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This weekend has been very busy for me, but I still manage to feel like I haven't done as much as I'd like. Come to think of it, this entire week has been pretty chaotic.

We had a bad thunderstorm Sunday night into Monday morning that fried out my surge protectors. All my electronics were spared except for my trusty old warhorse of a desktop computer. The power source took the hit and died. This will the second time I've replaced a power source on that computer, but it's easy enough. Where it gets interesting is according to the package tracking, said power source has already been delivered. I don't have it. I am hoping that it's either in the apartment office or at the post office on account of the box being too big, but I won't know until tomorrow. Strangely, I am not as panicked about this as I could be.

Angie had to go to the ER this week. She was diagnosed with diverticulitis and is still recovering. I am just trying to be the best partner I can and take care of her. I am thankful for my own relatively robust health and I hope it persists that I may keep caring for the ones around me.

Another problem we have been dealing with are our upstairs neighbors, the Porch Dicks. We named them that in honor of a villain from The Walking Dead: a smarmy, abusive father/husband whom the fandom nicknamed "Porch Dick." The called him that because he was first introduced creepily staring at one of the main characters from the front porch of his house. Anyway, our neighbors fit the comparison because they are violent and abusive to one another and we hear every word through the ceiling. They also have a bad habit of blasting their surround sound movies and music at all hours of the night, resulting in hours of lost sleep on our part. The apartment office tells us they are being evicted, but that's not something that happens overnight. In the meantime, we just try to make the most of it by enjoying the free Jerry Springer show going on above us.

I have worked a lot on music this weekend. The work is paying off. I'll talk about that in its own post.

Today I helped my parents bring my old chest of drawers down here from their house. While cleaning it out I found a few things I've been trying to find for a long time so that was a most welcome surprise. I also managed to score a few incredible deals from a local hardware store that is going out of business, and I treated myself to a visit to the homebrew store as well, coming away with a fresh carboy and airlock to begin a new batch of mead with.

Today was also the racking of the first batch. Racking is where you drain the fermented liquid off the sediment, or lees, that forms at the bottom of the vessel. It turned out to be a lot of fun, but the apartment now looks like a serial killer lives here on account of the rubber tubing hanging above the sink as it dries.

It doesn't feel like I did a lot, but typing about it sure has been exhausting!

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I just spent twenty minutes typing a huge entry about how awesome my 4th of July weekend was. It got fucking eaten. There are disadvantages, it seems to this more intimate form of blogging. Well I will try again, shorter this time, I guess.

-My 4th of July started on Thursday because my bass amplifier died last week and I needed to replace it. I finally found a good Peavey bass amp and was preparing to take a $350 hit to the wallet. Instead I walked into Guitar Center where it turned out they were having a 4th of July sale. I got the thing for $100 off. It was a great way to start the weekend.

-Friday night was the cast party for my theatre troupe. We just completed our big summer show. It was hard to get going again this year because we had taken a year off, but the show came together and our audience were thrilled to see us back. We ate lots of delicious grilled meat, made plans for next year, and began feeling strong as a troupe again.

-Saturday was the 4th. Angie and I had many plans but due to general lethargy overcoming us both, we only fulfilled about half of them. We ate BBQ, shopped at Ikea like delighted 5 year-olds, and took a very long, very happy nap. No fireworks, but none were needed.

-Today, Sunday, culminated in taking my parents out for supper at a local down-home country restaurant. We had a good time and Angie is really becoming one of the family. It was also a good day for me creatively. I got good work done on a Pathfinder (D&D) game that I'm writing, played guitar and bass for a good, long time, and learned to play an Amon Amarth song.

-My 4th of July was so good it took four whole days. I had a great time on a holiday where I usually wind up lonely, depressed, and not knowing what to do with myself. Instead I made incredible memories and had joyful experiences. I owe it all to the company I keep.
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As unsatisfying as the concert at the Riot Room the night before was, it left me utterly unprepared for the sheer grandeur of the show I experienced the next night at Starlight Ampitheatre.

Starlight is a big outdoor theatre located next to the Kansas City Zoo. I've never really paid attention to it before, but it's got a huge stage that looks like a castle, comfortable seats, and lots of nice walking/standing room. I'm definitely going to be paying more attention to what's playing there after this.

