've got a new toy and am looking for things to photograph using the camera feature. Already got a lovely shot of my parents' new cat and a cute pic of [livejournal.com profile] duendegrrl using her dog Faith as a pillow.

I apologize for the long nature of this post, but who knows when I will be able to come this way again! Okay, it'll probably be tomorrow, but still, I feel like I have to wedge a lot more info into a much smaller window of time.
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I keep trying to get up the energy to post something. I've got a lot of thoughts I'd like to say swirling around in my head but they don't feel like coming out. I would like to address something that's been going around in my mind for a while and has been building in intensity. I really hope I don't offend anyone with this question, but my mind won't leave it alone.

This one is for the parents or those thinking about becoming them at some point: what made you decide to have kids and why? I'm genuinely curious. It seems as more and more time passes that the very idea of it makes less and less sense to me and I can't understand why anyone else would willingly do it. Maybe it's because all my life I've always looked at having children as something you do when you're "older" and I definately don't feel "older" yet. I still feel like I'm a kid even though I'm almost thirty. But a certain misanthropy taints my view as well and I don't like it. My attitude ranges from puzzled bewilderment on the best days to, on the worst days, the rather bitter, hostile view that the absolute last thing this planet needs is another fucking human being living on it.

Either way, it's a view that's completely negative and unhealthy. I need some positive views to balance it. Of course, I'd like to hear others' thoughts on the more negative aspects of parenthood as well. I hope my request and my thoughts have made sense. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to answer.

On to my real life, it's pretty much revolving around the play. Waiting For Godot, despite being one of the most respected and analyzed plays of the 20th century is woefully underappreciated and misunderstood. I think most people only half-understand it and take it too much at face value. It gets called Absurdism when really, it's not absurd at all. Reading it might make it seem that way, but when you begin to act it out it all makes perfect sense. *shrug* Tonight's rehearsal was bad. We got stuck on act 2 where the two main characters cannot remember their lines at all. We open in a week now, so it's stressful for all involved. It was an easy rehearsal for me since I lay on the stage for most of the act and have no lines in it at all. But laying on sheets of chipboard atop a concrete floor for two hours has disadvantages of its own too.

On the home front, Mel turned in her two week notice at her retail job since she has an opprotunity for full-time hours at the library. There's no guarantee those full-time hours will stay there, but after much discussion we decided it was worth the risk. It will be better for us both in the long run and make it easier for us to spend time together more, which is a good thing.

And... before I knew it I had a very long and rambling post on my hands where I basically wound up saying all the things i thought were too much trouble to go to the effort of saying. Way to go me! The end.


Feb. 14th, 2006 05:48 am
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I wish I could figure out why I've been so indifferent to livejournal these past few days. I love you all, but reading lately just feels like work and I have no idea why. And writing feels like I have nothing interesting to say.
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I haven't posted a lot about politcal issues lately, which is a shame because it's always entertaining and there's been a lot of stuff going on. But honestly I just haven't felt like it. Well, first things first; farewell to Mrs. King who died yesterday. She will be remembered. Moving on, the President gave his state of the union address tonight. I walked away from the TV after twenty minutes because he did not say a single thing different than he's said in his last fifteen speeches. "Stay the course, we're winning in Iraq and bringing freedome to Iraqis, our goal is to turn Iraq over to the Iraqi forces, drug trafficking is bad gonna fight it, unemployment is bad gonna fight it, etc." Yeah, prez WE KNOW. Say something different, please. Or hire someone to write you new spin.

And I guess that Alito guy made it onto the U.S. Supreme Court. This scares pro-abortion people because he's pro-life. I don't know anything about the guy. I got jaded about this whole supreme court thing months ago. But all over my friends list the pro-choice crowd are acting like it's the end of the world and the pro-life people are acting like it's the end of the world only THEY WON. I don't think much will change. Roe vs. Wade will remain in effect because it's the best of a bad set of options. Granted, it is law not based on the U.S. Constitution, much the same as laws establishing "seperation of church and state." And for that reason, I think the law needs revision to bring it in line with the Constitution. But I think it will stand much as it is. One pro-life justice isn't going to change anything. I hate abortion, but the pro-life movement is unlikely ever to get rid of it simply because they concentrate on fighting the most ugly symptom of a larger disease. And if that symptom vanished, the disease would remain inside society, getting worse and worse. And the problem of abortion, now internalized, would act like blood poisoning, causing more and more death, invisible this time.

