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I just spent twenty minutes typing a huge entry about how awesome my 4th of July weekend was. It got fucking eaten. There are disadvantages, it seems to this more intimate form of blogging. Well I will try again, shorter this time, I guess.

-My 4th of July started on Thursday because my bass amplifier died last week and I needed to replace it. I finally found a good Peavey bass amp and was preparing to take a $350 hit to the wallet. Instead I walked into Guitar Center where it turned out they were having a 4th of July sale. I got the thing for $100 off. It was a great way to start the weekend.

-Friday night was the cast party for my theatre troupe. We just completed our big summer show. It was hard to get going again this year because we had taken a year off, but the show came together and our audience were thrilled to see us back. We ate lots of delicious grilled meat, made plans for next year, and began feeling strong as a troupe again.

-Saturday was the 4th. Angie and I had many plans but due to general lethargy overcoming us both, we only fulfilled about half of them. We ate BBQ, shopped at Ikea like delighted 5 year-olds, and took a very long, very happy nap. No fireworks, but none were needed.

-Today, Sunday, culminated in taking my parents out for supper at a local down-home country restaurant. We had a good time and Angie is really becoming one of the family. It was also a good day for me creatively. I got good work done on a Pathfinder (D&D) game that I'm writing, played guitar and bass for a good, long time, and learned to play an Amon Amarth song.

-My 4th of July was so good it took four whole days. I had a great time on a holiday where I usually wind up lonely, depressed, and not knowing what to do with myself. Instead I made incredible memories and had joyful experiences. I owe it all to the company I keep.


Jun. 7th, 2013 10:05 pm
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I've gone over a month without updating again. Sigh. I wanted to do a review of the concerts I went to during my vacation, but somehow I just can't make myself care about writing them up. I experienced them and they were amazing. That was enough for me. I will say that while Hate Eternal and Fear Factory were both exquisite missionaries of metal and completely ruled the stage in their glory, I found a dark horse favorite in the opening band, Kobra and The Lotus. It's rare that I hear a live band where I can understand every single lyric crystal clear, but Kobra Paige's big brassy voice cuts through the band and sends her message to the back of the house. I bought their CD at the show, talked to Paige for several minutes between sets, and even went and put their sticker on my laptop. (I'm a dork.) Beyond being good metal, their album really resonates with me. A couple of tracks really hit me in the gut in regard to how well they describe some personal situations I've gone through.

Lilies War has rolled around again. We're only performing one night this year which is easier on everybody, but it still turned out to be a stressful race to get everything ready the last few weeks. I had it relatively easy but other troupe members, not so much. This Sunday is our dress rehearsal and we go on stage Monday night. I'm looking forward to it, but will also be glad when I'm free to concentrate on other things after it's done.

My mother is also doing some theatre right now. She's starring in a community theatre production of On Golden Pond. I've helped her practice and she's really good. Will have to see her next weekend since I'm all tied up during this one, but I'm very proud of her and eager to see her act.

Yesterday M. and I went out to the Sea Life aquarium here in KC. It's something we've meant to do for ages. The place is smaller than we expected but it doesn't disappoint. Hundreds of specimens of animals both gorgeous and grotesque swim through its halls. We went through the whole thing twice and it didn't lose any of its impact. It was also the first day off we've had together in months and it was well-spent.

So yeah, Lilies this weekend and after that it's time to buckle down on music. I still want to cut my demo before the end of this year. Time to make it happen.

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My first week in training as a pharmacy tech left something to be desired. The gist of it is that all the things they needed to send me for (drug test, background check,) they didn't send me for. Although frankly I think it's some serious bullshit that I need a drug test or background check for a company that I already work for, but that's another conversation entirely. Anyway, they sent me for that and it didn't all come back until Thursday. The first four days of last week were me piddling around, doing whatever odd jobs I could find. Thursday the pharmacy manager finally said to hell with it and brought me into the pharmacy to learn the fill station. I feel like I got the hang of it pretty fast. It's fast-pace and exciting and keeps my mind stimulated. This is a good thing because when I'm bored at work my mind wanders, usually into places of depression and anger. The only way to avoid it at work is to stay constantly engaged.

This week my training modules should finally be ready and I can set to training for all the other areas of the pharmacy. It's all still quite new and scary but I feel up to the challenge overall.

