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A little over a week ago, M. and I took our first ever vacation together. We did so by not leaving our city and by having people visit us. "Staycation" really is a deceptive word though, sort of implying that you're sitting at home doing nothing. Instead, we felt like we had traveled to a faraway place and come back pleasantly worn out.

I actually started the vacation a day early and finished it a day late by going to a pair of concerts. The first one was Fear Factory/Hate Eternal/Kobra and the Lotus and the second one was Suffocation/Exhumed/Jungle Rot/Rings of Saturn/Adimirion the concerts deserve their own post but for now I'll just say they were epic and amazing, even if they both took place at a Kansas City bar that I love to hate.

Our vacation centered around our friends Katrina and Jason coming from Oregon to stay with us for several days. During their stay we introduced them to our favorite forms of local cuisine, and took them to the "must see" sights of Kansas City: Union Station, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, City Market, and the Kansas City Zoo. These are places that we actually don't ever go to because we're too busy living here, so for us it was an exploration of our own home and a chance to view it through the eyes of friends.

Katrina and Jason have been our online friends for many years but this was the first chance for all of us to meet in person. We all got along with each other very well and it seemed really natural just having us all together. On Saturday we were joined by another out-of-town friend, Pearl from Oklahoma. It was our first time meeting her face-to-face as well and Pearl fit in seamlessly with our group. On Saturday night we threw a party which several other friends showed up for. Having bought tons of fresh produce at City Market, Katrina barbecued them along with a variety of meats, and we all had a good time eating, drinking, watching funny Youtube videos, and going on tours of our haunted basement. Pearl stayed the night with us and on Sunday the five of us hit the zoo.

I can never get over how vast the Kansas City Zoo is and we were all dog tired by the end of it. I got a pretty impressive sunburn on my balding head. Pearl left for home and we had planned on having other guests that evening, but one by one they bailed so we cancelled Sunday night's gathering. This turned out o be good because I laid down intending to take an hour's nap, only to pass out until 2am.

By Monday it was time for our friends to return home. We bid them farewell at the airport and M. and I came home where I grilled some more meat and veggies before heading off to that night's Suffocation concert. We both agreed at the end of our vacation that it had felt like we had gone away and come back, so many new and interesting things had happened. It was a great time and we can't wait to return the favor and visit our friends in Oregon.

The only bad part was that I got sick halfway through and have been sick ever since. The cold and sore throat didn't really slow me down during the vacation itself, but in the last few days it's developed into a vicious cough and persistent runny nose. Yuck. Needless to say, this hasn't made my reacclimating to work any easier. But I do feel better for the time away and am getting back to life with a renewed sense of motivation and purpose.

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My vacation is over. Today I go back to work. I must say I am not thrilled but hopefully it has bought me some time and I can work for a while longer while I start searching for a new job.

As you know, this week began with me getting catastrophically, epically sick. This ruined my camping at Lilies War plans but perhaps it is for the best since I really couldn't afford to camp anyway. I had actually been stressing a great deal about camping and how I was going to pay for it for a long time. I think all that stress combined with working very hard finally got to be too much for me and my body just gave out. In the 72 hours from Saturday through Monday I think I slept for about 60 of it. I'm not kidding.

Monday was the troupe's Hamlet show at Lilies War and as I think I said earlier, it went really well. By Tuesday I was fully recovered so I drove up again for dinner and rehearsal with the cast. Wednesday was the adult show and it was an amazing success for the cast and a delight for the audience. I am happy to report that the sketch I wrote and directed got riotous laughs and applause. My case made me very proud.

The best was yet to come, however. Thursday I rode with M. to a job interview that led to her being hired on the spot at what's going to be a really nice massage clinic that pays well and is run by a pair of warm, sincere, and quite visionary people. Their suite is still being renovated and the interview literally took place in a construction site. She won't start work until late July but she has the job and that's going to make a great difference for us, I think. We celebrated with some good food and by seeing The Avengers for a second time.

We've mostly just relaxed for the past two days. I've worked a lot on music, played some WoW, and just hung out for the rest of my vacation. It's been nice and, I suppose, just what I've needed. Now I need to get back to my usual pace. I vowed I would get a new job after Lilies ended. It's time to make good on that promise.
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Vacation has ended. Arrived back home just a few hours ago. Drove from sunshine in the South to snow here at home. But still good to be here just the same.
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I got back in safely. My trip was relaxing and uneventful, just laying around, reading, eating good food, and occasionally jaunting into Mobile to bum around.

While down there we stopped in a book store and I found a couple of Dresden Files novels, including the first one, in a "buy two get one free bin." So I am now a reader of The Dresden Files. So far it is as enjoyable as everyone says it is. I hope you are all happy now.

Anyway, back to life here in KC.


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