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Sometimes as a writer you get a single sentence stuck in your head and want to build an entire story around that sentence, much like a pearl is formed around a single grain of sand. Did you know Stephen King wrote his novel "The Dark Half" because he couldn't stop thinking the phrase "Firelies in a windstorm?" I wish I could say I've come up with anything half as sublime.

I think it must be time for me to start writing erotica again because I desperately want to do something with the phrase "enjoying a veritable forest of cocks." I wish I had an interesting story for how I came up with that. In fact, I don't have a story for it at all. Of course I suppose the entire story doesn't have to be erotic in nature. There are many places where it could be used.

"September 23rd (24th??): Fourteen days and my sister continues enjoying a veritable forest of cocks. I have not slept since the seventh day. Nor, I fear, shall I ever again."

"Dark times these were for the pious; for on any given night even the most stalwart of seminarians could be found in the salons and in the public bath houses enjoying a veritable forest of cocks..."

"'Something must be done!' the congresswoman cried. 'Even now our teenagers are spending all of their free time on the InterGoogles, enjoying a veritable forest of cocks!'"

And so on. Or I may never use it and it will just go on the shelf with my other ideas. But just in case it doesn't, know that this constitutes a copyright. No poaching my idea. I do not tolerate illegal logging in my veritable  forest of cocks!
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My publisher Dark Roast Press is having some problems with their website and it is offline for the time being. All of their titles, including mine, are still available for purchase from the e-book sales outlets we are partnered with.

To buy from Smashwords go here:

To buy from Adult eBook Shop go here:

Adult eBook Shop is a little pricier for American buyers but it is also where you can purchase the anthology Forbidden Views Vol. 1 at a very reasonable price.

Thanks and feel free to contact me with any questions.
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When I actually have things to update about that's when I don't get any time to update. I waited too long to get started on my freelance assignment for the week which left me in a rush to finish it over the course of my two days off. I would have finished it sooner then but I did take a lot of breaks to do things like play WoW and practice on my guitars. I don't regret that at all because it's my days off and I should be able to do something for me, but it did make for a long couple of days.

Now I need spend a fraction of the time on this entry that I wanted to or I'll be let for my day job!

On Saturday our friends Ed and Angie were in town and we got to see them for a few hours. Wound up spending all evening in a Chinese restaurant talking about spirituality. Then we showed them our new house. We don't see them often enough and it was wonderful to do so, really a high point of the last month or so.

I've been writing a lot lately too but that's a whole 'nother topic.

I'd say I'll update more about it all later, but people say that all the time and then they never do it and I don't want to be that person. I do need to finish off the thirty day meme though. I haven't forgotten about that.
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I've just had three days off in a row. This leaves me very ill-prepared for my upcoming three morning shifts in a row. I am not a morning person. I would never be up before 11 am if it were up to me. So now through Saturday I work at 10am, 11am, and 7am. It's going to be a long weekend. And not the good kind. Oh, plus it's tax free weekend at the store where I work so we're going to be insanely busy. I just don't see it all ending well. I'll get lots of time to work on writing during breaks at work but little time to work on music at home. Growl.
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Days off suck when you can't play on your beloved computer. I did get out and enjoy the nice weather though. That was worthwhile.

Both M. and I are constantly tired lately. We've been going to bed early and sleeping in when we can, yet we wake up feeling like we've not slept. I'm sure my sleep apneia is probably a part of it somehow. On all my days off this week I feel like I've done nothing but sleep or want to sleep. The sleep is there but the sleep quality just feels like it isn't.

I have now filled an entire spiral notebook with Seasons In the Abyss. I bought a second one today to continue and finish the story. I think it will go faster now that I'm at the midpoint. Kind of getting excited about the story again.

As much as I like writing, reading isn't giving me joy of late. I think all the "realistic" fantasy I've been reading in the form of Michael Grant's Gone novels and G.R.R.M.'s A Song of Ice and Fire are having a long-term effect on me of bumming me out. To say nothing of the various "literary" novels I've been reading as well. I think it's time for some more Charles De Lint or Lisa Shearin: something that's hopeful and happy and doesn't apologize for being so.
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Or, since I'm here, I may as well make an actual update.