A nice perk of all this is the new hours. It meant having Labor Day weekend off, which is something I've rarely gotten to enjoy in my working life. To be honest, I'm not sure I've ever had a three-day weekend on Labor Day while in the state of being gainfully employed. Saturday was mostly spent on the road. I drove down to Wichita, KS to take part in the troupe's performance at an SCA event, then drove back on the same night. Had a minor side adventure blundering into the 'hood in Wichita at night while trying to find a gas station. I eventually got gas at a place that was pretty much held together by duct tape and had enough bulletproof glass in front of the cashier to stop a mortar shell. But after that I got home safely. It was a great day spent with my friends in the troupe even if it was way too hot for my liking out there, especially after being in KC where it had been cool and rainy since Friday.

On Sunday M. and I discovered a great movie theatre only a few blocks from our house. Way cheaper than the one we've been going to, and about five minutes away instead of thirty. We ate lunch at a nearby Chinese buffet that had great sushi and crab legs, then went and saw The Apparition. It was pretty "meh" as far as horrof films go, but I enjoyed it. Plus Tom Felton is entertaining no matter what he does. That night we amused ourselves by solo'ing Karazhan in WoW.

I spent today finishing freelance work. M. thought she had to work but then didn't, so we got an extra day together, which was nice. We tried to finish the Karazhan run but got bogged down on the chess event. Phooey. I was neglectful of practicing this weekend but finally got caught up tonight. It amazes me how sloppy my playing becomes if I skip even just two days. My physical stamina for playing falls right down too. People don't understand how athletic music actually is.

I should already be in bed. If those modules are ready tomorrow I'm going to be falling asleep in them. But it was a good weekend and I figured if I didn't talk about it now I probably never would.
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My vacation is over. Today I go back to work. I must say I am not thrilled but hopefully it has bought me some time and I can work for a while longer while I start searching for a new job.

As you know, this week began with me getting catastrophically, epically sick. This ruined my camping at Lilies War plans but perhaps it is for the best since I really couldn't afford to camp anyway. I had actually been stressing a great deal about camping and how I was going to pay for it for a long time. I think all that stress combined with working very hard finally got to be too much for me and my body just gave out. In the 72 hours from Saturday through Monday I think I slept for about 60 of it. I'm not kidding.

Monday was the troupe's Hamlet show at Lilies War and as I think I said earlier, it went really well. By Tuesday I was fully recovered so I drove up again for dinner and rehearsal with the cast. Wednesday was the adult show and it was an amazing success for the cast and a delight for the audience. I am happy to report that the sketch I wrote and directed got riotous laughs and applause. My case made me very proud.

The best was yet to come, however. Thursday I rode with M. to a job interview that led to her being hired on the spot at what's going to be a really nice massage clinic that pays well and is run by a pair of warm, sincere, and quite visionary people. Their suite is still being renovated and the interview literally took place in a construction site. She won't start work until late July but she has the job and that's going to make a great difference for us, I think. We celebrated with some good food and by seeing The Avengers for a second time.

We've mostly just relaxed for the past two days. I've worked a lot on music, played some WoW, and just hung out for the rest of my vacation. It's been nice and, I suppose, just what I've needed. Now I need to get back to my usual pace. I vowed I would get a new job after Lilies ended. It's time to make good on that promise.
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My vacation has not turned out like I planned. Saturday I came down with a really nasty case of flu or something that I'm still fighting my way through. I have slept most of the last two days. Today I thought I was finally shaking it but that was not the case. Fortunately I did stay well long enough to drive up to Lilies War and participate in our troupe's production of Hamlet. Mind you, this is Hamlet as a comedy. We had the best turnout for a daytime show that I've seen us have yet and the audience absolutely loved it. It was more than worth the exertion.

Obviously I'm not camping out here. Three hours into the illness and I knew that was not going to happen. Maybe it's for the best since I couldn't really afford to do the camping thing this time anyway. I still want to but it won't be this year. Maybe some year.

We have the adult show, which includes the scene I'm directing, on Wednesday night. Best I can do is hope I'll be recovered by then.
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The troupe is under a great deal of stress; more than I've seen since I joined it three years ago. That sounds more ominous than I mean for it to. There's just a lot of things to be done this year and many of them are coming down to the last minute. I feel the stress very much myself. This week I need to take out the tent that was given to me, make sure it has everything it needs. I also need to get together groceries and supplies for a week of camping as cheaply as possible.

I'll feel great once I'm out there, but for now this week just feels like a hassle to be endured and suffered through. I'm also completely broke until Thursday, adding to the stress.

