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I just spent twenty minutes typing a huge entry about how awesome my 4th of July weekend was. It got fucking eaten. There are disadvantages, it seems to this more intimate form of blogging. Well I will try again, shorter this time, I guess.

-My 4th of July started on Thursday because my bass amplifier died last week and I needed to replace it. I finally found a good Peavey bass amp and was preparing to take a $350 hit to the wallet. Instead I walked into Guitar Center where it turned out they were having a 4th of July sale. I got the thing for $100 off. It was a great way to start the weekend.

-Friday night was the cast party for my theatre troupe. We just completed our big summer show. It was hard to get going again this year because we had taken a year off, but the show came together and our audience were thrilled to see us back. We ate lots of delicious grilled meat, made plans for next year, and began feeling strong as a troupe again.

-Saturday was the 4th. Angie and I had many plans but due to general lethargy overcoming us both, we only fulfilled about half of them. We ate BBQ, shopped at Ikea like delighted 5 year-olds, and took a very long, very happy nap. No fireworks, but none were needed.

-Today, Sunday, culminated in taking my parents out for supper at a local down-home country restaurant. We had a good time and Angie is really becoming one of the family. It was also a good day for me creatively. I got good work done on a Pathfinder (D&D) game that I'm writing, played guitar and bass for a good, long time, and learned to play an Amon Amarth song.

-My 4th of July was so good it took four whole days. I had a great time on a holiday where I usually wind up lonely, depressed, and not knowing what to do with myself. Instead I made incredible memories and had joyful experiences. I owe it all to the company I keep.
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I posted a huge entry about my birthday and it disappeared. I posted a pissed off short version and it didn't cross post. So this is the last fucking try.

I turned 37.

My aunt died on the same day.

My wife and my friends threw me a great party in spite of the loss.

I am happy and think my life will be better this year.

Fuck blogging. No one cares anyway.
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My last entry was over a month ago. Oy. I apologize for its cryptic, hostile tone. What precipitated it was a run-in with my ex-bandmates: the ones who kicked me out of their band because they found out I was planning to vote for Obama in this year's election. They picked September 11th to start harassing me, spamming my Facebook with their mindless rage and incoherent conspiracy theory ranting about September 11th, and Obama, and a whole bunch of other ugly crap. It left me pretty pissed off and I guess in not much of a talkative mood. On the upside, it gave me the opportunity to confront them over snubbing me at the Iced Earth concert earlier this year. Like the cowards they are, they tried to deny it. Anyway, they're blocked and hopefully out of my life for good.

Over the last several weeks I have worked incredibly hard, both at my day job in the pharmacy and with freelance work when I got home. The result of it was that I was able to purchase something I have been trying to purchase for several years now:

If you're on Facebook you've already seen it, but this is my new B.C. Rich Beast guitar. It replaces the Beast I foolishly and rashly sold several years ago, and which I have regretted selling ever since. This model isn't made anymore so it's meant years of combing E-bay for just the right one to appear at just the right price. It finally did and I couldn't be happier. I need two guitars so I can easily write songs in different tunings so this isn't just a toy. It actually gets me one step closer to fulfilling my musical ambitions. I feel like they are actually happening now and that's a tremendous feeling. Even with all the work I've done, purchasing this instrument actually crunched us up quite a bit financially, but in the long run I think it will have been worth it.

My wife has also started a new job during the time I've been away from LJ, and it stands to be a really good one. Keep us on your thoughts and prayers, that the positive career developments that have befallen both of us this past week will lead us closer to the big things we are both planning for our future.

There's actually a great deal more I could say about this past month, but I think I've touched on the key things enough. To anyone who's still left out there in LJ-land, I have not forgotten you.
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My parents finally have a sump pump installed in their basement, replacing the old gravity drain that was the source of so much trouble. I haven't been over there to look but apparently the plumber crews (who have been over there for days on end,) had to jackhammer up a bunch of the concrete. Hopefully the pump will help my folks rest easier and avoid any future floods until they can finally get out of there.

Last night I went with [livejournal.com profile] megiloth and [livejournal.com profile] thanis_bloodsto to see Anthrax, Testament, and Death Angel at the Midland theatre. These are three of the royalty of thrash metal and believe it or not, I had never seen any of them live until tonight. They each did a hell of a job. I was expecting Anthrax to be fun but just okay since they had one album a absolutely loved and several that were just alright to me, and I haven't really gotten into their newer stuff. To my surprise they really put on an amazing show! This was in spite of their guitarist Scott Ian being out due to a sudden illness. Fortunately, all the guitarists from the other two bands took turns filling his spot, each one playing about 3 songs each. Joey Belladonna (Anthrax's singer) kept apologizing for the situation but it really created a fun atmosphere with all the bands helping out.

Of the three acts Testament was definitely the LOUDEST. They are one act where you know for sure you have just seen a METAL band. They were the one I most wanted to see and they did not disappoint.

Working backwards, that brings me to Death Angel. They are an extremely hard-working band, touring constantly, and been around just as long as the other two, yet they've never managed to work their way up to main event status. I cannot figure out why because they deliver tight, intricate songs that are as brutal as they are beautiful. They've been through KC several times this year and missed them each time until now and I am really regretting it.

