Jun. 7th, 2013 10:05 pm
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I've gone over a month without updating again. Sigh. I wanted to do a review of the concerts I went to during my vacation, but somehow I just can't make myself care about writing them up. I experienced them and they were amazing. That was enough for me. I will say that while Hate Eternal and Fear Factory were both exquisite missionaries of metal and completely ruled the stage in their glory, I found a dark horse favorite in the opening band, Kobra and The Lotus. It's rare that I hear a live band where I can understand every single lyric crystal clear, but Kobra Paige's big brassy voice cuts through the band and sends her message to the back of the house. I bought their CD at the show, talked to Paige for several minutes between sets, and even went and put their sticker on my laptop. (I'm a dork.) Beyond being good metal, their album really resonates with me. A couple of tracks really hit me in the gut in regard to how well they describe some personal situations I've gone through.

Lilies War has rolled around again. We're only performing one night this year which is easier on everybody, but it still turned out to be a stressful race to get everything ready the last few weeks. I had it relatively easy but other troupe members, not so much. This Sunday is our dress rehearsal and we go on stage Monday night. I'm looking forward to it, but will also be glad when I'm free to concentrate on other things after it's done.

My mother is also doing some theatre right now. She's starring in a community theatre production of On Golden Pond. I've helped her practice and she's really good. Will have to see her next weekend since I'm all tied up during this one, but I'm very proud of her and eager to see her act.

Yesterday M. and I went out to the Sea Life aquarium here in KC. It's something we've meant to do for ages. The place is smaller than we expected but it doesn't disappoint. Hundreds of specimens of animals both gorgeous and grotesque swim through its halls. We went through the whole thing twice and it didn't lose any of its impact. It was also the first day off we've had together in months and it was well-spent.

So yeah, Lilies this weekend and after that it's time to buckle down on music. I still want to cut my demo before the end of this year. Time to make it happen.

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I am still "in training" in my new job, but I finally got out onto the floor, (or I should say, into the box since it's a pharmacy,) this past Thursday. I'm enjoying it out there but it is all very new and overwhelming. I have very supportive, friendly, and helpful co-workers and that makes a huge difference. Whatever else happens, I can certainly say that I am liking this a lot better than I ever liked my previous position, even if there is a lot of repetetiveness in the duties.

I really like being able to call myself a pharmacy technician. I try not to over-identify too much with my "day job" because that's still all it is as far as I'm concerned. But I'm beginning to understand what a difference having a day job you can be proud of makes.

I have been finding guitar and bass practice less enjoyable these last few days. I now have two complete songs written and I'm working on getting as good as I can at playing them before I begin more writing, but I'm finding a big part of playing heavy metal guitar and bass is physical endurance and that's just not something I have enough of. I mess up frequently while playing, not because I don't know what I'm doing or don't have the skill, but because my wrists and fingers start getting tired and can't manage the resistance of the strings. I do not have weak hands or wrists or anything, but playing like this means getting those parts of your body into shape just like anything else does and it can be slow getting there.

For me, if I skip more than one day practicing all my physical endurance just goes out the window. What I lose in two days can take a week or more to build back up. Of course, with my schedule as it is sometimes I just have to miss more than one day and there's little I can do about it.

I'm happy with where I'm at skill-wise and more than happy writing-wise, but I want more; I want to be better, and I'd feel happier if I was better now, even though I know there's no fast path to get there.

I have some friends going through hard things right now. Everything from painful break-ups to DUI's and it's hard to watch. Next Sunday is the Kreator/Accept concert and I had friends I was looking forward to seeing there whom I now won't be due to stuff that's happened to them the last couple of days. I'm really looking forward to the show, but I'll be there alone, and knowing that people I like aren't there because their lives have gone to hell.

