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I looked forward all week to seeing Havok and Troglodyte at the Riot Room but the evening was disappointing. I have ranted about The Riot Room before, but the place really is that bad. I keep going there, telling myself it's worth it to see and support metal bands that I like but... fuck, I'm starting to wonder if it is anymore. For one thing, they always open the house way too early. Doors opened at 8:00 and it was 2 hours before the first band hit the stage. Two hours! I suppose it is better than the last show I attended there where bands started playing half an hour BEFORE the doors were scheduled to open, but still.

Well whatever. I spent the two hours sitting along the wall, drinking my cider and reading Arthur Conan Doyle on my Kindle app. It was nice and relaxing. The cider was WAY overpriced, but it was good. Took forever to get it too, thanks to the Riot Room's typically clueless bartenders. I have never seen the same person bartending twice in there and there is probably a reason for that.

The first band was called Cast Pattern and they were generic screamo. Competent, but forgettable. The bass player looked like Game of Thrones' Theon Greyjoy and the singer looked like Dagmar Cleftjaw. It did nothing to make me like them.

The second band, Dogs of Delphi were actually a really good. I consider the $5 I spent on their CD well spent.

Troglodyte were incredible as always, but they've replaced their guitarist/backing vocalist and you can tell the difference. They seemed a little off, like there was a hole in their sound where the old guitarist used to be. This was also the point at which the pit started and it was full of violent assholes who don't know how to mosh without trying to hurt people. I really got pissed off by this and it kind of ruined my night. I don't mind standing on the edge of the pit. I do mind people in the pit deliberately fucking with me when I'm trying to stay out of their way. I've seen this behavior at the Riot Room before and I don't see it anywhere else. It's probably the biggest factor in me not wanting to go back.

Havok were great: perfect thrash metal that just blisters and electrifies. But by then my mood was shot. I love the band and their music, but I just didn't feel up to staying for the full set. This is the second time I've left a Riot Room show early, despite having a good time. Again, this doesn't happen anywhere else.

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I don't remember what I was doing when I found this video on YouTube but few bands have made me go "Shut up and take my money!" recently quite as much as this one has. As soon as I get some money I will shut them up and make them take it. I think the last one to get me this excited was Ancient Bards and that was almost a year ago. The whole "beauty-and-the-beast" (a.k.a. "soprano and gravel") has almost become a cliche unto itself, but they way the blackened screams mesh with the female singer's big, brassy voice is really refreshing. It's rare for bands that use this vocal style to actually have the vocals try and work together.

Now I'm sure you might watch this video/story and say, "Hey! He was in full heavy plate armor. Why couldn't they just outrun him?" Well, duh! They can't outrun him because he's like, magic and stuff. He's a magical dark general! That means no matter how fast you run he will always be right behind you. That's what magical dark generals do. Read your Tolkien, people. I've got better things to do than explain this shit.

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I haven't had time to properly read LJ, let alone update it. The last several days were spent frantically trying to finish a freelancing project that I overcommitted myself on. It was brutal and exhausting but I managed to get it in on deadline. And I definitely learned a lesson about what I can and can't do and the time it takes me to do or not do it in.

Monday we took a break from it to go down to Dean and Lesley's to work on costuming for Lilies War and our troupe's performance there. Lesley fitted M. for a kyton (Greek garment) while I assembled a prop codpiece out of a pool noodle, chicken and peacock feathers, ribbon, and various glittery fabrics and sequins. I think it will definitely get a laugh out of the audience. Whether it will be the hilarious laughter or the awkward, frightened kind remains to be seen. After the crafting was done Dean grilled chicken kabobs for everyone. I think our friends spoil us.

I was proved right when [livejournal.com profile] stitchedsutures and her boyfriend took us out to eat and drink on Tuesday. They were in town for a vacation and since we only get to see them once a year they treated us grandly by grandly treating us. They bought us dinner and then bought us beers at a nearby bar. None of us had actually been in this bar before and it was virtually empty for a Tuesday night save for the bartender and her brother who as it turned out were both metalheads. Said bar also happened to have an awesome digital jukebox with a huge amount of metal on it. We played pool (badly), enjoyed good music and good conversation and just generally had a good time.