The disappointing aspect of the concert for me was that each band had at least two songs I really wanted to hear live and NONE of them played ANY of them! They all somehow managed to play every other big song the had except the ones I most wanted. I expect that from a band every now and then. But three in a row? Come on.

Good show overall and also it was at the Midland Theatre which as I always love to point out was built at the end of the 19th century and as a result is filled with statues and gold paint and motherfucking carved gods and angels and shit. Perfect place to hold a metal show. Every metal show needs to be in a place like that.

Next concert will be Children of Bodom/Eluviete a week from Monday and it will be at the much more austere setting of the Granada in Lawrence KS. Not as pretty as the Midland but I'll manage.
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I must have been very tired from [livejournal.com profile] zombiecowboy's birthday party on Saturday night. Sunday night after watching Juon part 1 and about 15 minutes of part 2 I found myself nodding off and went to bed at the very early hour of 11:30. I had strange, vivid dreams. None strange or vivid enough to merit a dream journal post, but a colorful succession just the same. In one I dreamed I was a teenager, or at least among other teenagers whom I was addressing as a peer. There was a tornado, but I don't remember what the outcome of that ultimately was. I dreamt about World of Warcraft too. The rest is a blur now but it was a lot of intense dreaming. I was awakened by the mailman knocking on the door to deliver the Dunlop strap locks for my new bass. Got those installed before work and felt pretty good about the day.

About a third of the way into my shift started getting texts from my mother that their basement was flooding. This has happened before thanks to a miserly landlord who won't repair the gravity drain in the basement floor. It's been bad before but never like this. Four inches of water, the entire basement filled with it. Many of my parents' possessions from their entire life are ruined and so were a few precious ones of mine. Namely the first guitar I ever bought. I don't play it anymore because my others are better but it has great sentimental value. I mowed lawns for two years to save up to buy that thing. It's the product of a labor born of sweat and determination and I have saved it as a reminder of my musical dreams.

It was lying on the floor completely submerged. I am sure the electronics are completely shot but I will let it dry out and see. I should have just brought it with me when I moved. I've nearly taken it with me several times I've been back over there but each time I didn't want to deal with lugging it and just figured I'd get it another time.

I could kick myself now.

My parents have renters insurance. We will be reimbursed for everything, hopefully. They are feeling quite wretched and I feel so bad for them. Someone had arrived to suction the water out as I left tonight. All that sleeping last night and now I am so tired.
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I keep really wanting to post LJ entries but find myself without the energy to do so after a long day's work. Of course that is frustrating because busy days are when the most stuff worth blogging about happens.

M. and I are gradually getting moved into the new house. We still have an overwhelming amount of work to do there but I'm hoping this week to take a big bite out of it. We really don't have that much to move: there's a lot of big heavy stuff that it would just be cheaper and easier to replace than to move so we're leaving it here. But cleaning up the house really will be a chore. Part of me looks forward to the task but mostly I look forward to having it finished.

I had to replace my mp3 player because the one I had got crushed somehow. In hindsight, carrying it in my pocket at work was about the stupidest thing I could have done. I wound up buying a another Sansa Fuse, this time a used one off of Amazon. I was reluctant to buy a used mp3 player but all the new ones in my price range lacked a port for additional memory and the Fuse has really spoiled me with that. So I rolled the dice and took my chances. It got here in record time and while I've only had it since yesterday, I've got to say I think this Fuse works better than my old one did when it was new. I am very pleased and oh MAN does it feel good to be able to listen to music on my breaks at work again. I was getting pretty irritable not having that option. It has left me unable to do any writing at work. I find I really need to get between my headphones in order to be able to achieve the focus necessary for writing. It has been difficult to resist the urge to just put my headphones on and leave them there.

Having learned my lesson I ordered a carrying case for this player. It hasn't arrived yet but I am being extra careful in the meantime and not carrying it on my person at work. I don't normally get excited over Amazon sellers. Most of the time I barely even look at their name, I just order the product and forget about them, but I am really pleased with the fast service and getting such an (apparently) good deal. The control wheel is pretty scratched up but it the actual functionality of the player seems sound in all respects. My old player was blue, this one is red. So when it lights up it looks like a bad guy from TRON instead of a good guy from TRON but that is okay. Also, the red coloring is appropriate given that it is a Sansa :)

My mom won big at the casino yesterday so today my parents treated themselves to two new flat screen TV's. I feel they've earned it, especially since my mother recently lost about two thirds of the money in her work profit sharing. It was money she had been planning to put toward new TV's after the first of the year once she was sure it wouldn't be needed to pay taxes. But it all got taken away from her. I told her that she is the 99%. She wasn't aware of the Occupy Wall Street situation so I got to tell her about it and we had a nice little discussion on economics in this country. Anyway, I am glad some serendipity happened for my parents. She won almost exactly the amount of money as she lost out of her profit sharing and they were able to get what they've been wanting after all. Of course it makes me very wistful because I still want a second bass and a second six-string even though I no longer have a band to play with, but with moving money will be extremely tight for a while. Still, we need goals to work for and seeing other people get the things they want is good motivation to go after the things you want a little harder.

Speaking of, I have work to do. I hope everyone had a good weekend.


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