Then again, that might put me in just the mood for the aggressive metal music that will be on display that night.
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My first week in training as a pharmacy tech left something to be desired. The gist of it is that all the things they needed to send me for (drug test, background check,) they didn't send me for. Although frankly I think it's some serious bullshit that I need a drug test or background check for a company that I already work for, but that's another conversation entirely. Anyway, they sent me for that and it didn't all come back until Thursday. The first four days of last week were me piddling around, doing whatever odd jobs I could find. Thursday the pharmacy manager finally said to hell with it and brought me into the pharmacy to learn the fill station. I feel like I got the hang of it pretty fast. It's fast-pace and exciting and keeps my mind stimulated. This is a good thing because when I'm bored at work my mind wanders, usually into places of depression and anger. The only way to avoid it at work is to stay constantly engaged.

This week my training modules should finally be ready and I can set to training for all the other areas of the pharmacy. It's all still quite new and scary but I feel up to the challenge overall.

A nice perk of all this is the new hours. It meant having Labor Day weekend off, which is something I've rarely gotten to enjoy in my working life. To be honest, I'm not sure I've ever had a three-day weekend on Labor Day while in the state of being gainfully employed. Saturday was mostly spent on the road. I drove down to Wichita, KS to take part in the troupe's performance at an SCA event, then drove back on the same night. Had a minor side adventure blundering into the 'hood in Wichita at night while trying to find a gas station. I eventually got gas at a place that was pretty much held together by duct tape and had enough bulletproof glass in front of the cashier to stop a mortar shell. But after that I got home safely. It was a great day spent with my friends in the troupe even if it was way too hot for my liking out there, especially after being in KC where it had been cool and rainy since Friday.

On Sunday M. and I discovered a great movie theatre only a few blocks from our house. Way cheaper than the one we've been going to, and about five minutes away instead of thirty. We ate lunch at a nearby Chinese buffet that had great sushi and crab legs, then went and saw The Apparition. It was pretty "meh" as far as horrof films go, but I enjoyed it. Plus Tom Felton is entertaining no matter what he does. That night we amused ourselves by solo'ing Karazhan in WoW.

I spent today finishing freelance work. M. thought she had to work but then didn't, so we got an extra day together, which was nice. We tried to finish the Karazhan run but got bogged down on the chess event. Phooey. I was neglectful of practicing this weekend but finally got caught up tonight. It amazes me how sloppy my playing becomes if I skip even just two days. My physical stamina for playing falls right down too. People don't understand how athletic music actually is.

I should already be in bed. If those modules are ready tomorrow I'm going to be falling asleep in them. But it was a good weekend and I figured if I didn't talk about it now I probably never would.
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I haven't had time to properly read LJ, let alone update it. The last several days were spent frantically trying to finish a freelancing project that I overcommitted myself on. It was brutal and exhausting but I managed to get it in on deadline. And I definitely learned a lesson about what I can and can't do and the time it takes me to do or not do it in.

Monday we took a break from it to go down to Dean and Lesley's to work on costuming for Lilies War and our troupe's performance there. Lesley fitted M. for a kyton (Greek garment) while I assembled a prop codpiece out of a pool noodle, chicken and peacock feathers, ribbon, and various glittery fabrics and sequins. I think it will definitely get a laugh out of the audience. Whether it will be the hilarious laughter or the awkward, frightened kind remains to be seen. After the crafting was done Dean grilled chicken kabobs for everyone. I think our friends spoil us.

I was proved right when [ profile] stitchedsutures and her boyfriend took us out to eat and drink on Tuesday. They were in town for a vacation and since we only get to see them once a year they treated us grandly by grandly treating us. They bought us dinner and then bought us beers at a nearby bar. None of us had actually been in this bar before and it was virtually empty for a Tuesday night save for the bartender and her brother who as it turned out were both metalheads. Said bar also happened to have an awesome digital jukebox with a huge amount of metal on it. We played pool (badly), enjoyed good music and good conversation and just generally had a good time.

I feel like there's more but I'm up way too late for needing to work in the morning. Have fun LJ land, whatever's left of you.
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Typing this before going to bed at the end of my two days off. I actually did everything I set out to do during these two days which is something I can't say very often. On both days I have managed to write for my freelance contract, get some musical composition work done, and do a little bit of work on the house. Despite doing everything I set out to do I still feel like I could have done more. Maybe that's just the feeling that comes with being on a bit of a roll. Who knows.