Moving on to the show itself, in case you don't know, Jason Bonham is the son of late Zed Zeppeling drummer John Bonham and he plays drums for them whenever they reunite to perform live. So basically this was the closest I'm ever going to get to seeing Led Zeppelin live and I don't think Page, Plant, and Jones could do it any better. The band Bonham has put together is SPOT ON, to the point that if you close your eyes you can't tell it's not the original lineup. They played a slew of crowd-pleasing favorites like "Heartbreaker," "Ramble On," "Over the Hills and Far Away," and "What Is And What Should Never Be." But iconic songs like "Immigrant Song" and "Stairway to Heaven" were conspicuously absent...

Having become familiar with Heart through their soft rock hits of the 80's, they were a band I never imagined I would be paying to see live. But my God, Ann and Nancy Wilson can ROCK. Ann's huge, sexy voice has lost nothing with age and when she puts force behind it she makes "What About Love?" sound every bit as vicious as "Barracuda." They played songs from all of Heart's different eras and shifted flawlessly into each one. Nancy's solo acoustic cover of an Elton John song was pretty rad too.

If they'd stopped right there I would have been satisfied with having seen a stellar rock show but for the encore they took it up to a whole new level. Jason Bonham joined them on drums for a Led Zeppelin encore. "Immigrant Song" never sounded so good. Seriously, I think Robert Plant's job might be in danger. Remember that big sexy voice of Ann's I was talking about? When she moans the line "We are your overlords..." you will start looking over your shoulder for the Viking sword that will be the last thing you ever see.

After an ass-kicking and suitably epic rendition of "Kashmir" we all knew what was coming next. Remember Heart's performance of Stairway to Heaven that brought the surviving Led Zeppelin members to tears? They did it exactly like that again, right down to the black gospel choir. The video does NOT do it justice. I truly did not want that song to end.

Both bands together played about three hours. The crowd was predominantly older, with M. and I making up the bottom end of the younger portion. We did see a few people in their teens and early 20's, but not many. Overall women slightly outnumbered men. We saw several packs of cougars rocking their slutty teenager-appropriate rock concert outfits as hard as they could.

And you know what? That's okay. It was a great time with a great crowd of people who truly loved the music. You could tell these were people who grew up with these bands and were super eager to give them their due. Compared to the hooligans from the Riot Room I think I'll take a relaxed older crowd focused on a good time any day.

I don't think I have another concert to attend until October. Really hate these long dry spells, but they make the payoff that much more worthwhile.

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I have purchased several guitars in my lifetime and the vast majority of them have been bought via Ebay. I won't lie, I love shopping for music gear on Ebay. It's a thrill ride. If you've never compulsively Ebay shopped, you won't understand. Even when I am not actively looking to buy, I still enjoy just going and looking at the listings because I love to covet and admire things from afar. In my years of searching I have discovered that a secret language exists among online music gear sellers. Knowing how this coded language works can make your shopping experience far more enjoyable. With that in mind, I am passing the savings on to you and breaking down a few expressions and terms commonly seen in music gear listings and explaining what they really mean.

"Signature Model"
Definition - An affordable assembly line-crafted simulacrum of the one-of-a-kind handmade guitar played by a given rock star. Beware of sellers who try to fool the uninitiated into thinking it's an instrument said rock star once actually played.

Definition - Technically a rare and valuable instrument, no longer made. However, "Vintage" is more often used to justify the exorbitant asking price for an instrument that looks like it has been beaten, kicked, barfed on, pissed on, shat on, cummed on, and possibly thrown down a flight of fucking stairs.

"I hate to sell it but I just don't play it anymore."
Translation - My spouse is making me get rid of it.

"I hate to sell it but I need the money more."
Translation - I knocked a girl up and am now having to finance my own shotgun wedding.

"I hate to sell it but I have too many guitars already."
Translation - I am liquidating my assets so my ex can't come after them.

I hope this improves your shopping experience!