Maybe it's not a coincidence that I recently began reading Insomnia by Stephen King which, unbeknownst to me at time of purchase, features the abortion struggle as one of its major plot lines.

So yeah, on pro-life justice is unlikely to change much. Now there may be other reasons not to want Alito on the court. I hear tell he wants to be Emperor of North America, that he impales women on spikes, etc. I really should read some of the articles all my friends post and get the story straight but everyone seems to think he's a bad dude. Maybe he is, but we're stuck with him now until he dies.

Meanwhile, on the homefront neither of us are getting as much sleep as we need and it's starting to show. Since tonight night I have to get up early for Lost we've decided to go to bed early. We'll see how that works out. Given how I haven't gotten to bed before noon the last two days I'm skeptical, but I have to try. But my Crimson King-touched insomnia this morning was brightened by the arrival of my late Christmas present from [livejournal.com profile] megiloth. That bad boy gave me NOT one, NOT two, but THREE cd's worth of metal! And we're talking the good stuff. The European stuff from the darkest depths of the icy north where the Satanic Winter Goat reigns. Two are by an excellent goth-metal outfit called Divine Fire and the third is by a band whose name I can't pronounce who are all about mixing bagpipes and flutes and fiddles in with their thrashing guitars and mighty nordic chanting. I would say it merits four horns, but alas I only have two hands \m/ \m/

Wow, this entry is way too long. But making it shorter would have constituted partial birth abortion. Yeah, that's the ticket. Of course, then I could have harvested stem senteces from it and used those sentences to cure triteness, angst, and pretension in other peoples' journals. Alas, in the blogging abortion debate there are no easy answers.
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Well, we still don't know anything about the apartment, although they did call my parents to ask about us, so they are doing the check-ups on us. The lady said Wednesday at the earliest and Friday at the latest for an answer, so hopefully tomorrow will bring us good news.

Today also brought some unexpected joy: I received the reimbursement check for my car rental and deductable from the wreck back in July. Now I'll be able to afford the new L5R expansion and make a generous payment on the credit card as well. Considering how everything I'd been told indicated it would likely take thirteen months before I could receive the reimbursement, I feel this calls for an undisputable HuzzaH!
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One Mel-less day out of the way, eight more to go. Yeah, I can do this! Things went off without a hitch this morning in terms of getting her onto her flight and back home to Allerbammer. Then I came home and enrolled in my benefits plan for another year. Life is serene, but everyone and their foolish little causes seems determined to damage my calm. I'm sick of Republicans and Democrats, but they get off easy this time as I'm no more sick of them than usual. I'm sick of religious fudamentalists trying to force their beliefs on other people and I'm sick of atheists trying to take away Christmas. I'm sick of people getting angry over Intelligent Design - an idea, which if taught in a classroom, broadens one's perspective and doesn't hurt anybody. And I'm sick of people getting angry over Evolution - an idea which, when taught in a classroom, likewise broadens one's perspective and doesn't hurt anybody. Shut the hell up, all of you.

I'm cranky, I guess. People need to learn to chill out and not be cranky. That way I will not be cranky. You're all lucky I will be in a tryptophan-laced coma come Thursday night.
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Job interview yesterday was a very fascinating experience. However I'm not going to take the job. Why? Because it is 100% commission based. And I'm sorry, but I cannot live that way. To be fair, the company looks really solid, and I firmly believed the man when he says your income could reach 50-70K after three years. But he was also upfront about the fact you will NOT be making that much UNTIL the three years are up. If I want to spend three years not making money I'll stay at the job I'm at. Although getting to fly to New York for two weeks for the training seminar would have been fun.

I really don't feel bad about the interview or the day in general at all. I think I learned more about myself yesterday about what I want and need out of a job then I have at any time in the last five years. The interviewer also tossed out a few financial tidbits which are going to affect how I manage my own savings in the near future. If they work better, (and just about anything would work better than the way I'm saving now,) then more good might come of this day then just a failed interview.