I even had enough time to do some WoW playing which I haven't done in a while and to do some reading. I guess it feels like it was a long couple of days. Oh, also had rehearsal where we did the blocking for the scene I'm directing. That was easier than you might think. I have such a wonderful group of actors and they don't require that much direction. Most of the time their instincts on where to go were exactly the blocking that I had in mind. I am really proud and am so excited to see this performance happen in a few weeks.

The past two evenings were spent watching a lot of horror movies. I'll try to post mini-reviews of them. For now though I should be getting to bed.
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We ate at Panda Express, went and saw The Avengers and spent the evening with our friends in that order. It was the first day-long outing we've had in quite a while and I was glad for it.

The Avengers is the kind of movie that just makes me happy, truly a Joss Whedon masterpiece. Our experience was sullied somewhat by a particularly loud and obnoxious audience member who felt the need to cackle like a pack of hyenas every time something even slightly funny happened onscreen (i.e. every 10-15 seconds.) She was also fond of loudly repeating dialogue back at the screen. I won't go into detail but she looked like she was ready to be on Springer. It was sort of an interactive movie experience with us trying not to turn into the Hulk in real life to deal with this woman. I wish we would have gone to a midnight showing on opening night as it would have been quieter.

But it still did not ruin the movie. Nothing could ruin The Avengers.

Our friends made dinner for us and we just had a pleasant night together. I see them for rehearsals but it was nice to go there as a couple.

Last night was topped off by me getting the main verse riff finished on for the song I'm currently writing. It's a very chaotic thrash metal-style song, the kind I didn't think I could figure out how to write. But it's getting easier as I get the hang of it. This must have unblocked my creativity for songwriting since I was finally able to write some more lyrics today.

So it's been a decent couple of days, I guess. I'm grateful.
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These last couple of weeks have mostly consisted of managing our tax refund and putting it to use. This year M. and I got the biggest one we've ever had and I'm proud of the fact that we actually managed to use it almost entirely on things we planned on. We paid the property taxes on our cars and we were able to get our newest cat, Zinky Oreo Feet, her shots and get her spayed. We were also able to treat ourselves to a brand new 32" LCD television that we had been wanting for over a year now. That was a great feeling.

Unfortunately we couldn't do everything we wanted because crap got in the way. Late utilities needed paying and I had to unexpectedly fork over close to a hundred dollars to keep the garbage pickup service going. The waste disposal company around here is Deffenbaugh and I really hate them. They regularly miss our street so when the trash wasn't picked up one day I figured that was what had happened. No, it turns out they cut off our service because I hadn't paid them. The only reason I didn't pay them was because they never sent me a bill! Like every other complaint I've called them with, when I told them this they pretty much just blew it off. But of course since it's either them or nobody they don't have to provide good customer service.

Another unexpected expense hit last night when my computer monitor abruptly died altogether. I got the cheapest one I could and it's actually really nice: bigger and clearer than the one I had before. Still wish I hadn't had to spend that money. It prevents me from buying the thing I really wanted the most out of my refund, a new guitar. Or I should say a very specific kind of guitar that can only be found on the secondhand market these days. When I did get the refund money in hand, though, every single one that had been on the secondhand market up and disappeared. So I'm telling myself it was serendipity. I wasn't meant to buy it this time because I was going to need the money for other things. That eases the disappointment somewhat but the disappointment is still there.

Last but not least, today was a very big day. Today my wife graduated from massage therapy school. It's a big deal that she's done this and I am very, very proud of her. There was a really nice ceremony at the school followed by a party at one of her classmates' houses. I had not met anyone from her class before tonight and I'm really wishing I had because they are all really fun people. I felt like I fit in perfectly with all of them that I talked to and I almost never have that feeling at gatherings of this type. Everyone is really excited about being done and the career prospects it opens up. I have to admit the excitement is kind of contagious.