I feel like there's more but I'm up way too late for needing to work in the morning. Have fun LJ land, whatever's left of you.
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Since Orion appears to be such a big hit with the ladies, (who knew?) here is more of him from the same night.

Now remember not to fight over the hulking black metal teddy bear. There is more than enough of him to go around.
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The venue where the Behemoth concert was posted photographs. Now you can see the beefiness that is Orion (on the right) vs. the fetching slimness that is Nergal (left) instead of just taking my word for it. But remember people, all shapes are beautiful!

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Tonight [livejournal.com profile] megiloth and I caught the Decibel Magazine tour headlined by Behemoth. This was one of the more exotic metal shows I've been to in a while in that every single band represented a different metal genre.

First up we got some no-frills classic heavy metal from In Solitude. These nice young men dress like they're in Accept or Judas Priest and it's 1981. Lots of leather vests, studded wristbands, and classy, cherry-finish Gibson guitars. Then there's the vocalist who I suspect may be a zombie. Let's just say he looked unhealthy and of dubious personal hygiene and leave it at that. He also wore what I thought at first was some kind of boa or scarf but which actually turned out to be a fox pelt. Possibly more than the pelt. I think there may have still been bones and organs in there. Anyway, their recording has very rudimentary production and I thought their sound had a bigger "umph" to it live. The singer's vocals are kind of odd though and they couldn't ever seem to get them just right in the live mix. He was enunciating clearly but his voice still came out like he was mumbling. Maybe not his fault. Still a pleasant band to start the night with. [livejournal.com profile] megiloth described them as "Mercyful Fate meets Tesla" and I think that's a fair descriptor.

Next up were The Devil's Blood whom I would classify as pagan metal. I had never heard them before tonight and had no idea what to expect. When they came out and did their sound check they looked like a bunch of dorks from a 90's alternative band and the riffs they played did nothing to downplay this. One of the guitarists even had what looked like some kind of 60's surf rock guitar. Then they left the stage and came back as completely different people. Shirtless and covered head to toe in what I hope was fake blood, they proceeded to tear into some very hypnotic, very primal sounding metal. They were then joined on stage by their vocalist: a very charismatic high priestess/earth mother type woman. She stood almost motionless for the band's entire set, barefoot and with her arms upraised and fixing everyone in the room with the most intense STARE. Afterward I felt like I had been initiated into something and like I should strip naked, go into the woods, and kill a wild animal with my bare hands and teeth.

The only band I've ever heard that I can really comapre The Devil's Blood to is the 60's/70's death rock band Coven. They've got the sound and definitely have the vibe. I'd say I want to see them again but I'm afraid of what I might do...

Third up were straight-up black metal band Watain. I may not know what a Watain is, but I know fellow lovers of the dark and theatrical when I see them and these Swedes more than qualify. They had the longest set-up time of any band. Every time I thought the roadies were done they'd bring out another five foot tall inverted iron cross, or another totemic array of animal bones, or another length of metal chains to hang. Finally Watain came skulking out under layers of armor, ripped fabric, and corpse paint like they'd just robbed a thrift store in Mordor and they just went completely insane. Believe it or not, their music is actually quite beautiful and melodic in places and their lyrics can be quite introspective. There was one song in particular where the singer was speaking about the darkness between the stars that I found really haunting. Black metal constantly walks a razor-thin line between scary and silly. Watain are one of the few bands I've found that are never in danger of falling to the silly side despite setting themselves up with every possible opportunity to do so.

Finally the headliners and the band I had most wanted to see, Behemoth, took the stage. Extreme metal just doesn't get better than this. Nergal, the lead vocalist, is a controversial public figure in his native Poland thanks to his persistent trolling of that country's religious establishment and he was no less on-message tonight. You can tell he's playing a character when he takes the stage, but he's so intensely committed to it that you get as into it as he does. He also looks extremely good for having just gone through a near-fatal battle with leukemia only a few months ago. Also, if you watch the video in the link above, you'll notice him wearing a crazy Magneto/Galactus/Batman helmet in the later half of the video. He actually wore it tonight at the concert. I respect the hell out of any man who can beat leukemia, piss off the religious establishment, and be the goddamn Batman all at the same time. Unrelated: Behemoth's bassist Orion is a huge, musclebound ogre of a man. This guy is so big and so ripped that if Peter Steele were still alive and had to fight him I... I'm not sure Peter would win! I know, it seems impossible but I'm telling you, this guy walks down the street and Japanese businessmen run away screaming. I think Orion may be the reason why Watain have so many cattle bones to decorate their stage with. He ate the cows whole. You'd think him standing side-by-side with a frail, skeletal scarecrow like Nergal would be funny but it's not. You just wonder which one needs the nourishment from your pale, soft body more and is going to fight you harder to take it from you.