I'm using music as my stress reliever. I feel like I sound like shit when I play, but I feel good when I do it, like I'm creating something. That's an important feeling and a necessary one. We're painting the room I use as my music studio so all my gear has been moved to the stair landing. Surprisingly, I'm actually finding this a somewhat better practice space acoustically and ergonomically. Still, it's a landing and I don't intend to be there forever.

Stress has crept into my little musical world too though. My drummer was unable to buy a new drum set like he'd planned. So this kind of puts us back at square one. I guess for now I just keep doing what I'm doing which is writing song. By the time I've got enough for a band to rehearse with hopefully a solution will have presented itself.

The theatre troupe's shows at Lilies are going to be great this year. This has turned into all I do theatrically anymore but I've also found it's really all I need. In a way it's also all I can manage. I'm fulfilling the urge with fellow performers whom are incredibly talented and whom I really like as people and it's just enough to keep me from getting burnt out which happened frequently when I was trying to act "full time." I could never have made acting a career, I realize now. But I'm happy for the role it's played in my life and very grateful for the place in my life it has found.
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I haven't had time to properly read LJ, let alone update it. The last several days were spent frantically trying to finish a freelancing project that I overcommitted myself on. It was brutal and exhausting but I managed to get it in on deadline. And I definitely learned a lesson about what I can and can't do and the time it takes me to do or not do it in.

Monday we took a break from it to go down to Dean and Lesley's to work on costuming for Lilies War and our troupe's performance there. Lesley fitted M. for a kyton (Greek garment) while I assembled a prop codpiece out of a pool noodle, chicken and peacock feathers, ribbon, and various glittery fabrics and sequins. I think it will definitely get a laugh out of the audience. Whether it will be the hilarious laughter or the awkward, frightened kind remains to be seen. After the crafting was done Dean grilled chicken kabobs for everyone. I think our friends spoil us.

I was proved right when [livejournal.com profile] stitchedsutures and her boyfriend took us out to eat and drink on Tuesday. They were in town for a vacation and since we only get to see them once a year they treated us grandly by grandly treating us. They bought us dinner and then bought us beers at a nearby bar. None of us had actually been in this bar before and it was virtually empty for a Tuesday night save for the bartender and her brother who as it turned out were both metalheads. Said bar also happened to have an awesome digital jukebox with a huge amount of metal on it. We played pool (badly), enjoyed good music and good conversation and just generally had a good time.

I feel like there's more but I'm up way too late for needing to work in the morning. Have fun LJ land, whatever's left of you.
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Typing this before going to bed at the end of my two days off. I actually did everything I set out to do during these two days which is something I can't say very often. On both days I have managed to write for my freelance contract, get some musical composition work done, and do a little bit of work on the house. Despite doing everything I set out to do I still feel like I could have done more. Maybe that's just the feeling that comes with being on a bit of a roll. Who knows.

I even had enough time to do some WoW playing which I haven't done in a while and to do some reading. I guess it feels like it was a long couple of days. Oh, also had rehearsal where we did the blocking for the scene I'm directing. That was easier than you might think. I have such a wonderful group of actors and they don't require that much direction. Most of the time their instincts on where to go were exactly the blocking that I had in mind. I am really proud and am so excited to see this performance happen in a few weeks.

The past two evenings were spent watching a lot of horror movies. I'll try to post mini-reviews of them. For now though I should be getting to bed.
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Here the wisdom of one who works in a retail hardware department and know it for truth. If you drive by a house and see that they've stained their wooden deck know that the person who lives there is an asshole. I have never had a person ask me about deck stain and be anything less than a complete prick. If you don't know the answer to a question they will take it as a personal insult. If you do know the answer to a question they will explain to you why you are wrong while acting like your being wrong is a personal insult. And making you wonder why they asked anyway if they apparently knew so much more. They will also not believe anything you tell them about how much you have in stock of a stain or the colors you have available. I never have this problem with anyone asking for any other kind of product.

I got to go to Lilies War for two days and it made up for every day I could not go. Such an amazing time was had with my friends The Champagne Players and our performances completely dominated on both nights. And I am not ashamed to say I was a complete glutton. After two days of feasting on stuffed grape leaves, Swedish meatballs, spaghetti, and bacon-covered hot dogs I think I more than gained back all the weight I sweat off. For two days we lived like rock stars. We drank, we fought, we made our ancestors proud. Next year I have to find a way to get out there more. All these last two years of sampling the delicious has only increased my hunger. This food talk doing anything for ya?