Back to work tomorrow but there's rehearsal in the evening to look forward to. So I leave my world of shiny new LCD screens behind and go to hopefully earn another good-sized refund for next year.
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Sitting here at the end of my second and final day off for the week. Monday was my other one and on that day we went to the Kansas City Zoo. It was my first time ever visiting in all the ten years I've lived here and I was impressed. It is a really nice zoo, and huge. We weren't able to cover the whole thing in one go. I can't honestly remember the last time I visited any zoo. The polar bear was particularly impressive and he really seemed to enjoy the attention from spectators. He was worth the price of admission by himself. Their little rainforest building full of various monkeys, birds, and even strange South American porcupines was another favorite of mine.

We left because it had been threatening to rain all day and there had been several false starts. It turned out we left just minutes before the downpour truly began. It has rained more or less non-stop for the past three days; a gentle yet persistent storm. I hear people grumbling about it but it can stay like this as far as I'm concerned. I love rainy spring weather.

Today we went to Half Price Books and grocery shopping. Ah the exciting, wild times of people in their mid-thirties. We also ate dinner at Winstead's, which is a local chain of diners that serve very basic, yet very good diner fare. Best hamburgers we'd had from a restaurant in a long time and very affordable. I think the last time I ate at Winstead's was in '03 or '04 despite the fact that I pass one nearly every day in various places around the city. Don't know why I've been missing out like that because their food is quite good.

I also had the fun experience of slipping on the rain-soaked back porch and smashing my right thigh with all my weight. I'm pretty sore and am expecting to be quite stiff tomorrow. Fortunately tomorrow night I have something to take my mind off any discomfort. I am going to see a burlesque show in which a couple of friends of mine are performing. It's been about a year since going out to one so this should be fun.

So that's me for the last few days. I still need to get my pics from the last concert posted. Maybe in the next few days.

Iced Earth

Feb. 26th, 2012 03:10 pm
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This is who I'll be seeing tonight along with a few other exciting bands.

Tomorrow, by contrast, will suck. I have to get up early in the morning to go do five hours of standardized patient work at KU Med Center immediately followed by an eight hour shift at my regular job :/
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It was a very low-key New Year here. We stayed in and had a South Park marathon and that was it and it was just fine. Today was more of the same, including the South Park and that was just fine too. I did some much-needed guitar practicing and just enjoyed not having to do anything or be anywhere.

I hope everyone else's New Year was good and exciting and full of fun. I feel like I should have more to say but it's just a holiday I've never gotten too excited about. If other people invite me to do something I'll go and have a good time but I'm not going to go out of my way to find a party. I did get invited to go to a nightclub with some folks from the theatre troupe but that's not my scene. I appreciate the thought but I'm not a club person. I probably sound really not fun but I'm content and I think that's a great way to ring in the New Year in itself.
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When I actually have things to update about that's when I don't get any time to update. I waited too long to get started on my freelance assignment for the week which left me in a rush to finish it over the course of my two days off. I would have finished it sooner then but I did take a lot of breaks to do things like play WoW and practice on my guitars. I don't regret that at all because it's my days off and I should be able to do something for me, but it did make for a long couple of days.

Now I need spend a fraction of the time on this entry that I wanted to or I'll be let for my day job!

On Saturday our friends Ed and Angie were in town and we got to see them for a few hours. Wound up spending all evening in a Chinese restaurant talking about spirituality. Then we showed them our new house. We don't see them often enough and it was wonderful to do so, really a high point of the last month or so.

I've been writing a lot lately too but that's a whole 'nother topic.

I'd say I'll update more about it all later, but people say that all the time and then they never do it and I don't want to be that person. I do need to finish off the thirty day meme though. I haven't forgotten about that.
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Being band-less has left me feeling listless and cranky and not quite knowing what to do with myself. I am free to resume work on my own music now, but I miss the urgency and charged atmosphere of wanting to have a particular part ready by the next rehearsal. Maybe I work better in a group situation than I thought. Maybe it's exactly what I need to keep the motivation that I constantly fight with.

