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This weekend has been very busy for me, but I still manage to feel like I haven't done as much as I'd like. Come to think of it, this entire week has been pretty chaotic.

We had a bad thunderstorm Sunday night into Monday morning that fried out my surge protectors. All my electronics were spared except for my trusty old warhorse of a desktop computer. The power source took the hit and died. This will the second time I've replaced a power source on that computer, but it's easy enough. Where it gets interesting is according to the package tracking, said power source has already been delivered. I don't have it. I am hoping that it's either in the apartment office or at the post office on account of the box being too big, but I won't know until tomorrow. Strangely, I am not as panicked about this as I could be.

Angie had to go to the ER this week. She was diagnosed with diverticulitis and is still recovering. I am just trying to be the best partner I can and take care of her. I am thankful for my own relatively robust health and I hope it persists that I may keep caring for the ones around me.

Another problem we have been dealing with are our upstairs neighbors, the Porch Dicks. We named them that in honor of a villain from The Walking Dead: a smarmy, abusive father/husband whom the fandom nicknamed "Porch Dick." The called him that because he was first introduced creepily staring at one of the main characters from the front porch of his house. Anyway, our neighbors fit the comparison because they are violent and abusive to one another and we hear every word through the ceiling. They also have a bad habit of blasting their surround sound movies and music at all hours of the night, resulting in hours of lost sleep on our part. The apartment office tells us they are being evicted, but that's not something that happens overnight. In the meantime, we just try to make the most of it by enjoying the free Jerry Springer show going on above us.

I have worked a lot on music this weekend. The work is paying off. I'll talk about that in its own post.

Today I helped my parents bring my old chest of drawers down here from their house. While cleaning it out I found a few things I've been trying to find for a long time so that was a most welcome surprise. I also managed to score a few incredible deals from a local hardware store that is going out of business, and I treated myself to a visit to the homebrew store as well, coming away with a fresh carboy and airlock to begin a new batch of mead with.

Today was also the racking of the first batch. Racking is where you drain the fermented liquid off the sediment, or lees, that forms at the bottom of the vessel. It turned out to be a lot of fun, but the apartment now looks like a serial killer lives here on account of the rubber tubing hanging above the sink as it dries.

It doesn't feel like I did a lot, but typing about it sure has been exhausting!

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It has not been the most awesome couple of weeks overall. Last Wednesday we had to replace the battery in M.'s car. Thankfully the car died in the driveway so it wasn't like we had to rescue it from anywhere. The unexpected expense was not comfortable but whatever, we managed. This week continued the pattern of annoyance though. M. got so sick Monday night we had to take her to the ER. There they deduced that the problems were caused by her existing medical conditions, so they rehydrated her and sent us on our way. All well and good. Except it turned out she really did have a virus. I know because it hit me yesterday. After feeling downright awful all day at work I finally got home and got very acquainted with the bathroom. The rest of the night saw me suffering from fever and very bad chills. But I slept, oh I slept through and through.

This morning I still felt bad enough to miss work. I hate doing that, even if it was just a short four hour shift. Can't really afford to do it and I just feel like a jerk when I do,  but there was no way work was happening. It turned out to be the right choice as I found out rather abruptly at one point that I was not quite done being sick. Gross.

The day is over now and I feel confidant enough to say that I'm better, or at least well enough to go back to work. I'm not looking forward to it even though I then get the weekend off. Today was a dreary, rainy day. Normally I love those, but they're not very kind to you mentally when you're sick.

So yeah, a rough couple of weeks. Hopefully the next couple will follow a different pattern.
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I stayed home from work sick today. I've been feeling like I'm trying to get sick off and on for a few days now. I thought I was past it but this morning I got up for work and went from feeling fine to throwing up in the span of a few seconds. Not to be all TMI, but it was some of the most prolonged and horrible vomiting I've done in years.

After calling in sick I crawled back into bed and slept until around 12:30. Since then I've mostly felt fine although it wasn't until the evening that I felt comfortable with trying to eat again. Haven't gotten sick since but I still feel sort of fatigued and run down.

Haven't really wanted to do much of anything besides zone out and play WoW. I just finished applying to several contract jobs. I guess if I'm not going to work at one job I may as well find another.
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Last night I barely slept because I was so congested. My nose hasn't been that bad all day but bedtime rolls around and I can't sleep because I'm so congested. I was off today and am off again tomorrow. Nevertheless I could really use the sleep because I have a lot to do tomorrow including going to a wedding.

Rehearsal today was cancelled on account of the singer being sick as well, though not with the same stuff I have. I wound up sleeping most of the day. Still tired though. Going to try bed again here in a few minutes. Except now I'm hungry. Damn.

Got online to the bad news that Jani Lane, former lead singer of Warrant has died. I saw Warrant opening for Poison back in '91 or so. They were never my favorite hair band but they were fun and they made some good music. It's definitely too soon for him to be gone. So strange.
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Days off suck when you can't play on your beloved computer. I did get out and enjoy the nice weather though. That was worthwhile.

