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As a dear friend was talking about her period woes today, something occurred to me. We have all sorts of euphemisms for performing bodily functions and excusing ourselves to do the same. Everyone knows what is meant if a gentleman states he has to "drop some kids off at the pool" or "go drain the pickle." I realized, however, that women do not seem to enjoy the same plethora of descriptive terms for heading to the bathroom to deal with nature's monthly blessing of womanhood. So my friend and I started to come up with some appropriate terms with which to excuse yourself when heading to the ladies' room to change out your feminine product of choice.

-I'll be right back. Got to go and flush a shipment to Dracula's lair.

-Please excuse me, I've got to go fill the tub for Countess Bathory.

-Be right back! I'm sending this month's baby out in shipments!

-Back in a few! Gotta go strip the paint off the walls of the nursery!

-Time to go and uncork a bottle of pussy shiraz!

-Well, looks like a gotta go and take some blood-and-cotton casserole to the porcelain potluck!

And so on. You're welcome.


Dec. 13th, 2007 10:19 am
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Today has got me feeling very dark, grumpy, and angry for some reason. I just want to growl at everyone who comes near me and go curl up in a dark hole and tell everyone to leave me alone. Must be the weather. 
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Man I miss updating every day. Spending ten hours a day at Void Circle Pharmacy will do that to you. I could tell you many stories about all the stupid crap people return and how amazed I am at the tiny amounts of money which people think are worth getting upset about. But I think you all know. You've all been out there enough to see and understand.

The longer I work at Void Circle Pharmacy, the more I come to understand that my manager is not a bright man. Or if he is, his inexperience subsumes it. Both the senior assistant managers do much eyerolling at the zillion inconvieniences he leaves them to deal with each day and at the woeful lack of preparation which he has given me. His crowning achievement for me personally, however, was COMPLETELY changing my schedule for this week and not even calling me to let me know. This schedule has been up for three weeks, I might add. I found out the reason why he did it at least, and they are long and boring. And it was a legitimate, understandable reason, I'll grant that. But a freaking courtesy call would have been nice. And no, I haven't gotten to address this with him face to face because he hasn't been there the last two days and won't be there again until Monday.

There are nice things about my new life, though. My first paycheck was decent indeed. My nights are spent enjoying Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and sleeping peacefully next to the woman I love. I get to sit in my cozy living room with warm cats dozing in my lap and read my books. It's all very domestic and nice. Right now I'm eating some rice and watching Season 2 of LOST. It all may not be the most fun at a job I've ever had, but it does have its perks.
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I know I keep saying this, but damn I'm tired. I can't wait for this week to be over. I really should have planned this better. Our refrigerator is bare and I don't have time to go grocery shopping until Sunday.

I wanted to get to bed early today, but instead spent the morning wrestling angrily with the computer. For some reason I can't understand, my Norton Anti Virus program decided to explode last night and I keep getting a message which says to uninstall it and reinstall it. But when I do so via add/remove programs and then reinstall, I get the same set of problems. I guess the program must be completely and hopelessly corrupted somehow. The company's website says to uninstall it their way using a special process, but when I do I can't because it requires installing something called an ActiveX control on my computer, which Windows screams at me when I try to do. If I knew what it was or why I shouldn't install it that would help. Anyway, so now I'm stuck with security software I can't get rid of and can't re-install. And running without virus software isn't an option, as I'm sure everyone knows.

On the bright side, Mel further proved her love for me today by driving very far through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered to pick up my copy of Exalted 2nd Edition from the game store while I slept. Now I have anime roleplay goodness to keep me company on the long cold nights.

As much as I bitch about not getting rest, it looks like I might be setting myself up for it all over again. My director told me about a paying gig which is holding auditions early next week. I don't know many of the particulars save that it's an original play and the playwright will be involved in the production. It's only got a cast of two men and one woman, so the odds are slim I'd get cast, but I may as well try. Paid gigs are theoretically what I'm supposed to be doing with my life and education anyway. I'll know more once he e-mails me the information.


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