Ex-bandmate contacted me over facebook and we exchanged a couple of civil messages. Wish they'd showed this willingness to be calm when it mattered. I guess we don't hate each other though. *shrug*

My poor wife has been sick for a few days. I keep feeling like I'm starting to come down with it but then it backs off. I am really starting to itch to get stuff moved into the new house but it seems unlikely I'll be able to afford the gas to drive down there until I get paid again next week. Grr. I need to go through the storage area of our basement and start pulling all the domestic stuff that got put into mothballs two years ago so we can start putting it in its new home. Maybe if I do that until it's time to go down there I'll feel like I'm doing something.

Just generally antsy. Since my computer works again I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins again but that only keeps me distracted for so long. I've gotten to Orzammar, which to me is the most tedious part of the game. Seems to go on forever. You basically have to get through it the same way you reduce a golem's size: with a chisel and a lot of nerve.
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The project at work that was supposed to take three weeks actually finished this past Wednesday. So my nightmare of day shifts is over and my normal schedule will resume immediately. To keep anyone from working seven days in a row they gave me and a few others today off. I joked that most workplaces, if you finish a three week project in a week-and-a-half they give you a bonus. Here they give you an unpaid day off. My co-workers got a kick out of that.

We've been dealing with a massive flea infestation. They literally zerg rush your feet and legs the moment you sit down in the basement. Really disturbing to look down at your feet and see a dozen fleas feeding on it. The cats have been absolutely miserable. We went and got some medicine for them and some flea powder for the carpet. Of course when I put the powder down they just moved to the area where the powder wasn't. But I vacuumed today and that seemed to really throw them off their game. We haven't "won" yet by any means but I think the tiny armored monsters are on the retreat for the time being.

I have been relaxing today. Played some WoW. I've got some new music to add to the Media Player library which I still need to do. Did some more reading on A Storm of Swords. Also did my fair share of practicing on band-related material. It is a pretty good feeling to find yourself humming a melody and then realize it's part of a song that your band is writing. We finally decided on a Judas Priest song. It's "Between the Hammer and the Anvil" from the Painkiller album. It was hard to choose but I think this is going to be a lot of fun. I really cannot wait for the next time we get together and practice.

I had some kind of point I wanted to make with this entry but I've completely forgotten what it was. I hope everyone has had a nice and relaxing Friday.
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It has been a pretty busy weekend. It went by way too fast. I still can't get used to this whole notion of having to be at work at 8am every single weekday morning.

Friday night I had band practice. It was our first time getting together in almost three weeks but we were all three very impressed at how we're starting to sound. I joked that we're starting to sound like a band who actually practices together in the same room and we are. Jak (guitarist) wants to add a Judas Priest song to the mix. Now we just have to narrow down which one. I don't envy her task in playing a Priest song, of course, but I anticipate a fairly easy time of it on the bass. Now watch me be wrong about that :)

Just as I was about to go to bed Friday night Kansas City got hit by its own personal hurricane. The power went out and didn't come back on again until around 8am Saturday morning. What was really bad about this was not having any electric fans all night. Even with all the doors and windows open to let in the cool stormy air the house was still very, very HOT. Oh, and then once the power did come back on it was still another 7 hours before the cable and internet came back up. Frustrating, since I actually had a ton of plans for the day, all of which involved being online. I wound up sleeping most of the day. It was just as well since it turns out I had a massive sleep deficit from the week.

Today M. and I FINALLY got to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.2 It lived up to all expectations and was definitely worth the money to see in IMAX 3D. We had planned on seeing Conan as well but it turned out to be just too expensive. We've been seeing movies mostly on weekday afternoons and had forgotten just how expensive movies are on the weekend. We were running out of energy by that time, though. When we got home we both wound up crashing and taking a huge nap. I think I'll be feeling it tomorrow. Naturally tomorrow night I have band practice again.