Jun. 7th, 2013 10:05 pm
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I've gone over a month without updating again. Sigh. I wanted to do a review of the concerts I went to during my vacation, but somehow I just can't make myself care about writing them up. I experienced them and they were amazing. That was enough for me. I will say that while Hate Eternal and Fear Factory were both exquisite missionaries of metal and completely ruled the stage in their glory, I found a dark horse favorite in the opening band, Kobra and The Lotus. It's rare that I hear a live band where I can understand every single lyric crystal clear, but Kobra Paige's big brassy voice cuts through the band and sends her message to the back of the house. I bought their CD at the show, talked to Paige for several minutes between sets, and even went and put their sticker on my laptop. (I'm a dork.) Beyond being good metal, their album really resonates with me. A couple of tracks really hit me in the gut in regard to how well they describe some personal situations I've gone through.

Lilies War has rolled around again. We're only performing one night this year which is easier on everybody, but it still turned out to be a stressful race to get everything ready the last few weeks. I had it relatively easy but other troupe members, not so much. This Sunday is our dress rehearsal and we go on stage Monday night. I'm looking forward to it, but will also be glad when I'm free to concentrate on other things after it's done.

My mother is also doing some theatre right now. She's starring in a community theatre production of On Golden Pond. I've helped her practice and she's really good. Will have to see her next weekend since I'm all tied up during this one, but I'm very proud of her and eager to see her act.

Yesterday M. and I went out to the Sea Life aquarium here in KC. It's something we've meant to do for ages. The place is smaller than we expected but it doesn't disappoint. Hundreds of specimens of animals both gorgeous and grotesque swim through its halls. We went through the whole thing twice and it didn't lose any of its impact. It was also the first day off we've had together in months and it was well-spent.

So yeah, Lilies this weekend and after that it's time to buckle down on music. I still want to cut my demo before the end of this year. Time to make it happen.

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It's hard to feel motivated to stop and update your blog when you've got a lot going on, just like it's hard to feel motivated to update it when you've got nothing going on. Catch 22. But I finally have a day off where I don't have to be anywhere, (except play rehearsal tonight,) so I thought I'd make a go of it.

Part of what has kept me busy in my off hours is that after years away from tabletop gaming in general, I have finally started GMing again. It's a Pathfinder game, (a.k.a. 3.5 edition Dungeons & Dragons under a new name and publisher,) and it's been an incredible amount of fun so far. Maybe the long break as what I needed because this is the most fun I've had running a game since high school and I think my players are having a good time too. I've got a couple of seasoned veterans but the rest have either neither played a pen-and-paper RPG before, or at least have never played this system. Throw in a GM who is way out of practice and what you get is actually a very fun, laid back group that's really getting into creating a good story together. In the past when I've GM'd games I've always ended up getting burnt out and/or developing writer's block by about the third session but that hasn't happened here. It's a novel feeling and probably the most fun I've had running a game since I was in high school.

My wife surprised me with a really awesome present related to the game. )

Next weekend we have some friends coming into town to stay with us for a few days. I've taken vacation time so we can enjoy their visit. Don't know what all we do, but so far we're planning a party. The night before they arrive two of my favorite bands, Fear Factory and Hate Eternal, are playing a show together so that's something to look forward to. Another band I admire, Suffocation, are playing the night following our friends' departure so I may try to make that happen too.

Music really picks up during the summer time, though. Heart are playing at the Starlight theatre on August 18th and that's one M. and I want to make it to together. A few days before that Amon Amarth and Children of Bodom will also be in town but... they're playing in support of Rob Zombie. I know this probably makes me a terrible metalhead but I have a terrible secret to confess: I think Rob Zombie is just okay. I mean, he's a brilliant man, a clever filmmaker, and can write a good song, but I've never once felt like I just HAD to see him live. Plus, as rabidly as I love Amon Amarth and CoB, I'm not sure I love them enough to pay Rob Zombie ticket prices in order to see them. Does that make me a bad fan?

But what I really have to make happen, no matter how bad it hurts, is the Iron Maiden concert in September. They are most definitely a Bucket List experience for me and I know it's going to be madly expensive, but I have to see them no matter what.

