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So I'm watching that awesome TV series "Vikings" and there's a battle relatively early in the first season where the titular villain-protagonists are assaulted by a larger Saxon force. The Vikings make the sensible decision to form a shield wall. This is the dialogue I MST3K'd for the leader of the Saxon force:

"Archers! Do that one thing that is useless against a shield wall!"

*Archers shoot arrows at the shields, to no effect.*

"Infantry! Do that other thing that is useless against a shield wall!"

*Archers run right at the shield wall and begin dying.*

"Men who could outflank the shield wall with our superior numbers! Just keep trying to move forward in a straight line! Wait, maybe have one guy run around the shield wall!"

*One guy runs around it; dies.*

"Okay, maybe have another guy try to run around it!"

*Another guy runs around it; dies.*

"Um... New plan! Everyone just sort of die and I will ride home and tell our king the enemy is too strong!"

*Rides away; does just that.*

It's amazing we're not all speaking Futhark right now.
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These last couple of weeks have mostly consisted of managing our tax refund and putting it to use. This year M. and I got the biggest one we've ever had and I'm proud of the fact that we actually managed to use it almost entirely on things we planned on. We paid the property taxes on our cars and we were able to get our newest cat, Zinky Oreo Feet, her shots and get her spayed. We were also able to treat ourselves to a brand new 32" LCD television that we had been wanting for over a year now. That was a great feeling.

Unfortunately we couldn't do everything we wanted because crap got in the way. Late utilities needed paying and I had to unexpectedly fork over close to a hundred dollars to keep the garbage pickup service going. The waste disposal company around here is Deffenbaugh and I really hate them. They regularly miss our street so when the trash wasn't picked up one day I figured that was what had happened. No, it turns out they cut off our service because I hadn't paid them. The only reason I didn't pay them was because they never sent me a bill! Like every other complaint I've called them with, when I told them this they pretty much just blew it off. But of course since it's either them or nobody they don't have to provide good customer service.

Another unexpected expense hit last night when my computer monitor abruptly died altogether. I got the cheapest one I could and it's actually really nice: bigger and clearer than the one I had before. Still wish I hadn't had to spend that money. It prevents me from buying the thing I really wanted the most out of my refund, a new guitar. Or I should say a very specific kind of guitar that can only be found on the secondhand market these days. When I did get the refund money in hand, though, every single one that had been on the secondhand market up and disappeared. So I'm telling myself it was serendipity. I wasn't meant to buy it this time because I was going to need the money for other things. That eases the disappointment somewhat but the disappointment is still there.

Last but not least, today was a very big day. Today my wife graduated from massage therapy school. It's a big deal that she's done this and I am very, very proud of her. There was a really nice ceremony at the school followed by a party at one of her classmates' houses. I had not met anyone from her class before tonight and I'm really wishing I had because they are all really fun people. I felt like I fit in perfectly with all of them that I talked to and I almost never have that feeling at gatherings of this type. Everyone is really excited about being done and the career prospects it opens up. I have to admit the excitement is kind of contagious.

Back to work tomorrow but there's rehearsal in the evening to look forward to. So I leave my world of shiny new LCD screens behind and go to hopefully earn another good-sized refund for next year.
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I keep really wanting to post LJ entries but find myself without the energy to do so after a long day's work. Of course that is frustrating because busy days are when the most stuff worth blogging about happens.

M. and I are gradually getting moved into the new house. We still have an overwhelming amount of work to do there but I'm hoping this week to take a big bite out of it. We really don't have that much to move: there's a lot of big heavy stuff that it would just be cheaper and easier to replace than to move so we're leaving it here. But cleaning up the house really will be a chore. Part of me looks forward to the task but mostly I look forward to having it finished.