So yeah, pretty epic weekend. Did I mention the neighborhood is littered with broken tree limbs?
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I've just had three days off in a row. This leaves me very ill-prepared for my upcoming three morning shifts in a row. I am not a morning person. I would never be up before 11 am if it were up to me. So now through Saturday I work at 10am, 11am, and 7am. It's going to be a long weekend. And not the good kind. Oh, plus it's tax free weekend at the store where I work so we're going to be insanely busy. I just don't see it all ending well. I'll get lots of time to work on writing during breaks at work but little time to work on music at home. Growl.
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The heat index reached 119 in some areas around here today. Oh, wait! Did I mention that our house's air conditioning died yesterday? It did. I can't remember the last time I was this physically uncomfortable in my house. Actually I can. It was over ten years ago when the A/C didn't work in my apartment. Sitting there in my underwear with all the windows and the balcony door open. Yep. I was classy. I was also miserably hot. Our landlord is theoretically going to get it fixed tomorrow. Hope so. Really hope so.

I have three days off in a row. Bad because Job #2 didn't have any extra hours to give me. But I will try to be as productive as possible with the time. I was planning on going and seeing Transformers tomorrow but at this point staying in and playing Dragon Age and/or WoW sounds just as appealing.

Feels like forever since I've posted. The 4th of July was pleasant. My father managed to get a bunch of fireworks for 13$ and we had a good old time blowing them up. Other than that, not much happened. Playing Dragon Age: Origins again because I couldn't get my old character's info back after reformatting my computer. And I just can't play 2 without importing my adventures from Origins, you know? Having a lot of fun. The game is waaay easier to play as a mage. It's just ridiculous, in fact.

After much anticipation with getting WoW paid for again I haven't really played it much. Logged in for about half an hour on Thursday to start the Firelands quest chain and that was it. Oddly, I get more excited anymore about leveling characters up than sending my 85's to tackle new endgame content. Go figure. I'm even getting a serious jones to play Horde again despite having played Alliance exclusively since shortly before Wrath of the Lich King.

I'll get right on that after I shatter a few more frozen Darkspawn who have been infected with Walking Bomb...
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Days off suck when you can't play on your beloved computer. I did get out and enjoy the nice weather though. That was worthwhile.

Both M. and I are constantly tired lately. We've been going to bed early and sleeping in when we can, yet we wake up feeling like we've not slept. I'm sure my sleep apneia is probably a part of it somehow. On all my days off this week I feel like I've done nothing but sleep or want to sleep. The sleep is there but the sleep quality just feels like it isn't.

I have now filled an entire spiral notebook with Seasons In the Abyss. I bought a second one today to continue and finish the story. I think it will go faster now that I'm at the midpoint. Kind of getting excited about the story again.

As much as I like writing, reading isn't giving me joy of late. I think all the "realistic" fantasy I've been reading in the form of Michael Grant's Gone novels and G.R.R.M.'s A Song of Ice and Fire are having a long-term effect on me of bumming me out. To say nothing of the various "literary" novels I've been reading as well. I think it's time for some more Charles De Lint or Lisa Shearin: something that's hopeful and happy and doesn't apologize for being so.
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I have returned from adventure in the woods with The Champagne Players. I am proud to say that the whole thing went better than I could have hoped or imagined.

Our performance this weekend was at an SCA event called St. George and the Dragon. I arranged to carpool with Tess, one of our actors, and she picked me up Saturday afternoon. Getting to the secluded campground outside of Springfield, MO turned out to be an adventure in itself. Cell reception was bad out there and the directions we received via cell phone were not clear, Lesley's phone cutting out as a crucial part of the directions were conveyed. After going literally a hundred miles out of our way we got back on track, only to find ourselves at the blocked road we had been attempting to avoid all along. Fortunately, Tess is a hell of a wheelwoman and took a twisting, nailbiting, backwoods dirt road with a confidence and speed that many would never approach.

Side note: this incredibly twisted, on-the-verge-of-reverting-completely-to-wilderness dirt road was regularly marked by armadillo carcasses in the midst of being devoured by vultures. Creepy. This road clearly gets no traffic, yet cars somehow came along at just the right time to kill not one but two armadillos. What are the odds?