Met some cool people at this show. Normally at concerts I talk to no one, no one talks to me, and that's the way I like it. But friendly people just kept coming up to me and starting conversations and in a move that is completely unlike me, I really enjoyed it. Two guys who drove over from Springfield, MO struck up a conversation with the two of us as we waited for the show to start and just handed us CD's of their bands, no charge. I got to listen to them a little bit on the drive back from Megiloth's house and they are incredibly good, as in way better than I'm used to unsigned bands sounding. So that was a pleasant surprise.

Great music I paid money to see and great music that was just given to me to keep for free. I don't think you're going to find a better deal at a metal show or any other kind of show. I'll call it a win for sure.
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I think I want to have sex with this band. All eight of them. At once. Any one member eight times in a row would also be acceptable.

Notice how sad Chrigel looks in this one, like Anna is being mean and not letting him sing. Whatever Chrigel, you sing lead on 90% of the songs. Plus she's nice and lets you sing at the end :P

And here is one in which pretty girls sing sweetly in ancient Gaulish so you won't know you're getting into a face-ripping metal band until it's too late.

And finally a behind-the-scenes piece with Anna puttering around her music studio. I include it because her Swedish accent is especially fun at 2:20 where she says "Und now ve have the hurdi gurdi!" Do yourself a favor and stop watching after that. Do not stick around for the creepy Swedish record producer showing off his creepy guitar sex manual.

Iced Earth

Feb. 26th, 2012 03:10 pm
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This is who I'll be seeing tonight along with a few other exciting bands.

Tomorrow, by contrast, will suck. I have to get up early in the morning to go do five hours of standardized patient work at KU Med Center immediately followed by an eight hour shift at my regular job :/
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Megadeth guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Dave Mustaine endorses Rick Santorum for president.

I keep meaning to sit down and blog about my actual life, but it takes one of my lifelong heroes coming out in favor of a man who opposes everything I care about to make me sit down and write.

I will put up with a lot from Dave Mustaine and I have. A lot of people have. I think he has garnered that coveted "crazy old uncle" quality within the metal community where he can pretty much say whatever he wants and everyone just shakes their head and says "Oh Dave..." Or at the very worst, they make fun of him and mock him, then sneak off and go headbang to "Hangar 18" and "Wake Up Dead" when nobody is looking.

But I can't look beyond this. And perhaps that is hypocritical of me because I listen to bands who are against the things I believe in all the time. Maybe the problem is attitude. You've got bands like Slayer and Cradle of Filth who blaspheme God for a living but when they're offstage they're all happy and goofy to the point where you want to pinch their cheeks and say "You are just precious!" And then there's Dave who has been accused of many things during his long career but having a sense of humor has not been one of them.

I could also point out that I feel Rick Santorum blasphemes God on an entirely different level that no mere metal band could ever hope to reach. But that is an entirely different discussion.

Another discussion that's worth having but also something of a digression is that heavy metal, for all its talk of rebellion and resistance is by and large an intensely conservative culture. A lot of metalheads don't like change in their music and don't like change in their world around them. There is a big undercurrent of homophobia in the culture. I say these things as someone who loves the scene enough to be honest about its shortcomings. In a way it is not surprising that sooner or later someone of great stature within the culture would come out in favor of a politician like Rick Santorum.