I have lots of other things to look forward to, and lots of other things to be happy and grateful about, but that's enough for one entry, I think.
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I am done dragging my feet. Went upstairs to the studio tonight, picked up the bass guitar, and didn't stop until the bass line of "From Ancient Sands Arise the Semyazian Succubi" was finished. Guitar, bass, and vocals are done, as in done composing. Now I just need to get with a drummer and it's ready to record, once I buy my recording hardware, that is. In the meantime, I've got four more songs to write and then Failed Blood Experiment's first EP can happen.
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I don't remember what I was doing when I found this video on YouTube but few bands have made me go "Shut up and take my money!" recently quite as much as this one has. As soon as I get some money I will shut them up and make them take it. I think the last one to get me this excited was Ancient Bards and that was almost a year ago. The whole "beauty-and-the-beast" (a.k.a. "soprano and gravel") has almost become a cliche unto itself, but they way the blackened screams mesh with the female singer's big, brassy voice is really refreshing. It's rare for bands that use this vocal style to actually have the vocals try and work together.

Now I'm sure you might watch this video/story and say, "Hey! He was in full heavy plate armor. Why couldn't they just outrun him?" Well, duh! They can't outrun him because he's like, magic and stuff. He's a magical dark general! That means no matter how fast you run he will always be right behind you. That's what magical dark generals do. Read your Tolkien, people. I've got better things to do than explain this shit.

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Despite living in Kansas City for over a decade now I still had never managed to get out and see a metal concert comprised purely of local bands. Last night I changed that. What made me go was Troglodyte, whom I believe I have mentioned before. I've seen them twice before now, opening for Hate Eternal and Goatwhore and then more recently opening for Skeletonwitch. I think it's safe to say that I am now a fan. Anyway, they wear Bigfoot masks onstage and play technical death metal songs about Bigfoot and they were what drew me out last night to The Riot Room.

Ramblings of a lone concert goer... )
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No update since Thanksgiving. I'm losing my touch. Truthfully, I haven't had the slightest interest in blogging lately. In the past even when I've lost the motivation I've never lost the interest. Now all that's changed.

But it's Christmas and I can't let that go unnoticed. Tomorrow will be the first Christmas I can think of where I will be having the family over at our house instead of going to theirs. I've been cleaning the house all day, so before I run out of steam I feel like I should give the holiday its proper due.

I am thankful for my lovely wife who is hosting our gathering and who got me Skyrim and a Blu-Ray of the Star Wars trilogy as early presents. I am proud of her for finishing school and starting a new career. I am VERY thankful that my friend whose daughter was abducted by her mother got her back safe and sound and is spending Christmas with a reunited family. I am blessed by the spiritual growth I feel like I've undergone this year and that I am becoming more comfortable with my religious path which is not quite like that of anyone else I know. I am glad that this year I received an out-of-the-blue job promotion that has boosted my self-esteem and is helping me learn new skills. I am thankful for my rediscovery of my path as a musician and that slowly but surely I am acquiring the equipment I need to pull it off.

May the joy of Jesus' birth and the promise of the returning sun be with you all in the coming year. May times be as good for you all as they have been for me these past few months. Merry Christmas.
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I'd like to take some time to talk about my music. For some time now I have been working on my music project called Sabtabiel's Remains with combines elements of thrash, goth, and power metal to tell an apocalyptic Lovecraftian story. Needless to say, it's a lot of work and the going has been slow. Rewarding and exciting, but slow.

Well, what's happening is during the last few days I got a little bit distracted.

I am discovering that I have more musical ideas than Sabtabiel's Remains can contain on its own. Through a chain of events and inspirations that probably is only interesting to me, I decided to start composing some death metal. I will now give anyone who needs to a moment to do a Google or YouTube search to learn exactly what that is and what it sounds like.

Did you do it? Good.

Death metal by its nature tackles really dark, unpleasant, and often gory subjects. This is not as confining as it sounds. In fact, I find myself having a lot of fun thinking about subjects that are not dark and gory at all, but still writing about them in the death metal lyrical style. This isn't as silly as it sounds.

My first experiment is to convey my experience for an artform I deeply enjoy and one which is near and dear to many of my friends: bellydancing. It is interesting so far, creating a tribute to this sensual, feminine artform using what is seen as a violent, hypermasculine medium. I am still composing the music but here are the lyrics for anyone who is interested.

A final note: the title refers to Semyaza, who in Judeo-Christian myth led a band of fallen angels who seduced women and inspired humankind in every form of art and science. This is reimagines the Semyaza legend with feminine angelic figures who seduce and inspire.