Work early in the morning. Yeah. I'm already ready for next year to be here so I can get away from it all.
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Well the week hasn't gone anything like how I carefully planned. I went out to Lilies War on Monday, but there wasn't really enough time for anything except to turn around and come back. Plus changing out of my period garb into my work clothes was a time-consuming pain in the ass done in the cramped two-and-a-half foot wide space of a Walmart bathroom stall. Not fun.

I didn't go out yesterday and won't today either. I'm okay with that, just very upset and frustrated to be missing out on the rehearsals and partying that's going on in the evenings. I'll be going out there tomorrow for the first of our two shows and staying the night. Maybe then I can finally have some fun. I've given up on going to any classes. Nice idea but... maybe next year when I can actually be out there some. Trying to shoehorn everything into days where I have to work looked reasonable on paper but it just isn't when you're someone like me who doesn't move places very fast.

We've had plumbing problems here at the house. Today I helped me dad re-arrange the basement so the plumber can get in and re-do the drains for the kitchen and bathrooms. Found a book I've been looking for that I lent to my mom years ago and have been wanting to re-read... riddled with moisture and almost ruined. I've got it spread out face-down on the coffee table hoping it will dry out. Never lend out books unless you're okay with saying goodbye to them forever. There was a cheap used copy at Half-Priced Books. Hopefully it's still there in the event this one isn't salvageable.

At least the moving of the basement didn't take as long as I thought it would. I was dreading it would be an all-day thing. Right now I'm just relaxing. Woke up very tired despite sleeping later than I wanted. Had unpleasant dreams that I can't remember now, figure that might be part of the fatigue.
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Or, since I'm here, I may as well make an actual update.

These past two weeks have been stressful. Not enough time to do what I want. Writing has suffered. Progress on Seasons in the Abyss has slowed. I'm not in danger of abandoning the story as I have in the past but the pacing issues feel like they're getting worse. I am going to need to trim a hell of a lot of fat off this beast before I can turn in a final draft. Apocalypse Woman was long for an erotica novel at 350+ pages and SItA is shaping up to exceed that and I don't really want it to.

However I did manage to finally fix my registry error-riddled computer all by myself. Got Windows re-installed, got drivers updated. It took a couple of days but I am now surfing the web in a degree of luxury I have long since forgotten. Once the software problems were fixed, however, I discovered a hardware problem. Somewhere in the last few weeks my CPU fan died. I've ordered and received the new one but I'm not confidant I can replace it myself so I'm waiting for the techie kid who keeps my family's comps up and running to get some free time to come help me. It's always something. He urged me to order just the new fan from the manufacturer for $4 but... the manufacturer is in Hong Kong, their website is in Engrish, the shipping address fields they provide don't let you put your address in in the manner American addresses are usually written, and the part isn't even in stock anyway. So I bit the bullet and spent $25 I couldn't really afford to get the whole assembly off of Amazon. Better to pay a few extra dollars to make sure you actually get the thing. I just want to get the thing installed so this whole saga of computer repair will be over for a while.

This week is Lilies' War and the performance of the comedy skits we've been laboring on for the last few months. It sucks because I work every night this week except for the performance dates. My friends are already out there having fun and I'm stuck at home dealing with plumbing problems and general B.S. I'm going to try and make it out there during the daytime the next few days just so I won't feel like I'm missing out. And since I've got to pay the same heavy parking fee whether I'm there two days or ten, I may as well take advantage of it. I've got some classes lined out that I want to take over the course of the week. If I manage to make it to half of them I will be very proud of myself.

I'm planning to head out there tomorrow morning. I really could use a day away from the house. Expect lots of grumpy facebook updates from me if I don't make it :)
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I have returned from adventure in the woods with The Champagne Players. I am proud to say that the whole thing went better than I could have hoped or imagined.

Our performance this weekend was at an SCA event called St. George and the Dragon. I arranged to carpool with Tess, one of our actors, and she picked me up Saturday afternoon. Getting to the secluded campground outside of Springfield, MO turned out to be an adventure in itself. Cell reception was bad out there and the directions we received via cell phone were not clear, Lesley's phone cutting out as a crucial part of the directions were conveyed. After going literally a hundred miles out of our way we got back on track, only to find ourselves at the blocked road we had been attempting to avoid all along. Fortunately, Tess is a hell of a wheelwoman and took a twisting, nailbiting, backwoods dirt road with a confidence and speed that many would never approach.