These past two weeks have been stressful. Not enough time to do what I want. Writing has suffered. Progress on Seasons in the Abyss has slowed. I'm not in danger of abandoning the story as I have in the past but the pacing issues feel like they're getting worse. I am going to need to trim a hell of a lot of fat off this beast before I can turn in a final draft. Apocalypse Woman was long for an erotica novel at 350+ pages and SItA is shaping up to exceed that and I don't really want it to.

However I did manage to finally fix my registry error-riddled computer all by myself. Got Windows re-installed, got drivers updated. It took a couple of days but I am now surfing the web in a degree of luxury I have long since forgotten. Once the software problems were fixed, however, I discovered a hardware problem. Somewhere in the last few weeks my CPU fan died. I've ordered and received the new one but I'm not confidant I can replace it myself so I'm waiting for the techie kid who keeps my family's comps up and running to get some free time to come help me. It's always something. He urged me to order just the new fan from the manufacturer for $4 but... the manufacturer is in Hong Kong, their website is in Engrish, the shipping address fields they provide don't let you put your address in in the manner American addresses are usually written, and the part isn't even in stock anyway. So I bit the bullet and spent $25 I couldn't really afford to get the whole assembly off of Amazon. Better to pay a few extra dollars to make sure you actually get the thing. I just want to get the thing installed so this whole saga of computer repair will be over for a while.

This week is Lilies' War and the performance of the comedy skits we've been laboring on for the last few months. It sucks because I work every night this week except for the performance dates. My friends are already out there having fun and I'm stuck at home dealing with plumbing problems and general B.S. I'm going to try and make it out there during the daytime the next few days just so I won't feel like I'm missing out. And since I've got to pay the same heavy parking fee whether I'm there two days or ten, I may as well take advantage of it. I've got some classes lined out that I want to take over the course of the week. If I manage to make it to half of them I will be very proud of myself.

I'm planning to head out there tomorrow morning. I really could use a day away from the house. Expect lots of grumpy facebook updates from me if I don't make it :)
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There is an episode of the show Futurama where the hero, Fry, and his friends have to film a new episode of a television show cancelled centuries ago to appease an alien overlord who is invading Earth. They start broadcasting it live only to discover they only have a few seconds' worth of dialogue. Fry explains that "It took me an hour to write. I thought it would take an hour to say."

It's funny because it's true. The act of writing alters your perception of time in truly mindfucking ways. If you're not a writer there really isn't a way to convey the bewilderment and disorientation that comes with looking at the clock and realizing you have been laboring for an hour only to have six sentences staring back at you. They might not even be sentences you want to keep, at that.

I started writing almost the minute I woke up this morning. And the chronological disconnect actually wasn't that drastic. I got an entire page of handwritten, single-spaced material cranked out in an hour and a half and I was happy with every jot and tittle of it. That's rare for me. But still, it felt like I should have no fewer than ten leaves, their every centimeter covered in ink, staring back at me. I know a lot of people who read what I say here are writers and I'm curious if you notice this phenomenon as much as I do. Is it a source of frustration in your work or just something you accept or don't think about that much?

Seasons in the Abyss progress report. )

I should stop talking before I get spoilery or ruin the mystery for future readers. Of course, by the time this story finally sees the light of day - which could be a year or more from now - it may have turned into something else entirely again and everything I've said here will be moot. In which case the joke will be on you. But I promise I will make being the brunt of said joke worth your while :)
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I feel very lethargic today despite having done everything I set out to do. It's been the second of two days off in a row. The first involved rehearsal with the troupe. Our big performance of the summer is two weeks out and I think everyone is feeling the stress. Rehearsal was a lot of fun though and I'm not worried. Then again I basically just have to show up and say my lines. I'm not involved in making costumes or any of the other logistical stuff. I will be next year if I manage to write & direct a couple of sketches like I'm planning on. This year it's still a source of relaxation and I'm grateful for that.

Dieting. Transformers. World of Warcraft.. )
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This week is one of the busier ones I've had in a while. I'm working weird hours (what else is new?) yesterday and today which makes getting done what I need to get done rather difficult. My car is at the shop right now for an oil change and I'm hoping it will be ready by the time I go to work.

This weekend the acting troupe I'm a part of is putting on a mini-show at an SCA event in Springfield, MO so I'll be leaving for there tomorrow, camping overnight, and coming back Sunday morning. I don't ever have much success with camping but I'll give it another try. Have to buy some supplies today after work. Thankfully I work where they sell a lot of it. At least I'll be riding with one of our troupe members which is good because I was not looking forward to driving someplace I've never been to by myself.

