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I have been putting off saying this on here for quite some time, but it's long overdue by at least a year now. My marriage has ended. It feels weird saying that here on Livejournal because Livejournal is where that marriage began. We met via this site, dated for nearly a year through it, and then moved in together. My use of this site petered out live everyone's has and in the interim, things happened that made our marriage impossible to maintain. The divorce was finalized on June 25th. It took about fifteen minutes. Twenty-five if you count the time we spent waiting in line at the court clerk's window afterward. M and I remain friends and on good terms. Our relationship has changed, that's all. We are both in better places in our lives than we've been in forever and I am glad for that.

There's a lot more to this story... about 24 years' worth. I have, for the last year since the separation began, been seeing someone whom I go back a long way with. Actually, that's a bit of an understatement. Angie and I go clear back to my junior year of high school. We've been a constant presence in each other's lives all these years since and well... We finally saw what was obvious. We have had many incredible adventures in the time we've been dating and now that we are living together we are planning to have many more. I really don't have enough words to describe how incredible my life has become. Magic has come to it in all its glory. I am working very hard. We are working very hard, and things are off to a great beginning.

I have a lot to say. But it's hard to say it because it's easier just to feel it.
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These last couple of weeks have mostly consisted of managing our tax refund and putting it to use. This year M. and I got the biggest one we've ever had and I'm proud of the fact that we actually managed to use it almost entirely on things we planned on. We paid the property taxes on our cars and we were able to get our newest cat, Zinky Oreo Feet, her shots and get her spayed. We were also able to treat ourselves to a brand new 32" LCD television that we had been wanting for over a year now. That was a great feeling.

Unfortunately we couldn't do everything we wanted because crap got in the way. Late utilities needed paying and I had to unexpectedly fork over close to a hundred dollars to keep the garbage pickup service going. The waste disposal company around here is Deffenbaugh and I really hate them. They regularly miss our street so when the trash wasn't picked up one day I figured that was what had happened. No, it turns out they cut off our service because I hadn't paid them. The only reason I didn't pay them was because they never sent me a bill! Like every other complaint I've called them with, when I told them this they pretty much just blew it off. But of course since it's either them or nobody they don't have to provide good customer service.

Another unexpected expense hit last night when my computer monitor abruptly died altogether. I got the cheapest one I could and it's actually really nice: bigger and clearer than the one I had before. Still wish I hadn't had to spend that money. It prevents me from buying the thing I really wanted the most out of my refund, a new guitar. Or I should say a very specific kind of guitar that can only be found on the secondhand market these days. When I did get the refund money in hand, though, every single one that had been on the secondhand market up and disappeared. So I'm telling myself it was serendipity. I wasn't meant to buy it this time because I was going to need the money for other things. That eases the disappointment somewhat but the disappointment is still there.

Last but not least, today was a very big day. Today my wife graduated from massage therapy school. It's a big deal that she's done this and I am very, very proud of her. There was a really nice ceremony at the school followed by a party at one of her classmates' houses. I had not met anyone from her class before tonight and I'm really wishing I had because they are all really fun people. I felt like I fit in perfectly with all of them that I talked to and I almost never have that feeling at gatherings of this type. Everyone is really excited about being done and the career prospects it opens up. I have to admit the excitement is kind of contagious.

Back to work tomorrow but there's rehearsal in the evening to look forward to. So I leave my world of shiny new LCD screens behind and go to hopefully earn another good-sized refund for next year.
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I am writing this down here because writing something makes it more real. Hopefully by writing it down I will stick to it.

In June is Lilies War where my troupe and I will perform. I am waiting until then so I can use my hard-earned vacation time for that purpose. As soon as Lilies is over I am getting out of my current job. Obviously there is no future in it, but I am sick of the way I am treated there. Also, my only co-worker whom I consider a friend had to quit yesterday due to outside circumstances. I have been mulling this over for a few days but my friend leaving was confirmation that this is indeed the right thing to do.