Side note: this incredibly twisted, on-the-verge-of-reverting-completely-to-wilderness dirt road was regularly marked by armadillo carcasses in the midst of being devoured by vultures. Creepy. This road clearly gets no traffic, yet cars somehow came along at just the right time to kill not one but two armadillos. What are the odds?

Once ensconced in our camp site we had enough time for a breakneck dress rehearsal to iron out the bugs. The SCA folks had been drinking, dueling, and jousting all day and I figured they'd be tired. But no, they were ready to party and nearly the entire population of the campground showed up at our stage come performance time. Our show consisted of two comedy sketches, a burlesque dance, and an operatic solo by one of our very talented ladies. About a half hour of material but apparently just enough to rile up our rowdy audience and leave them wanting more. We got lots of feedback and friendly heckling from the crowd and it helped us take our performances to a level we just couldn't reach in rehearsals. Frankly, it was the most fun I've had on stage in years and possibly rekindled a passion for live theatre I haven't felt in far longer.

Once we were through with the show we were ready to party too. The women of the troupe put on their bellydance attire and migrated to one of the larger bonfires where they mesmerized us one and all. A few bards were present who, between the girls' dances, regaled the audiences with songs and comedy. With the dancing done we strolled through the campground, sampling excellent homebrewed beer and mead and socializing with people. I haven't let my hair down like that in a long time and I can't wait to do it again.

Sunday Tess and I got back with far less adventuring and after a quality dinner at 54th Street Grill with my beautiful wife, we reconvened with the Players for a rehearsal of the material we didn't perform. The rehearsal was almost as much fun as doing a show. I think after the stress and hustle of getting the performance in gear we were all ready to have some fun.

Today was back to work and reality but I'm still still floating on the weekend's vibe. Our next performance at Lilies War is still over a month away but I am SO ready. Last year it kind of felt like work even though I wound up having a blast. This time, however, I'm like a kid looking forward to Christmas. 
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This week is one of the busier ones I've had in a while. I'm working weird hours (what else is new?) yesterday and today which makes getting done what I need to get done rather difficult. My car is at the shop right now for an oil change and I'm hoping it will be ready by the time I go to work.

This weekend the acting troupe I'm a part of is putting on a mini-show at an SCA event in Springfield, MO so I'll be leaving for there tomorrow, camping overnight, and coming back Sunday morning. I don't ever have much success with camping but I'll give it another try. Have to buy some supplies today after work. Thankfully I work where they sell a lot of it. At least I'll be riding with one of our troupe members which is good because I was not looking forward to driving someplace I've never been to by myself.

After this weekend I'll get a little bit of a breather since we don't perform again until Lilies War in June. Next week I can get back to job hunting which is what I'd really like to focus on. I'm just not making enough where I am. Plus they're cutting everyone's hours so it's not going to get better any time soon.

Writing on Seasons in the Abyss continues its slow yet steady pace. I will be glad to be done with this novel. Not that I don't like it because I do. I'm consistently pleased with everything I'm doing in it and I think it's going to be a great read. But writing it just doesn't have the same "fun" factor that Apocalypse Woman had. It's definitely a different kind of novel despite being set in the same world and featuring Abryax as an important character.

I haven't felt much like working on music the last few days. Next week when I have less to think about I'd like to get back into it. I've practiced everything I've written enough that I'm in no danger of forgetting it, but my fingers are going to be mighty sore once I give those bass lines their next run.
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I didn't want to say anything until it was official and done on account of plans already falling apart once before. But as of yesterday my wife is enrolled in a very high quality massage therapy school. She has wanted to do this for some time and it's awesome that it has happened. It's one of those things that feels like it was meant to happen despite the adversity we've faced. This could lead to a very good career for her and that's what we're hoping. Of course, after paying the deposit we will now be eating ramen until my tax refund check gets here. But I guess that's how things have to be for now. I am glad it has happened.

Last night I joined up with my friends from the acting troupe to see our friend and fellow troupe member Tess make her burlesque dancing debut at the Riot Room in midtown KC. The Riot Room is a terrible space for live acts and last night was no exception. But I've gotta say our dear Tess completely tore up that stage. You have not lived until you've seen a woman do a very well-choreographed dance while wearing felt pasties in the shape of teddy bear faces complete with googly eyes. The other dancers ranged from good to not-so-great. But it was an evening of good conversation and good wine. Yesterday was kind of stressful with getting M.'s spot in the school secured so a night out with friends was a much-needed release.