I just wish it had not been Dave Mustaine. I don't hold being a Republican against him. Hell, Jon Schaeffer of Iced Earth, another prominent metal musician whom I admire, is an outspoken Libertarian and Libertarians scare the hell out of me. Schaeffer, however, seems to know how to speak about his political views without alienating his target audience. That is a skill Mustaine has never had and never cared to. Anyway, as I said I could care less about him being a Republican or voting for one. Unfortunately I feel Rick Santorum is the most destructive one available, the one most committed to destroying things I value very highly. So I'm sorry Dave, but after twenty-two years of believing in you and feeling like you were there for me through your music, this is where you and I part ways.

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The Woman In Black turned out to be a pretty fun little scary movie. I wouldn't nominate it for Best Picture or anything, but that' s not because it's bad. It knows exactly what it is supposed to be (a jump scare horror movie,) tries to do it very well, and succeeds. Daniel Radcliffe proves once and for all that he's more than just a one-trick pony, especially during the many long scenes of him by himself, no dialogue, just reacting to the bizarre happenings around him.

The movie also has some gorgeous scenery porn. It's worth seeing for the haunted house sets alone. Best of all, it's a Hammer Film and it succeeds in updating the great qualities of the early Hammer movies for a new century. Hopefully this means they are back and will keep delivering good, interesting horror movies.

Of interest to probably no one besides me, (as if anything else I say is - Ha!) I have repeatedly mistakenly referred to the film as "The Lady In Black" due to the title's similarity to Queensryche's amazing early song, "The Lady Wore Black." Since the lyrics and atmosphere of said song are actually kind of appropriate for The Woman In Black here it is, complete with pretty graphics some kid with editing software compiled into a Youtube video.

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My parents finally have a sump pump installed in their basement, replacing the old gravity drain that was the source of so much trouble. I haven't been over there to look but apparently the plumber crews (who have been over there for days on end,) had to jackhammer up a bunch of the concrete. Hopefully the pump will help my folks rest easier and avoid any future floods until they can finally get out of there.

Last night I went with [livejournal.com profile] megiloth and [livejournal.com profile] thanis_bloodsto to see Anthrax, Testament, and Death Angel at the Midland theatre. These are three of the royalty of thrash metal and believe it or not, I had never seen any of them live until tonight. They each did a hell of a job. I was expecting Anthrax to be fun but just okay since they had one album a absolutely loved and several that were just alright to me, and I haven't really gotten into their newer stuff. To my surprise they really put on an amazing show! This was in spite of their guitarist Scott Ian being out due to a sudden illness. Fortunately, all the guitarists from the other two bands took turns filling his spot, each one playing about 3 songs each. Joey Belladonna (Anthrax's singer) kept apologizing for the situation but it really created a fun atmosphere with all the bands helping out.

Of the three acts Testament was definitely the LOUDEST. They are one act where you know for sure you have just seen a METAL band. They were the one I most wanted to see and they did not disappoint.

Working backwards, that brings me to Death Angel. They are an extremely hard-working band, touring constantly, and been around just as long as the other two, yet they've never managed to work their way up to main event status. I cannot figure out why because they deliver tight, intricate songs that are as brutal as they are beautiful. They've been through KC several times this year and missed them each time until now and I am really regretting it.

The disappointing aspect of the concert for me was that each band had at least two songs I really wanted to hear live and NONE of them played ANY of them! They all somehow managed to play every other big song the had except the ones I most wanted. I expect that from a band every now and then. But three in a row? Come on.

Good show overall and also it was at the Midland Theatre which as I always love to point out was built at the end of the 19th century and as a result is filled with statues and gold paint and motherfucking carved gods and angels and shit. Perfect place to hold a metal show. Every metal show needs to be in a place like that.

Next concert will be Children of Bodom/Eluviete a week from Monday and it will be at the much more austere setting of the Granada in Lawrence KS. Not as pretty as the Midland but I'll manage.
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I had never heard of this band but came across them today when surfing metal videos on Youtube. I like what I'm hearing! Yeah, the singer is nothing to write home about but that bassist can fucking groove! Adding her to the list of motivation to get my fingerpicking up to where it needs to be.

Yes I am aware that it is four hot metal chicks all wearing practically nothing and yet I am more interested in the bass line. I don't care. Fuck you.
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The joke might wear thin after a few minutes... but the recipe looks really good! And fourteen minutes of black metal. Did he seriously write and record all that?