After this weekend I'll get a little bit of a breather since we don't perform again until Lilies War in June. Next week I can get back to job hunting which is what I'd really like to focus on. I'm just not making enough where I am. Plus they're cutting everyone's hours so it's not going to get better any time soon.

Writing on Seasons in the Abyss continues its slow yet steady pace. I will be glad to be done with this novel. Not that I don't like it because I do. I'm consistently pleased with everything I'm doing in it and I think it's going to be a great read. But writing it just doesn't have the same "fun" factor that Apocalypse Woman had. It's definitely a different kind of novel despite being set in the same world and featuring Abryax as an important character.

I haven't felt much like working on music the last few days. Next week when I have less to think about I'd like to get back into it. I've practiced everything I've written enough that I'm in no danger of forgetting it, but my fingers are going to be mighty sore once I give those bass lines their next run.
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I've been working a lot of short shifts at work this week. This is a mixed blessing. On one hand, all the extra free time makes it feel almost like having a day off. On the other hand, the actual work shift itself feels longer. In an 8 hour shift I get two breaks plus an hour lunch. That breaks the day up quite a bit and makes it feel faster. The short shifts only give one fifteen minute break. So the shift seems to go slower.

Our store has an optometrist shop built right into it. Oh evil corporate juggernaut, you serve me well! I am getting new glasses finally after needing them for like, four years. And with my employee discount I got about fifty dollars off on them. It's going to be so nice to see again. They won't be ready until Wednesday and it feels like waiting for Christmas.

Writing continues at its uneven pace. Completed a phenomenal section of Seasons in the Abyss only to be stymied as to what the next scene should be. This happens a lot. When I finish writing a scene I am really pleased with the next scene after just doesn't want to get started. I'm taking a few days away from it because I know from experience that that's the best thing. But it feels like I'm being non-productive and lazy even when I know I'm not.

Maybe today will be the day the scene takes the shape it's meant to. I shall now return to bed to hasten the moment when I find out.
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Fascinating article on Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin, the fans who are obsessed with him, and the former fans who are also obsessed with him.

My icon is an accurate depiction of what Martin's detractors apparently think he does instead of writing his next novel :) Actually, this article is a little scary to read. An active community has banded together to wage war against an author who writes slowly... because they love him? I haven't visited the anti-Martin sites in question, but just reading this article makes the venom plain to see. 

Then again, Martin's happy fans are on-record as being willing to dumpster dive for barbecue leftovers in the middle of the night in order to appease him so they may not be the most stable bunch either. In that light it's easy to see how the degeneration could happen when one of them feels jilted by his lack of progress.

I agree with the statement that it's an effect of the entitlement culture. And it's also the way our culture looks at celebrities, (or even people who are just celebrities to us.) People think they're entitled to some piece of them and are indignant when they don't get it.

Oh, and apparently everyone thinks it's just okay to refer to an author dying before a work is finished as "pulling a Jordan." Does anyone besides me find that not only insulting to a writer like Martin, but also to Robert Jordan as well? It carries an implication that Jordan somehow chose to die. Or was irresponsible in his career and chose not to make finishing his books a priority before his life ran out. Or even that his death was somehow a great big "fuck you" to everyone eagerly eyeballing the money they have set aside for the day in the future when he finally created and released a "Snakes and Foxes" game for the Nintendo DS. Nevermind the fact that by all accounts Jordan's drive to finish The Wheel of Time was what kept him going through the final years of a truly agonizing and debilitating illness.

Makes me almost glad I'm not a famous writer with a rabid fanbase. I don't even think my readership reaches far into the double digits. And I don't know what I would do if five of them hated the other five.
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I think the Beats Antique concert was what I needed to get me out of the rut I've been in the last week or so in regard to bass playing. Although everything I come up with sounds distinctly Middle Eastern now.

I wish I could as easily get out of the rut I've fallen into writing Seasons in the Abyss. The same thing has happened on the last two attempts. I'll get about a hundred pages in and then I just get stuck. I'm not stopping and letting it fall by the wayside this time, I can't afford to. But man do I feel stuck. And I feel like the story isn't that interesting. Maybe it's time to type up what I have and open up some beta readership to see if it really is as boring as I think it is or if Nitokris is a dumb a heroine as I think I've made her. I don't think I'm venturing into "dumb horror movie bimbo" territory with her yet, but I worry if her reactions to all the weird stuff that happens to her are plausible.