The only problem with last night was they divided the dancers up into two sets and between them was this... this... this hipster band who called themselves Savage Seven despite being neither savage nor seven in number. And when I say hipster I mean hipster.Flannel shirts, trucker hats, brightly-colored Keds and Converse shoes. And I wouldn't care about that but musically... Just... What the hell was that? Just brainless three-chord rock that The Ramones wouldn't have touched if they were drunk, (which they often were.) Or possibly outtakes from abortive Weezer rehearsal sessions where they just messed around with things that they knew better than to ever make into songs.

Did I mention their logo was the band name flanked by a pair of marijuana leaves? That should tell you everything you need to know.

Even all that would be okay but their whole set just seemed devoid of any kind of passion. Maybe that's a hipster thing? I don't know. All I know is that no matter what genre it is I need music that fires the soul. I want music you can laugh to, weep to, and make love to. Savage Seven's music? You laugh at it, weep on account of it, and get a drunken handjob from some woman you just met and then chase her off, calling her a slut because you're too drunk to get it up.

In keeping with my "kill it with fire" mentality toward hipster music, here is a video by System Divide. They are a band I have been listening to a lot lately. They are also probably the only Belgian-Israeli band I will ever hear of. Musically I would describe them as a death metal Lacuna Coil.

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So the lost friend from a few days ago? E-mailed me today, and not to say what I expected. It was an apology, and the acknowledgment that while things would never be as they once were, there would be parting with no animosity. Parting as friends, as it were, even if that's a strange way of thinking of it for me.

I'll be honest, I was relieved. I guess this is what that "closure" everyone is always talking about feels like. Never really gotten that from any situation in my life. It's a novel and relaxing feeling.

I have been very prolific by my standards as far as writing goes lately. My New Year's resolution was to write every day and so far I am sticking to it. Here's a brief run down of projects, in case you care.

-D&D campaign using the "new and improved" Pathfinder rules system published by Paizo games. I'm creating my own game world for it to take place in. It's strange but in all my years of playing I've stuck to the game's published settings and never made one of my own, yet I've never been satisfied with the published stuff available. This campaign isn't even ambitious: no saving the world, just questing and fighting some monsters. Yet the world-building feels really important and really fun. Even if I don't get enough players to put it to use it's still been an awesome exercise. Maybe I can use the world in fiction if nothing else? Or publish the modules on-line. Who knows?

-New erotica novella. Well, not technically new since I've been made two false starts on it before, but this time things are clicking. Once again, I feel I was too ambitious with it before and was trying to force the story to go in a certain direction. This time I'm letting it take its own shape and writing it feels less like a chore. It's another Apocalypse Woman story; again not a direct sequel to the main work. But it does let me play with some areas and cultures that are mentioned in the main work but are not important to its ongoing meta plot. Of course it will be sexy, but the main character is far more of a submissive than the previous heroines who even when they're in the hands of aggressive lovers are still pretty take-charge kind of gals. Again, it's all about playing with things I want to depict in the world but don't fit into the main plot. Hopefully people who have read the first one will like it and won't be like, "Why doesn't he quit fooling around and get back to the main story!"

-Comedy sketch for Champagne Players; an acting troupe I perform with at SCA events. This will be my second year performing with them and my first time writing. I'm nervous because I really respect these people and want to deliver a quality scene but I think I'll be okay. Long ago I had an idea for William Shakespeare as a time-traveling super hero. At the rate I write I doubt I'll ever write the novel so it was time to adapt it into sketch comedy format. Now, for a working title. Shakespeare In Time: The Beginning or Bard Force: Origins? Decisions, decisions...

I need more hours in a day. At least not having that friend drama is bound to free some time up.
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A song you wish you heard on the radio...

I like this version better than the original version from the film. However, there is absolutely no information out there on this group at all. They did their thing back in the late 90's then vanished without a trace, their videos on Youtube the only trace of their having existed. As far as getting their albums, there's three available used on Amazon UK and that's about it.

Speaking of unicorns and all things magical, I am finished with my first ever Lilies War and our performance of The Taming of the Shrew. It's hard to believe life is back to normal and I don't have to worry about the play anymore. Except now I need to worry about getting my bad teeth taken care of. Thought I had Monday off but I don't so I'm going to have to push my dentist appointment back to Wednesday. Which is fine. I just really want to get things taken care of.