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I have been meaning to write this entry for two days but have just been too tired. This past Saturday night my two month blitz of concert-going slammed to its epic conclusion with a huge treat: a chance to see my Viking metal heroes Amon Amarth.

Surprisingly, I've had a hard time coming up with stuff to say about this show. For one thing, Amon Amarth totally delivered from start to finish. For another, there were no opening acts. It was just Amon Amarth performing two full-length sets. But since one cannot see a band one has longed to see for years and just not talk about it, I will do my best.

[livejournal.com profile] megiloth and I made an uneventful drive to Lawrence, KS during which he shared with me Stryper's new album of covers of classic metal songs. (More on that later.) We arrived at the Granada right before doors were set to open and... Wow. I think the last time I saw a crowd that big for a show there was for Type O Negative three or four years ago. Amon Amarth are a big deal apparently. This makes me happy but I don't think they'll be able to play at the Granada much longer. It just won't hold the crowd.

Despite being at the back of the line we nevertheless managed to get near the front. I am a tall gentleman and how the five people in any given hall who are taller than me always find me and decide to stand directly in front of me I will never know. Fortunately Amon Amarth are tall fellows of Swedish descent and I had no problem seeing them. Especially vocalist Johann Hegg whose stature could impress one of the Norse deities he sings about.

To my sorrow, the band did not take to the stage in a Viking longboat as they have been known to do. But then again the Granada's stage is not very deep. I mean, if it could not contain the very petite Zoe Jakes how is it going to hold an entire Viking longboat? Anyway, Amon Amarth's set consisted of their new album Surtur Rising played in its entirety. For those of you taking notes at home, Surtur is the champion of the mythical fire giants who, in a scenario eerily evocative of nuclear holocaust, is prophesied to exterminate nearly all life on earth by means of his colossal flaming sword. The massive backdrop of Surtur wielding said sword more than made up for the absence of any boats. I do not own the new album, but damn do I want it after hearing it live. Now I understand why they call themselves Amon Amarth. (You probably know it better as "Mount Doom."): Because like the fires of Mount Doom, once you encounter what Amon Amarth produces, you wants it. It is the precious.

The second set consisted of songs spanning Amon Amarth's twenty year career. They rocked the anthems like "Twilight of the Thunder God" and "Death and Fire" and soothed us with ballads like "A Thousand Years of Oppression" and "Cry of the Black Birds." Keep in mind that their ballads are heavier than most bands' heavy songs. I just... wow. I really need to say that Amon Amarth have the best sound techs/sound set-up out there right now. It's one of the few shows where I could hear every note that was played clearly. And Johann Hegg joked at one point that it's okay to sing along even if you don't know the lyrics because no one can understand death metal lyrics anyway. But I actually did understand damn near every word he said. Then again, he does enunciate better than most death metal vocalists. As a musician I was totally absorbed by everything I saw and heard in their playing. They may be obsessed with scary Viking images of ransacking and rapine, but musically they are true professionals.

[livejournal.com profile] megiloth mentioned in his post that for a bunch of mean Vikings Amon Amarth were very jolly and happy on stage. Of course, Johann Hegg has admitted that actual Vikings probably wouldn't understand their music since all they had for instruments were flutes and bongos. So they definitely don't take themselves too seriously. This is one band that knows how to treat the crowd like friends and the crowd responded to that in a big way. They are also incredibly generous with their merchandise, selling their t-shirts for about $15 less than most bands. It was the first time I've been able to buy a band t-shirt in at least five years.

In closing I want to say how impressed I was at the diversity of the crowd. Quite a few women and older people (as in, my age or older,) in the crowd. And except for a stray flung beer can that sought me out as surely as the very tall men, the crowd was very respectful of one another. Mosh pits called time-outs long enough to help the fallen up off the floor and none of the many female crowd surfers got their lady bits grabbed or their clothing torn that I saw. It just makes me feel all kinds of good to see that the metal scene is becoming a community in the true sense rather than merely a shared affectation of a certain type of dysfunctional young male.

There are no concerts on the horizon for the foreseeable future. This may be a good thing. These aging bones need a rest.
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Tomorrow is my one day off this week. I'm getting paid by a grad student to be interviewed for a dissertation paper regarding human sexuality and the workplace. Have some Japanese death metal where a bunch of zombie geisha lick a writhing metal dildo.