Both M. and I are constantly tired lately. We've been going to bed early and sleeping in when we can, yet we wake up feeling like we've not slept. I'm sure my sleep apneia is probably a part of it somehow. On all my days off this week I feel like I've done nothing but sleep or want to sleep. The sleep is there but the sleep quality just feels like it isn't.

I have now filled an entire spiral notebook with Seasons In the Abyss. I bought a second one today to continue and finish the story. I think it will go faster now that I'm at the midpoint. Kind of getting excited about the story again.

As much as I like writing, reading isn't giving me joy of late. I think all the "realistic" fantasy I've been reading in the form of Michael Grant's Gone novels and G.R.R.M.'s A Song of Ice and Fire are having a long-term effect on me of bumming me out. To say nothing of the various "literary" novels I've been reading as well. I think it's time for some more Charles De Lint or Lisa Shearin: something that's hopeful and happy and doesn't apologize for being so.


Jul. 13th, 2010 01:13 pm
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Tomorrow is my only day off this week and I get to spend it at the oral surgeon getting a tooth pulled. That really depresses me. More depressing is the idea of trying to eat with a tooth missing. I won't be able to get a bridge put in to replace it right away.

I feel like I put in more hours at my main part-time job than I've ever put in at any full-time job I've ever worked at. It just feels like I'm always there and the shifts just go on forever. Grateful for a paycheck but the monotony is considerable sometimes.

I've been forcing myself to work on Fool's Game every day. I'm so sick of looking at the thing after all these years I've been putting off this final edit. But I've been sticking with it each day for a couple of weeks now, just doing a few pages at a time and I'm proud of how I've managed. I'm not letting myself write on anything else until this is done so it's a carrot-and-stick approach. But it's working so I'm keeping on.

And I need to work on it some more before I have to be at work again today so I'm off to do that. Hopefully I'll manage to post something tomorrow if I'm not too drugged up.
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I decided to wait on going to the dentist and made an appointment for Monday. The pain has subsided again and hopefully won't flare up again in the next few days. If i get the tooth extracted I'm going to be swollen, on drugs, and still in pain which is not going to work well with trying to recite Shakespeare in 90 degree heat.

On to today's entry. A song that is your guilty pleasure:

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It has been a couple of busy weeks for me. I've kept meaning to get on LJ and talk about it but have either been too tired or too preoccupied to bother. Two weeks ago my team at work unexpectedly got moved to day shift. We go back to evenings today. But the change in schedules let me enjoy raiding in the evenings with my World of Warcraft guild - something I've really missed since I started this job. And I also got to go to rehearsal with the theatre group I'm involved in. The downside was the harsh reminder that I really am a night person and that as much as I like having my evenings free, I'm always going to hate getting up in the morning to go to work. I always feel very tired, sluggish, and almost ill at work in the daytime even when I've gotten plenty of sleep the night before. I hate not having my evenings free now, but am very glad to be back on a sleep schedule that fits my circadean rhythm.

At the dentist... )

At the bank... )

My long and crazy weekend... )

I really enjoy all the music I acquired this weekend, but The Dresden Dolls are getting the heaviest play right now. I'm definitely on an Amanda Palmer kick at the moment. I've got to say I like The Dresden Dolls better than her solo work. Her solo work's not bad, just different and the DD's fit my tastes a bit more squarely. It's too bad she killed the other Dresden Doll and used his sinews for ukulele strings. He joins a long and tragic musical graveyard whose cadavers include but are not limited to:

-Art Garfunkle
-DJ Jazzy Jeff
-The male members of No Doubt.
-The two Black Eyed Peas who aren't Fergie or will.i.am.
-Anyone from Destiny's Child who isn't named Beyonce
-Any Stray Cat who is not Brian Setzer
-That guy who founded Evanescence, then left because Amy Lee is a bitch.
-The guy from Wham! who wasn't George Michael... and later, George Michael.

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Not for the faint of heart. If you have no interest in bizarre medical curiosities just move along. Nothing to see here.


I share because parasitic twins/terratoma/fetus in fetu has always fascinated me. Blame it on me having read Stephen King's The Dark Half when I was young.
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I am working twelve hours today and it feels very long. Work is very slow today which normally I wouldn't mind. 

My acid reflux has been uncooperative all this week. I was out of my prilosec for a day so I figured I would take some of my old medicine that I still had left for that day and that there would be no harm. I got right back on the prilosec, but it doesn't feel like it. And it just feels uncomfortable and yucky. Doesn't make twelve hours go by any faster, that's for sure.

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Mel has been sick all this week and now I'm finally starting to get it to. So far I've got the beginnings of a sore throat, the beginnings of some congestion, fatigue, and achy joints. Looks like downing the remaining third of my gallon of V-8 Splash last night was too little too late. I thought I'd play it safe and forego my morning soda on the way to work in favor of Gatorade. All that did was leave me wanting to doze off. So here I am now drinking a can of Mountain Dew just to wake up. It's not working.

So there's a good chance our weekend plans may come to naught as we both try to recover. That's probably okay though. I think we're at the point where we could both really use a quiet weekend at home anyway. 


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