I tend to stick around at jobs forever until something forces me to go. It's easier for me to stay in a job I dislike than it is to do the hard thing and find something better. But I'm not doing that anymore. So yeah, after I use my vacation the rest is just borrowed time. I don't know what I'll do yet but I feel great just setting a date on finding out what it is.
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Well the week hasn't gone anything like how I carefully planned. I went out to Lilies War on Monday, but there wasn't really enough time for anything except to turn around and come back. Plus changing out of my period garb into my work clothes was a time-consuming pain in the ass done in the cramped two-and-a-half foot wide space of a Walmart bathroom stall. Not fun.

I didn't go out yesterday and won't today either. I'm okay with that, just very upset and frustrated to be missing out on the rehearsals and partying that's going on in the evenings. I'll be going out there tomorrow for the first of our two shows and staying the night. Maybe then I can finally have some fun. I've given up on going to any classes. Nice idea but... maybe next year when I can actually be out there some. Trying to shoehorn everything into days where I have to work looked reasonable on paper but it just isn't when you're someone like me who doesn't move places very fast.

We've had plumbing problems here at the house. Today I helped me dad re-arrange the basement so the plumber can get in and re-do the drains for the kitchen and bathrooms. Found a book I've been looking for that I lent to my mom years ago and have been wanting to re-read... riddled with moisture and almost ruined. I've got it spread out face-down on the coffee table hoping it will dry out. Never lend out books unless you're okay with saying goodbye to them forever. There was a cheap used copy at Half-Priced Books. Hopefully it's still there in the event this one isn't salvageable.

At least the moving of the basement didn't take as long as I thought it would. I was dreading it would be an all-day thing. Right now I'm just relaxing. Woke up very tired despite sleeping later than I wanted. Had unpleasant dreams that I can't remember now, figure that might be part of the fatigue.
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It seems like I've never stopped moving all weekend long. I haven't checked LJ in days and don't have the fortitude to sift through the friends list. If I missed something important, please let me know.

Saturday I worked overtime and found myself in the midst of a managers' meeting for my company. They had it at my worksite, so I was on pins and needles for seven hours. Came home, furiously cleaned the apartment, ran my game, and promptly fell asleep minutes after everyone was out the door. Slept well into Sunday, then went and visited the kittens (who will be gaining the names Zoe and Zephyr, btw,) took many photos of them. Dean and Lesley displayed their love by filling us with their meat... leftover barbecue, that is. We whirlwinded off again and wound up gaming at [livejournal.com profile] duendegrrl and [livejournal.com profile] kakita_shisumo's place. Both game sessions this weekend saw the presence of [livejournal.com profile] cherith's floppy labrador puppy and I was flopped on muchly by him. Then I zoomed off to work, came home Monday morning and... went to a job interview.

Don't get excited. My former boss tried to get me on at the security company he works for now. They told him I'd keep my same pay, same benefits, and have my vacation time grandfathered over to them. Sound too good to be true? I thought so too but went along with it anyway. After some discussion with Mel we decided I was better off staying where I'm at so I can keep my benefits and continuing to hunt for something that pays better; something OUTSIDE this field I never planned on working in. We decided if she can get the position she wants with the library that I'm going back to school. Please pray that she gets it because I'm desperate for something to change in my life. I think I'm really ready to go back.

Last night met a couple of co-workers before my shift. They're two brothers who play guitar and wanted to look at the B.C. Rich Beast and Warlock bass I've been wanting to sell. One of them went ahead and bought the bass. The other wants a chance to play the Beast for a few minutes before he buys, which is a wise idea. We didn't have an amp when we met so I need to find a time to meet with him again.

Today had to drive to Liberty to take Mel her lunch. When I got back, I did the dishes. And now... here I am, finally relaxing. I'd love to sit and rest but I need to start job-looking again since the potential job change did not work out. Just thought I'd drop in to let everyone know I'm still alive.
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All you bitches getting to go see Harry Potter at midnight tonight shut the hell up. Some of us have to work for a living, you know.

Okay, I don't really call what I do "work." But I have to be there, I can't leave, and it means waiting on Harry Potter until Sunday.


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