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When your dog poops while on a walk, you pick it up. It's the right thing to do and a responsibility of being a dog owner.

NEUTRAL GOOD: You pick up your dog's poop because you'd hate for someone to be upset if they came out and found it on their lawn. However, if your dog defecates in a secluded or out-of-the-way location and there's no one around, you might leave it there since it's not hurting anyone.

CHAOTIC GOOD: Not only is picking up after your dog the right thing to do, it's just common courtesy. However, if there were someone bad in your neighborhood, someone you know has done bad things to other people, you might just look the other way if your dog stops and does its business on that person's lawn.

LAWFUL NEUTRAL: Your attitude toward dog waste reflects that of those around you. If your neighbors are fastidious in cleaning up after their dog, you will adapt to this expectation. But in a less tidy neighborhood you might find yourself not caring as much.

TRUE NEUTRAL: Of course you don't want others to have to clean up after your dog, but you'd rather not do it yourself either if you don't have to. If it's daytime and you think someone might have seen your dog poop, you'll clean it up. But if it's dark out and no one's around, you just keep walking.

CHAOTIC NEUTRAL: You pick up after your dog when you feel like it. If someone sees you leave the poop and calls you out on it, you might apologize and clean up, or you might take off running. Even you don't know until it happens.

LAWFUL EVIL: You're supposed to pick up after your dog, everyone knows that. If you see someone leave their dog's waste, you report them to the authorities because you know they'd do the same to you.

NEUTRAL EVIL: You clean up the poop while walking your dog in order to cultivate the image of a good neighbor and thereby gain your neighbors' trust. The second someone crosses you, however, whether in reality or only in your mind, they're going to find so many deuces in their front yard it will make their head spin.

CHAOTIC EVIL: The dog doesn't care where it poops, so why should you? Somebody doesn't like what the dog did in their yard, that's their problem.


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Since I don't know if there's a bumper sticker for this, I'll just guess the bumper stickers the person who wrote this is most likely to have:

RESPECT OUR MOTHER! (w/ picture of the Earth)
"COEXIST" (written with religious symbols in place of letters)

And a "W" with a slash through it. There did I miss any?

In case you haven't figured it out, no I don't think keeping birds or any other kind of pet is inherently cruel. As far as I know, birds like other pets are bred in captivity and that's the life they know. You may as well say that it's cruel to make humans dependant on electricity and indoor heating and grocery stores when we were meant to live in caves and grow our own food. Sure our pets are captives; just as captive as we are.

It gets hungry up here on the soapbox. Anybody want to split a bucket of KFC?
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This past weekend felt very long, yet before I knew it it was over. I got eight hours of overtime on Saturday at the absurd hours of 4 am to 12 pm... which ISN'T going to turn out to be overtime after all because we are on reduced coverage tomorrow due to the holiday and... dah-duh-duh-DAAAHHH!!! I don't get paid holidays. So while I won't be short any money due to missing tonight's shift, I won't have extra either. Oh well, given that I'm not being shorted in the long run I guess I can't really complain.

Friday night ran my Exalted game. [livejournal.com profile] cherith brought her black lab puppy who was too much cuteness for our little apartment to contain. He is a very good and friendly dog. Sunday we went over to Dean and Lesley's to bond with our kittens and wound up maybe reconsidering our choice. We still want the calico (and she really seems to want us!) but the mostly-black one we like doesn't seem to like us at all. We're going to give him more time as he just seems to be an easily-scared kitty in general. But he's got competition in the form of the other blakc-and-white one who has a little black spot on his chin like a goatee. It took us two tries to leave the room. The first time we tried, the calico shot out from the kitten pile which lay clustered around mama, meowing and squaling at us, acting like she didn't want us to go. The second time we tried, it was goatee-kitten's turn to do the same thing. We think Goatee might just be the adventurer of the group, though, so we're trying not to get too attached to his friendliness toward us. It's amazing how adorable these little guys are. They're like toddlers, the way they wobble along as they walk.

Sunday night was gaming at Adam and Amy's. We cut off early since I had to go to work. My trip to work was marked by my fourth run-in with the group of asshole biker boys who haunt the highway I use to go to work. It's a group of young guys all riding Kawasaki and Yamaha rice-burner bikes we love to weave in and out of traffic at speeds greater than 100mph and risk their own lives and everyone else's. I am utterly sick of these bastards. I just know it's a matter of time before they cause a bad accident.

I'm actually looking forward to having a night off tonight. Mel and I were just talking about how we never seem to have a night just to laze around the house.


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