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Vote for the metal queen!!!

I don't know what's worse, that Cristina Scabbia only has 8% of the vote or that Tarja Turunnen has 25%. Then again I voted for Simone Simmons so don't blame me!
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This is another post that will only be meaningful to metalheads. But last night in Sofia, Bulgaria members of Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer all got onstage and jammed together for a cover of Diamond Head's "Am I Evil." Anyone knowing the rocky history of all these bands, especially Metallica and Megadeth, knows this can't have been easy thing to pull off and the result is as awesome as you can imagine it would be.

I agree with all the commentors on Megadeth's facebook page: Bring this tour to America now!
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It's a dark time in the metal world.

First Peter Steele and now this.

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio.

Obituary here.
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Once upon a time there was a dark metal band from Scandanavia known as Celtic Frost. And these guys were pretty much the darkest, baddest dudes in metal, fathering the subgenre of black metal almost singlehandedly while bands like Venom were still treating it as a joke. Celtic Frost were so drastically badass that they could do whatever they wanted, to the point that they even released a glam metal album and no one said boo.

Okay, so that's not true. The album Cold Lake turned scores of the horn-throwing antichrists who were the band's fans against them and they still haven't lived it down to this day. But the point is they did it anyway!

Celtic Frost soldiered on from the abandoment of their horn-throwing anthichrist fans because nothing keeps them down. They fear nothing. The lead singer even changed his last name to Warrior just to show what a badass he is. Even God doesn't mess with these guys. I have personally seen them mock the Almighty and get away with it. The bass player stood up on stage and after a rambling story about his mother's funeral loudly proclaimed that "THERE IS NO GOD!!!" And nothing happened to him. [livejournal.com profile] cherith , [livejournal.com profile] darkpriestss , [livejournal.com profile] ysathora and [livejournal.com profile] zombiecowboy were there too. If you don't believe me ask them.

Okay, so that's not true either. Immediately after saying that the band launched into a song. And immediately after launching into the song the bassist's bass guitar cut out completely. This left him standing off to the side arguing hurriedly with a roadie while the band bravely and uncomfortably chugga-chugged on without him. It might have been coincidence, but part of me would love to think it was God having a bit of fun at his expense :)

Because nothing is more Satanic than hatred all the members of Celtic Frost hated each other. They have broken up and reformed several times but now they seem to have broken up for good. But there is no need to fear because the lead singer (that Warrior guy,) has started a new band called Tryptikon which he says is designed to pick up where Celtic Frost left off.

See how the T's in Tryptikon are inverted crosses? Isn't that clever the way they do that to show how evil they are? And cover art by H.R. Giger so extra evil points there.

But while he was getting his ballpoint pen ready to sign the name Warrior on all the checks he was going to be cashing, Tom Warrior didn't do some very basic research. Namely to see if the name "Tryptikon" is not already associated with a ridiculous robot Godzilla from an 80's children's cartoon.

As for Celtic Frost's God-mocking bassist, no one knows what happened to him. Presumably he has started a new band and named it something he thought sounded cool and could never, ever be mistaken for a cartoon character. Like Megatron or Destro or Spongebob. Cover art probably to be done by Andres Serrano !
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Election day tomorrow and I am ridiculously pumped about it. I really want to see how this all plays out and it's just close enough for me to be very nervous. I expect it to be a crazy day tomorrow, just as bad if not worse than in 2000. I'd be delighted to be wrong on that.

I tried to do writing this weekend, but still managed to get nothing done creatively. Minimal progress made on the D&D module I'm writing and on my novel. It's a good thing I'm not doing Nano because I'm already screwed. But it was an enjoyable weekend overall. Even when my wife is vigorously studying for an algebra test she still finds time to put excellent cooking skills to use. We've been married two years today and I'm reminded just how much I love her.

So now it's Monday. Here's hoping I can get caught up on all the stuff I didn't do over the weekend.

In case anyone's interested, here's a recap of the concert I went to Friday night. )

It's three days later now and my legs are still sore from standing all Friday night. Being metal is hard work.


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