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I've been wanting to update for weeks now. So much has happened. Finally, it's just reached the point where I need to tell folks what's going on.

Back in September I was involved in a serious car accident. Due to bad weather I got into a serious wreck on the highway. Thankfully no one was hurt, but it has left me with serious legal fees that are due in a matter of days. I simply cannot pay these and my other bills unless I get help. So I have created a GoFundMe page to ask for donations and help cover costs. Those who donate can select a reward level and receive an original piece of poetry, fiction, or artwork from me in exchange for the assistance.

Despite the fact that I'm offering something for peoples' money, it still feels like I am begging. But I don't know what else to do. I simply need the help too much. If you are interested, or can pass it along to someone who is, here is the link to my page below:

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My last entry was over a month ago. Oy. I apologize for its cryptic, hostile tone. What precipitated it was a run-in with my ex-bandmates: the ones who kicked me out of their band because they found out I was planning to vote for Obama in this year's election. They picked September 11th to start harassing me, spamming my Facebook with their mindless rage and incoherent conspiracy theory ranting about September 11th, and Obama, and a whole bunch of other ugly crap. It left me pretty pissed off and I guess in not much of a talkative mood. On the upside, it gave me the opportunity to confront them over snubbing me at the Iced Earth concert earlier this year. Like the cowards they are, they tried to deny it. Anyway, they're blocked and hopefully out of my life for good.

Over the last several weeks I have worked incredibly hard, both at my day job in the pharmacy and with freelance work when I got home. The result of it was that I was able to purchase something I have been trying to purchase for several years now:

If you're on Facebook you've already seen it, but this is my new B.C. Rich Beast guitar. It replaces the Beast I foolishly and rashly sold several years ago, and which I have regretted selling ever since. This model isn't made anymore so it's meant years of combing E-bay for just the right one to appear at just the right price. It finally did and I couldn't be happier. I need two guitars so I can easily write songs in different tunings so this isn't just a toy. It actually gets me one step closer to fulfilling my musical ambitions. I feel like they are actually happening now and that's a tremendous feeling. Even with all the work I've done, purchasing this instrument actually crunched us up quite a bit financially, but in the long run I think it will have been worth it.

My wife has also started a new job during the time I've been away from LJ, and it stands to be a really good one. Keep us on your thoughts and prayers, that the positive career developments that have befallen both of us this past week will lead us closer to the big things we are both planning for our future.

There's actually a great deal more I could say about this past month, but I think I've touched on the key things enough. To anyone who's still left out there in LJ-land, I have not forgotten you.
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Hello. Today I'm posting on behalf of [livejournal.com profile] arphaxaad who, like so many of us disappeared the way of Facebook long ago. But with his permission I am reposting an e-mail he sent to me. He is having some very urgent financial problems and is in need of some help. But instead of donations you will be buying something for your money.

He describes his situation here. )

He is a wonderful person whose baked goods are the stuff of legend. Order some and you won't be disappointed. I'm still deeply grateful to all the people who helped me when I was in dire money straits last year and in helping my friend out I feel like maybe I'm giving something back. I know I'll certainly be placing an order in the next few days. Thanks for reading. Help if you can.


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