All content is copyright to me. Please do not share.

Read more... )
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This Halloween was brought to you by Slayer's "Raining Blood" and "Piece by Piece," Powerwolf's "We Drink Your Blood" and "Night Of The Werewolf", Cradle of Filth's "Lovesick For Mina" and "Cthulu Dawn", The Sword's "Maiden, Mother, and Crone," the entirety of Iced Earth's "Horror Show" album, and by the films Apartment 143, The Corridor, and Paranormal Activity, and by the Number of the Beast... Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast," that is!
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My last entry was over a month ago. Oy. I apologize for its cryptic, hostile tone. What precipitated it was a run-in with my ex-bandmates: the ones who kicked me out of their band because they found out I was planning to vote for Obama in this year's election. They picked September 11th to start harassing me, spamming my Facebook with their mindless rage and incoherent conspiracy theory ranting about September 11th, and Obama, and a whole bunch of other ugly crap. It left me pretty pissed off and I guess in not much of a talkative mood. On the upside, it gave me the opportunity to confront them over snubbing me at the Iced Earth concert earlier this year. Like the cowards they are, they tried to deny it. Anyway, they're blocked and hopefully out of my life for good.

Over the last several weeks I have worked incredibly hard, both at my day job in the pharmacy and with freelance work when I got home. The result of it was that I was able to purchase something I have been trying to purchase for several years now:

If you're on Facebook you've already seen it, but this is my new B.C. Rich Beast guitar. It replaces the Beast I foolishly and rashly sold several years ago, and which I have regretted selling ever since. This model isn't made anymore so it's meant years of combing E-bay for just the right one to appear at just the right price. It finally did and I couldn't be happier. I need two guitars so I can easily write songs in different tunings so this isn't just a toy. It actually gets me one step closer to fulfilling my musical ambitions. I feel like they are actually happening now and that's a tremendous feeling. Even with all the work I've done, purchasing this instrument actually crunched us up quite a bit financially, but in the long run I think it will have been worth it.

My wife has also started a new job during the time I've been away from LJ, and it stands to be a really good one. Keep us on your thoughts and prayers, that the positive career developments that have befallen both of us this past week will lead us closer to the big things we are both planning for our future.

There's actually a great deal more I could say about this past month, but I think I've touched on the key things enough. To anyone who's still left out there in LJ-land, I have not forgotten you.
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In regard to the previous post, I had a breakthrough tonight. An epiphany if you will. There's one really simple thing that helps me play and play well regardless of physical discomfort.

That thing is anger.
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I am still "in training" in my new job, but I finally got out onto the floor, (or I should say, into the box since it's a pharmacy,) this past Thursday. I'm enjoying it out there but it is all very new and overwhelming. I have very supportive, friendly, and helpful co-workers and that makes a huge difference. Whatever else happens, I can certainly say that I am liking this a lot better than I ever liked my previous position, even if there is a lot of repetetiveness in the duties.

I really like being able to call myself a pharmacy technician. I try not to over-identify too much with my "day job" because that's still all it is as far as I'm concerned. But I'm beginning to understand what a difference having a day job you can be proud of makes.

I have been finding guitar and bass practice less enjoyable these last few days. I now have two complete songs written and I'm working on getting as good as I can at playing them before I begin more writing, but I'm finding a big part of playing heavy metal guitar and bass is physical endurance and that's just not something I have enough of. I mess up frequently while playing, not because I don't know what I'm doing or don't have the skill, but because my wrists and fingers start getting tired and can't manage the resistance of the strings. I do not have weak hands or wrists or anything, but playing like this means getting those parts of your body into shape just like anything else does and it can be slow getting there.

For me, if I skip more than one day practicing all my physical endurance just goes out the window. What I lose in two days can take a week or more to build back up. Of course, with my schedule as it is sometimes I just have to miss more than one day and there's little I can do about it.

I'm happy with where I'm at skill-wise and more than happy writing-wise, but I want more; I want to be better, and I'd feel happier if I was better now, even though I know there's no fast path to get there.