Once ensconced in our camp site we had enough time for a breakneck dress rehearsal to iron out the bugs. The SCA folks had been drinking, dueling, and jousting all day and I figured they'd be tired. But no, they were ready to party and nearly the entire population of the campground showed up at our stage come performance time. Our show consisted of two comedy sketches, a burlesque dance, and an operatic solo by one of our very talented ladies. About a half hour of material but apparently just enough to rile up our rowdy audience and leave them wanting more. We got lots of feedback and friendly heckling from the crowd and it helped us take our performances to a level we just couldn't reach in rehearsals. Frankly, it was the most fun I've had on stage in years and possibly rekindled a passion for live theatre I haven't felt in far longer.

Once we were through with the show we were ready to party too. The women of the troupe put on their bellydance attire and migrated to one of the larger bonfires where they mesmerized us one and all. A few bards were present who, between the girls' dances, regaled the audiences with songs and comedy. With the dancing done we strolled through the campground, sampling excellent homebrewed beer and mead and socializing with people. I haven't let my hair down like that in a long time and I can't wait to do it again.

Sunday Tess and I got back with far less adventuring and after a quality dinner at 54th Street Grill with my beautiful wife, we reconvened with the Players for a rehearsal of the material we didn't perform. The rehearsal was almost as much fun as doing a show. I think after the stress and hustle of getting the performance in gear we were all ready to have some fun.

Today was back to work and reality but I'm still still floating on the weekend's vibe. Our next performance at Lilies War is still over a month away but I am SO ready. Last year it kind of felt like work even though I wound up having a blast. This time, however, I'm like a kid looking forward to Christmas. 
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This week is one of the busier ones I've had in a while. I'm working weird hours (what else is new?) yesterday and today which makes getting done what I need to get done rather difficult. My car is at the shop right now for an oil change and I'm hoping it will be ready by the time I go to work.

This weekend the acting troupe I'm a part of is putting on a mini-show at an SCA event in Springfield, MO so I'll be leaving for there tomorrow, camping overnight, and coming back Sunday morning. I don't ever have much success with camping but I'll give it another try. Have to buy some supplies today after work. Thankfully I work where they sell a lot of it. At least I'll be riding with one of our troupe members which is good because I was not looking forward to driving someplace I've never been to by myself.

After this weekend I'll get a little bit of a breather since we don't perform again until Lilies War in June. Next week I can get back to job hunting which is what I'd really like to focus on. I'm just not making enough where I am. Plus they're cutting everyone's hours so it's not going to get better any time soon.

Writing on Seasons in the Abyss continues its slow yet steady pace. I will be glad to be done with this novel. Not that I don't like it because I do. I'm consistently pleased with everything I'm doing in it and I think it's going to be a great read. But writing it just doesn't have the same "fun" factor that Apocalypse Woman had. It's definitely a different kind of novel despite being set in the same world and featuring Abryax as an important character.

I haven't felt much like working on music the last few days. Next week when I have less to think about I'd like to get back into it. I've practiced everything I've written enough that I'm in no danger of forgetting it, but my fingers are going to be mighty sore once I give those bass lines their next run.
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It's been nine years since I moved to Kansas City and when I got here the music stores were good. And I mean really good for finding the hard-to-find kind of music that just happens to be nearly all the music I like. Remember in Firefly when Jayne's at the brothel and he says he's so happy his John Thomas could just pop off and fly around the room? It was like that, or would have been if I played CD's on my penis which I don't.

Today I went downtown to Streetside Records - the last place left in this sprawling city where there was even a scrap of good metal/goth/electronica to be found... and discovered that they are closing come the 23rd of this month. So it's finally happened, I will have to use the internet to buy pretty much every piece of music I like from now on. And I don't have a problem with that but I like walking into a store and purchasing something. I guess if I want to get out of the house on a day off I'm going to have to find something else to do besides go shopping. There's still the bookstores but man, even Barnes & Noble seems to have less in the way of stock these days.

Good thing I got that PS3 for Christmas. At least that will give me an excuse to go to GameStop when I'm just dying to go somewhere and feed my materialist desires.

Anyway, back to filling my library with more songs to put on my mp3 player.


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