I had to replace my mp3 player because the one I had got crushed somehow. In hindsight, carrying it in my pocket at work was about the stupidest thing I could have done. I wound up buying a another Sansa Fuse, this time a used one off of Amazon. I was reluctant to buy a used mp3 player but all the new ones in my price range lacked a port for additional memory and the Fuse has really spoiled me with that. So I rolled the dice and took my chances. It got here in record time and while I've only had it since yesterday, I've got to say I think this Fuse works better than my old one did when it was new. I am very pleased and oh MAN does it feel good to be able to listen to music on my breaks at work again. I was getting pretty irritable not having that option. It has left me unable to do any writing at work. I find I really need to get between my headphones in order to be able to achieve the focus necessary for writing. It has been difficult to resist the urge to just put my headphones on and leave them there.

Having learned my lesson I ordered a carrying case for this player. It hasn't arrived yet but I am being extra careful in the meantime and not carrying it on my person at work. I don't normally get excited over Amazon sellers. Most of the time I barely even look at their name, I just order the product and forget about them, but I am really pleased with the fast service and getting such an (apparently) good deal. The control wheel is pretty scratched up but it the actual functionality of the player seems sound in all respects. My old player was blue, this one is red. So when it lights up it looks like a bad guy from TRON instead of a good guy from TRON but that is okay. Also, the red coloring is appropriate given that it is a Sansa :)

My mom won big at the casino yesterday so today my parents treated themselves to two new flat screen TV's. I feel they've earned it, especially since my mother recently lost about two thirds of the money in her work profit sharing. It was money she had been planning to put toward new TV's after the first of the year once she was sure it wouldn't be needed to pay taxes. But it all got taken away from her. I told her that she is the 99%. She wasn't aware of the Occupy Wall Street situation so I got to tell her about it and we had a nice little discussion on economics in this country. Anyway, I am glad some serendipity happened for my parents. She won almost exactly the amount of money as she lost out of her profit sharing and they were able to get what they've been wanting after all. Of course it makes me very wistful because I still want a second bass and a second six-string even though I no longer have a band to play with, but with moving money will be extremely tight for a while. Still, we need goals to work for and seeing other people get the things they want is good motivation to go after the things you want a little harder.

Speaking of, I have work to do. I hope everyone had a good weekend.
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Dear Facebook friends list,

Shut the hell up about Dr. Who already! Yes, it is a great show but it is not TEN DIFFERENT STATUS UPDATES A DAY from TEN DIFFERENT PEOPLE worth of great. I have been enjoying gradually working my into the new series but you all are killing my desire to ever watch it again.

Furthermore, I don't know who "River" is that you all keep yammering about but if she can't kill you with her brain I'm not interested.
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I forgot to mention in my last entry that my mom decided to treat us all (her, my dad, my wife, and I,) to cell phone upgrades since we're all on the same plan and Verizon was having a sale. The sale was only on the LG Chocolate model so that's what I got. The slide-open style and touch-sensitive "buttons" take a lot of getting used to. (I've previously only used flip-open phones with push buttons.) But anything is better than the Razr I've had for the last two years. Razrs are nothing but trouble and even the guy at the Verizon store said they've had nothing but problems with them. Anyway, yeah, LG Chocolate is very high tech and all the moving parts make me afraid it's going to transform into a Decepticon head on spider legs. My Razr was on its last robot spider leg and this new one was free for me so I am actually very thankful.

Thoughts on the premier of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles )
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Did anybody catch tonight's episode of House? I always wondered what happened to Lance Guest after his one starring turn in the The Last Starfighter. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Yer too young. Whippersnapper!) Well, tonight there he was on House playing Michelle Trachtenberg's dad. He has become portly and middle aged and left me feeling old. *sigh* Lance Guest never writes, he never calls, and then he comes back after twenty years and just EXPECTS things to be exactly as they were! Well here's your answer, Lance!


Well. That takes care of that. Now that I have no power and no life support I guess I'll just, er... drift out here in space for a little while. Yeah. That's what I'll do. And think about the less heartbreaking aspects of tonight's episode. Namely Michelle Trachtenberg in a hospital gown. Granted, the prosthetic heart surgery scar was a turn-off, but still, Michelle Trachtenberg. In a hospital...gown...urr...running...out... of air!


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