Anyway, off to the next adventure whatever it may be.
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I decided to wait on going to the dentist and made an appointment for Monday. The pain has subsided again and hopefully won't flare up again in the next few days. If i get the tooth extracted I'm going to be swollen, on drugs, and still in pain which is not going to work well with trying to recite Shakespeare in 90 degree heat.

On to today's entry. A song that is your guilty pleasure:

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I started the music meme to get me to blog every day. An unforeseen consequence was that it made me lazy about blogging anything else! A lot's been going on.

Thursday was a very busy day. I had to get up early (for me) to go meet [livejournal.com profile] stitchedsutures , her boyfriend, and a few friends of theirs to visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. I hadn't been in almost a year and hadn't seen [livejournal.com profile] stitchedsutures in closer to five years so it was a trip of reforging old bonds. The Nelson has several pieces on display that I've never seen including an honest-to-Egyptian-gods mummy sarcophagus and an actual mummy. Being an ancient world aficionado this made my day. Lots of other pieces that were new to me or hadn't been out for a while were to be seen as well. Although it was balanced by Caravaggio's awe-inspiring John the Baptist painting being out on loan for an exhibition in Europe or something.

After the museum we noshed at a place in Westport called The Record Bar - an establishment whose motif as you might guess is vinyl records. The food was good and the time spent was excellent. After that I bummed around Westport for a couple of hours and then was off to rehearsal.

Friday I did nothing but play Dragon Age most of the day. Not very productive, but fun. I gained the respect of the game's angry, sulking, giant-Klingon-samurai guy and got him his sword back. And the French ninja/nun/peaceful hippie is now my lesbian lover. Trust me, it all makes sense when you play the game.

Saturday and Sunday I worked. My workplace is still about as organized as a monkey fucking a football. Glad to be on a stretch of days off again now!

Today was my first visit to the SCA Lilies' War event and my troupe's first performance of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. Our audience was small but our performance was excellent and the audience's reaction to it better than we could have hoped. Considering that our lead actress fell and sprained her ankle two hours before curtain and that this performance was our first time using props, costumes, AND some of the blocking, I think things went pretty damn good.

The reason I am home now blogging instead of still out there partying with my mates is because my dental problems flared up again, causing me serious pain. I'm off tomorrow and there's no performance so I'm going to see if I can get into the dentist, money be damned. I've been trying to tough it out until after the play was over but something has got to be done.

So if you're still with me that's what I've been doing. My mouth has calmed down for now. I'm hoping I can have a nice evening at home without any more episodes.

The Wall

Apr. 13th, 2010 05:29 am
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Roger Waters taking The Wall on tour.

As cool as this is, I can't help but ask the obvious question, "Yes Roger, but what have you done lately?"
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It has been a couple of busy weeks for me. I've kept meaning to get on LJ and talk about it but have either been too tired or too preoccupied to bother. Two weeks ago my team at work unexpectedly got moved to day shift. We go back to evenings today. But the change in schedules let me enjoy raiding in the evenings with my World of Warcraft guild - something I've really missed since I started this job. And I also got to go to rehearsal with the theatre group I'm involved in. The downside was the harsh reminder that I really am a night person and that as much as I like having my evenings free, I'm always going to hate getting up in the morning to go to work. I always feel very tired, sluggish, and almost ill at work in the daytime even when I've gotten plenty of sleep the night before. I hate not having my evenings free now, but am very glad to be back on a sleep schedule that fits my circadean rhythm.

At the dentist... )

At the bank... )

My long and crazy weekend... )

I really enjoy all the music I acquired this weekend, but The Dresden Dolls are getting the heaviest play right now. I'm definitely on an Amanda Palmer kick at the moment. I've got to say I like The Dresden Dolls better than her solo work. Her solo work's not bad, just different and the DD's fit my tastes a bit more squarely. It's too bad she killed the other Dresden Doll and used his sinews for ukulele strings. He joins a long and tragic musical graveyard whose cadavers include but are not limited to:

-Art Garfunkle
-DJ Jazzy Jeff
-The male members of No Doubt.
-The two Black Eyed Peas who aren't Fergie or will.i.am.
-Anyone from Destiny's Child who isn't named Beyonce
-Any Stray Cat who is not Brian Setzer
-That guy who founded Evanescence, then left because Amy Lee is a bitch.
-The guy from Wham! who wasn't George Michael... and later, George Michael.



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