It was fun getting dressed up in a suit and slipping and falling on my bum in the first November snowfall, (which itself began as cold November rain. Sing it, Axl!) After I got home Mel and I proceeded to have one of the most magical days we've ever had together. We had Chinese at the FooKee buffet, (a name which we've decided will be a verb in and of itself from here on,) took a very restful nap in which she had a most profound dream. I merely dreamt I was Obi-Wan Kenobi. Then we got up and went out for the evening. We sipped Chantico at Starbucks, browsed books at Barnes & Noble, and had a passionate discussion about God(s) at O'Dowd's Irish Tavern over Harp lager and spinach dip.

And here's a conclusion that discussion led me to. Click here if you're interested. )

Or if you're a jerk like me you'll just say it as God doesn't need you to do His job for Him.
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Feels like there's a lot to update on, but it's late in the day and I feel like going to bed so I'll be brief. Friday night was my mom's play and it went surprisingly well given all the obstacles they've had. I was expecting a rather standard British parlor mystery and instead was treated to very engaging morality piece in the tradition of the best classic Twilight Zone episodes. It's called An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestly and if you ever get a chance to see it performed, I suggest you do so.

Saturday's efforts mostly centered around dolling me up for tommorrow's interview. (*Cue Shatner voice* Nerves... can't stop twitching! Bowels... working... too well!) Got a whip-smart professional haircut and found a thirty-four dollar dress shirt on sale for fifteen. YaY! I decided to go ahead and wear the suit I have. If they don't like it... well, they're not gonna say they don't like it, so I won't know. But I think it looks nice and gets the job done so we'll see how it goes. I didn't feel like doing much more shopping after buying the shirt anyway. It was one of those deals where I kept switching lines at the cash register because the others were flowing and the one I was in wasn't moving, only to have the line I moved to stop moving as the person in front of me decided to apply for a store credit card, haggle over a mismarked tag, etc. Particularly wearisome was the woman and her teenaged daughter who looked like they could have been sisters. She was quite the Action MILF, but lo and behold she left her store credit card in St. Josepth, MO where she lives and was all in lather because she wasn't able to use it and get that fifteen percent off on Daughter Dear's pile-o-sweaters. You try spending fifteen minutes standing behind Action MILF and Daughter Dear because you want to buy one lousy shirt and see if YOU feel like looking for a matching suit!

Sunday was a fatass barbecue at [livejournal.com profile] megiloth's; the perfect opprotunity to feed my fat ass! In attendance were [livejournal.com profile] yaqui, [livejournal.com profile] thanis_bloodsto, [livejournal.com profile] adonijah74, [livejournal.com profile] greenwavedave, [livejournal.com profile] pinkfaeriestars, and some other non-LJ users whom I didn't recognize. Der Uberreiniger had to hold in the bulk of his usual obscenities due to the presence of someone's teenaged daughter, but the day still held entertainment enough. Yes, the KC Chief's loss against Buffalo was so terrible that it actually was really entertaining. It's sad when your team gets beat so bad that the high point of the game is using TiVo to watch a husky stadium security guard get wiped out by sliding touchdown again and again and again.

After commesting much meat and charming the party goers with my inimicable personality I went to [livejournal.com profile] kakita_shisumo's for gaming. After much bloody combat the last two sessions this game our characters went to a sexy shinding. It was turning out to be a lahv-ley pah-tay until my character went and began delivering prophecies of destruction and great plague. Worst of all, I think that chick liked me. She was made of stone and probably had a lot of miles on her, but damn, she had a sexy husky voice. Oh well, easy come, easy go.

This morning consisted of me getting fucked over by me ex-bank, but I'll spare the boring details on that. I will say this. It's interesting how every single ATM transaction I've ever made while at that bank has credited to my account instantly; the moment the bank opens the next morning at the latest. Yet suddenly, when I empty my account, ATM transactions "may take 1-3 business days" and I'm sucking overdraft charges like they were buttermilk.

After that I think it is definately time to go to bed. The sooner I do, the sooner tomorrow comes. The sooner tomorrow comes, the sooner the damned interview gets over with.


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