I have some friends going through hard things right now. Everything from painful break-ups to DUI's and it's hard to watch. Next Sunday is the Kreator/Accept concert and I had friends I was looking forward to seeing there whom I now won't be due to stuff that's happened to them the last couple of days. I'm really looking forward to the show, but I'll be there alone, and knowing that people I like aren't there because their lives have gone to hell.

Then again, that might put me in just the mood for the aggressive metal music that will be on display that night.
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My first week in training as a pharmacy tech left something to be desired. The gist of it is that all the things they needed to send me for (drug test, background check,) they didn't send me for. Although frankly I think it's some serious bullshit that I need a drug test or background check for a company that I already work for, but that's another conversation entirely. Anyway, they sent me for that and it didn't all come back until Thursday. The first four days of last week were me piddling around, doing whatever odd jobs I could find. Thursday the pharmacy manager finally said to hell with it and brought me into the pharmacy to learn the fill station. I feel like I got the hang of it pretty fast. It's fast-pace and exciting and keeps my mind stimulated. This is a good thing because when I'm bored at work my mind wanders, usually into places of depression and anger. The only way to avoid it at work is to stay constantly engaged.

This week my training modules should finally be ready and I can set to training for all the other areas of the pharmacy. It's all still quite new and scary but I feel up to the challenge overall.

A nice perk of all this is the new hours. It meant having Labor Day weekend off, which is something I've rarely gotten to enjoy in my working life. To be honest, I'm not sure I've ever had a three-day weekend on Labor Day while in the state of being gainfully employed. Saturday was mostly spent on the road. I drove down to Wichita, KS to take part in the troupe's performance at an SCA event, then drove back on the same night. Had a minor side adventure blundering into the 'hood in Wichita at night while trying to find a gas station. I eventually got gas at a place that was pretty much held together by duct tape and had enough bulletproof glass in front of the cashier to stop a mortar shell. But after that I got home safely. It was a great day spent with my friends in the troupe even if it was way too hot for my liking out there, especially after being in KC where it had been cool and rainy since Friday.

On Sunday M. and I discovered a great movie theatre only a few blocks from our house. Way cheaper than the one we've been going to, and about five minutes away instead of thirty. We ate lunch at a nearby Chinese buffet that had great sushi and crab legs, then went and saw The Apparition. It was pretty "meh" as far as horrof films go, but I enjoyed it. Plus Tom Felton is entertaining no matter what he does. That night we amused ourselves by solo'ing Karazhan in WoW.

I spent today finishing freelance work. M. thought she had to work but then didn't, so we got an extra day together, which was nice. We tried to finish the Karazhan run but got bogged down on the chess event. Phooey. I was neglectful of practicing this weekend but finally got caught up tonight. It amazes me how sloppy my playing becomes if I skip even just two days. My physical stamina for playing falls right down too. People don't understand how athletic music actually is.

I should already be in bed. If those modules are ready tomorrow I'm going to be falling asleep in them. But it was a good weekend and I figured if I didn't talk about it now I probably never would.
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I hadn't really realized how long it had been since I updated. This is mostly just to give this thing some use again so it's not a long entry of any real substance. I have a lot I've wanted to write about, I just keep having a mental block against sitting down and doing so.

Long story short, we need a roommate to help with our rent. We thought we had someone. I spoke to her several times and things seemed to really click between us. So this Sunday I spent all day slaving to get the house looking presentable and to finish painting the spare room we're trying to rent. She winds up a no-call, no-show. The next day I finally get contact from her saying her phone had been acting up and she couldn't reach me. Annoying but whatever. We decide to give her another chance and ask if she wants to reschedule. But after two more days she hasn't responded to any other communication I've sent.

I have a real pet-peeve about being stood up and about people who stop communicating. If her phone is on the fritz that's fine, I understand that. But it seems to me that in that situation I'd still be trying to find a way to communicate with the people I was potentially going to be living with. So whatever, I guess she's out and the room is up for grabs again. It just pisses me off because she came recommended by a good friend I felt like she'd be someone we'd get along with really well.

