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uberreiniger ([personal profile] uberreiniger) wrote2015-07-21 09:42 pm

A veritable forest of cocks.

Sometimes as a writer you get a single sentence stuck in your head and want to build an entire story around that sentence, much like a pearl is formed around a single grain of sand. Did you know Stephen King wrote his novel "The Dark Half" because he couldn't stop thinking the phrase "Firelies in a windstorm?" I wish I could say I've come up with anything half as sublime.

I think it must be time for me to start writing erotica again because I desperately want to do something with the phrase "enjoying a veritable forest of cocks." I wish I had an interesting story for how I came up with that. In fact, I don't have a story for it at all. Of course I suppose the entire story doesn't have to be erotic in nature. There are many places where it could be used.

"September 23rd (24th??): Fourteen days and my sister continues enjoying a veritable forest of cocks. I have not slept since the seventh day. Nor, I fear, shall I ever again."

"Dark times these were for the pious; for on any given night even the most stalwart of seminarians could be found in the salons and in the public bath houses enjoying a veritable forest of cocks..."

"'Something must be done!' the congresswoman cried. 'Even now our teenagers are spending all of their free time on the InterGoogles, enjoying a veritable forest of cocks!'"

And so on. Or I may never use it and it will just go on the shelf with my other ideas. But just in case it doesn't, know that this constitutes a copyright. No poaching my idea. I do not tolerate illegal logging in my veritable  forest of cocks!

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