Meanwhile, after having it sit on my bookshelf for two years I am finally reading George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones. I can see what all the fuss is about because it's pretty good. Even though not much has happened yet, I'm hooked on the gloomy medieval characters and weirdly plausible fantasy world. His writing really pulls you in and reading it makes me want to listen to power metal where there is much singing about swords, and battles, and feasting, and fighting to the bitter end, and mourning the king who hath fallen, etc. I'm trying not to get too emotionally attached to any characters because I have heard that every character you could get emotionally attached too, dies. We'll see. Looking forward to my break at work so I can keep reading.
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I'm about to go in for a four-and-a-half hour shift at work tonight. I found out I've got hours at my second job tomorrow night which means Wednesday is the only complete day off I have this week. It's going to feel like a long week, I'm thinking but that's just how things are. I already feel rushed typing this entry because I spent too long practicing the bass guitar before I started it. *sigh*

My latest short story, From the Bedside Diary of Brisins De Mar just got sent off to the publisher. It is my hope that it will make its public debut very soon. Naturally I will be providing information on how to acquire it as soon as it is out there to acquire!

Was hoping I'd have time to do some more writing before I scooted off to work but that may not be feasible. Even a sentence would be nice...

The week got off to a great start with a wonderful conversation earlier this week with [livejournal.com profile] watersaredeep. I don't get the chance to chat with people on the phone very often so it was a wonderful treat. Hopefully the four hours at work tonight will pass quickly and I can spend some time with my wife before bed time. I hope everyone else's Monday is just as busy but in a good way like mine has been so far.
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I should be getting ready for work since I want to get there early, sit and eat in the breakroom, and write a little bit before my shift starts. But I hate that my last entry was ten days ago.

Had a wonderful St. Patrick's day last night. We spent the evening with a friend and went out to dinner, had some limited edition Irish beer, and sat around and told ghost stories by firelight. Probably the most fun I've had on this utterly trivial holiday in... well, ever!

I am still sticking to my guns in terms of writing and practicing music. Seasons in the Abyss is chugging along at a fairly good clip. I don't have daily word counts since I'm still drafting it by hand but I'm completing approximately two pages a day, which is good for that method. Although I should start typing up what I've already written soon just so it won't seem like such a daunting task when the draft is finished. Sometime soon I need to begin working on Fool's Game as well. I've let that sit and gather dust for too long.

I'm practicing the bass every day but have hit a bit of a wall as far as songwriting goes. Coming up for the next riff in a song is hard. I tell myself it's not urgent because I don't have a guitar amp to write the accompanying part yet, nor any music software to record it all with. But it gets frustrating playing the same things over and over again, knowing something comes after it but not being able to figure out what it is! At least all this daily practicing has definitely turned me into a better player than I've ever been in my life. That alone is reason enough to put up with the repetition.

It's time to go to work. Have a good weekend, LJ world and whoever is left in it.
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-Sent in a resume for a job last night. Got a phone call from them today. They must have liked my answers because the woman said she'd forward it on to the hiring manager to schedule an interview. Last week I had an interview for a promotion at my current work. Since I was the first interview the manager said it would be a while before I heard anything. As someone who rarely gets offered an interview and has worked a lifetime of crummy jobs because of it, I'm starting to feel kind of good about myself. I feel very motivated now to go out and keep applying for jobs rather than procrastinating against the inevitable humiliation of interviews and the disappointment to follow.

-I had training for a standardized patient gig yesterday and will be performing the gig Monday and Tuesday of next week. Since I have a feeling I'm going to owe on taxes again this year, the little boost of money will be nice.

-I feel like a creative dynamo. I have been faithfully writing and/or practicing bass guitar every day for a month now. The bass is really taking a toll on my left shoulder though. Why does B.C. Rich have to build their Warlocks so damn neck heavy? It's a complaint I've seen repeatedly about the Warlock model but I didn't listen. There's got to be a way to rebalance it so I'm not in agony after twenty minutes of practice. Meanwhile, my latest Apocalypse Woman story is finally doing what it needs to do after three false starts. I no longer dread trying to write on it, at least.