Tuesday was my birthday. I got to celebrate by eating homemade chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and birthday cake courtesy of M., plus an evening of watching Dr. Who. It was nice. Downloaded some music from Amazon as a present to myself. This Friday we will cap off the celebration by getting to see the band Skid Row in concert. They are a band I missed out on seeing during their late 80's heyday and I've always been disappointed by it. So this will concert will hopefully make up for a lot of lost time. It will suck getting off work and then having to go straight to a concert but I'm sure I will appreciate the stress release that comes with it.

So that's the quicky update with me. I'm still here.
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The troupe is under a great deal of stress; more than I've seen since I joined it three years ago. That sounds more ominous than I mean for it to. There's just a lot of things to be done this year and many of them are coming down to the last minute. I feel the stress very much myself. This week I need to take out the tent that was given to me, make sure it has everything it needs. I also need to get together groceries and supplies for a week of camping as cheaply as possible.

I'll feel great once I'm out there, but for now this week just feels like a hassle to be endured and suffered through. I'm also completely broke until Thursday, adding to the stress.

I'm using music as my stress reliever. I feel like I sound like shit when I play, but I feel good when I do it, like I'm creating something. That's an important feeling and a necessary one. We're painting the room I use as my music studio so all my gear has been moved to the stair landing. Surprisingly, I'm actually finding this a somewhat better practice space acoustically and ergonomically. Still, it's a landing and I don't intend to be there forever.

Stress has crept into my little musical world too though. My drummer was unable to buy a new drum set like he'd planned. So this kind of puts us back at square one. I guess for now I just keep doing what I'm doing which is writing song. By the time I've got enough for a band to rehearse with hopefully a solution will have presented itself.

The theatre troupe's shows at Lilies are going to be great this year. This has turned into all I do theatrically anymore but I've also found it's really all I need. In a way it's also all I can manage. I'm fulfilling the urge with fellow performers whom are incredibly talented and whom I really like as people and it's just enough to keep me from getting burnt out which happened frequently when I was trying to act "full time." I could never have made acting a career, I realize now. But I'm happy for the role it's played in my life and very grateful for the place in my life it has found.
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I haven't had time to properly read LJ, let alone update it. The last several days were spent frantically trying to finish a freelancing project that I overcommitted myself on. It was brutal and exhausting but I managed to get it in on deadline. And I definitely learned a lesson about what I can and can't do and the time it takes me to do or not do it in.

Monday we took a break from it to go down to Dean and Lesley's to work on costuming for Lilies War and our troupe's performance there. Lesley fitted M. for a kyton (Greek garment) while I assembled a prop codpiece out of a pool noodle, chicken and peacock feathers, ribbon, and various glittery fabrics and sequins. I think it will definitely get a laugh out of the audience. Whether it will be the hilarious laughter or the awkward, frightened kind remains to be seen. After the crafting was done Dean grilled chicken kabobs for everyone. I think our friends spoil us.

I was proved right when [livejournal.com profile] stitchedsutures and her boyfriend took us out to eat and drink on Tuesday. They were in town for a vacation and since we only get to see them once a year they treated us grandly by grandly treating us. They bought us dinner and then bought us beers at a nearby bar. None of us had actually been in this bar before and it was virtually empty for a Tuesday night save for the bartender and her brother who as it turned out were both metalheads. Said bar also happened to have an awesome digital jukebox with a huge amount of metal on it. We played pool (badly), enjoyed good music and good conversation and just generally had a good time.

I feel like there's more but I'm up way too late for needing to work in the morning. Have fun LJ land, whatever's left of you.
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Typing this before going to bed at the end of my two days off. I actually did everything I set out to do during these two days which is something I can't say very often. On both days I have managed to write for my freelance contract, get some musical composition work done, and do a little bit of work on the house. Despite doing everything I set out to do I still feel like I could have done more. Maybe that's just the feeling that comes with being on a bit of a roll. Who knows.

I even had enough time to do some WoW playing which I haven't done in a while and to do some reading. I guess it feels like it was a long couple of days. Oh, also had rehearsal where we did the blocking for the scene I'm directing. That was easier than you might think. I have such a wonderful group of actors and they don't require that much direction. Most of the time their instincts on where to go were exactly the blocking that I had in mind. I am really proud and am so excited to see this performance happen in a few weeks.

The past two evenings were spent watching a lot of horror movies. I'll try to post mini-reviews of them. For now though I should be getting to bed.


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