-Unfortunately, it appears I will not be able to afford the Emilie Autumn concert on March 10th. I'm disappointed, but actually feeling very relieved not to have to come up with the money. I can only hope she'll come through here again sometime in the future when I'm more financially viable. In the meantime I will count the days until my Opheliac cd that I ordered from Amazon.com arrives in my mailbox. It will have to satisfy me in the meantime.

-There is no way I will win Dragon Age: Origins before the release date of its sequel on March 6th but I'm still valiantly trying. And I've decided I really do want to play Awakenings anyway. *sigh* So much Ferelden, so little time.

Now I am off to a short shift at work. I hope everyone is having a decent week so far.
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So the lost friend from a few days ago? E-mailed me today, and not to say what I expected. It was an apology, and the acknowledgment that while things would never be as they once were, there would be parting with no animosity. Parting as friends, as it were, even if that's a strange way of thinking of it for me.

I'll be honest, I was relieved. I guess this is what that "closure" everyone is always talking about feels like. Never really gotten that from any situation in my life. It's a novel and relaxing feeling.

I have been very prolific by my standards as far as writing goes lately. My New Year's resolution was to write every day and so far I am sticking to it. Here's a brief run down of projects, in case you care.

-D&D campaign using the "new and improved" Pathfinder rules system published by Paizo games. I'm creating my own game world for it to take place in. It's strange but in all my years of playing I've stuck to the game's published settings and never made one of my own, yet I've never been satisfied with the published stuff available. This campaign isn't even ambitious: no saving the world, just questing and fighting some monsters. Yet the world-building feels really important and really fun. Even if I don't get enough players to put it to use it's still been an awesome exercise. Maybe I can use the world in fiction if nothing else? Or publish the modules on-line. Who knows?

-New erotica novella. Well, not technically new since I've been made two false starts on it before, but this time things are clicking. Once again, I feel I was too ambitious with it before and was trying to force the story to go in a certain direction. This time I'm letting it take its own shape and writing it feels less like a chore. It's another Apocalypse Woman story; again not a direct sequel to the main work. But it does let me play with some areas and cultures that are mentioned in the main work but are not important to its ongoing meta plot. Of course it will be sexy, but the main character is far more of a submissive than the previous heroines who even when they're in the hands of aggressive lovers are still pretty take-charge kind of gals. Again, it's all about playing with things I want to depict in the world but don't fit into the main plot. Hopefully people who have read the first one will like it and won't be like, "Why doesn't he quit fooling around and get back to the main story!"

-Comedy sketch for Champagne Players; an acting troupe I perform with at SCA events. This will be my second year performing with them and my first time writing. I'm nervous because I really respect these people and want to deliver a quality scene but I think I'll be okay. Long ago I had an idea for William Shakespeare as a time-traveling super hero. At the rate I write I doubt I'll ever write the novel so it was time to adapt it into sketch comedy format. Now, for a working title. Shakespeare In Time: The Beginning or Bard Force: Origins? Decisions, decisions...

I need more hours in a day. At least not having that friend drama is bound to free some time up.
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To everyone who ever stopped writing or just needs a little push...

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I'm making a guest appearance at Rebecca J. Clark's Shy Writers blog. Not a very long entry, but if you pop over to read it I'd be most appreciative. Have a good Friday everyone!

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Day 04 - Your favorite book or series ever.

I have a favorite book and a favorite series.

Favorite book is Dune. Favorite series is The Wheel of Time.

I feel weird saying them because I don't actually own a copy of Dune anymore, (I used to.) And The Wheel of Time I haven't read farther than book 7. But they are the two books that directly inspired me to start writing the Fool's Game series which I consider to be my life's work. So I must love and respect the hell out of those two works to let them play such a huge role in my own ambitions. Unlike both Dune and WoT, however, my work does not contain any meddling witches or Fremen. (Yes I know that WoT spells it "Aiel" but I'm pretty sure it's pronounced "Fremen.")

The prompts... )
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The debut issue of Systematic is available for purchase. Follow the pretty blue link now and order a copy! Be able to say you got in on the ground floor of the adventures of a paranoid novelist and the mysterious cult who are stalking him! I am so excited. This is a very big thing for me.

::EDIT:: Fantastic timing but Indy Planet's website seems to have crashed. When it comes back up the link is here. Please let me know if you continue to have trouble reaching the site.



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