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Today I began fermenting my first batch of mead. If everything goes correctly, in a few months I will have a drinkable honey-flavored alcoholic beverage. If 15 year-old me could see this he would be shocked and devastated. He'd be frantically searching for how his life could take such a tragic turn.

For nearly all of my young adult life I was of the opinion that drinking - any drinking - was wrong. I owe this to my upbringing in the Free Methodist Church. I didn't hear fiery prohibition sermons from the pulpit or anything - at least none that I can recall. That was simply part of what being a good Christian was, and good Christians did not drink. Or if they did, they certainly did not get drunk.

Another thing to keep in mind is that I grew up in a miserable redneck Midwestern town. There was nothing to do, especially for young people. Binge drinking was common. People started it early in high school and kept it going until long afterward, assuming it didn't just become a permanent way of life. I was against alcohol because everyone around me was so damned for it. I hated the way it made people and what it did to them.

So what changed?

Religiously I am different now. I currently identify as Norse Pagan, or Heathen and alcohol - mead in particular - holds a huge cultural and religious significance in the pre-Christian European way of life. It is not divorced from, or exist awkwardly alongside the sacred there. When Heimdall drinks mead constantly at his station by the Rainbow Bridge or when Odin is said to exist on wine alone, it is thought of merely as another one of their many amazing supernatural attributes. Contrast that Sunday morning church where they just awkwardly try to gloss over and move past the time when Jesus was at a wedding reception that ran dry and He magically conjured up enough wine to keep the party going. It's just... a different mindset. And when you're lifting up a drinking horn in salutation of the mythic ages of the past, filling it with mead just seems right.

My views on alcohol also changed because my experience with it did. I left my town and moved to the big city. I found out it was possible for people to enjoy alcohol without making fools out of themselves or hurting one another. I've never felt the desire to get drunk even once in my life so far, but I've come to enjoy the taste of and the relaxation brought by a cup or two of nice fermented drink. I guess it's just an age-old story: you grow up, your perspectives change.

One thing I know for sure, though: my first batch of mead isn't even a day old, (it won't be ready to drink until at least this winter,) and I already want to start making another one.

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It's time to stop procrastinating and blog. As you've probably heard by now, Missouri and Kansas are in the grasp of a tremendous snow storm that has dumped at least a foot of snow on us so far. Just about everything is shut down and most of the city where I live are hunkered down in their homes, myself included.

So a few weeks ago we had car trouble that prevented me from getting to work, followed a week later by a serious bout with stomach flu that made me miss work again. As a result I got a talking to about missing work. I really, really did not want to call in today but as it stands there was literally no physical way I could get there. Even if I could have reached them, both the interstates I could have used for my commute were shut down with cars literally stranded upon them. I told my manager that if the higher-ups wanted to fire me on account of this I would laugh in their faces. May not have been the most politic way of going about it, but I'm not going to be bullied into risking my safety in dangerous weather. Especially when my workplace is known to have two standards of behavior toward associate call-ins, i.e., if you're a good worker they'll ride your ass for missing a day, but the crummy ones they'll let slide figuring they're eventually going to quit anyway. So no, I'm not playing that game anymore. I bust my ass and do my job and they know it. I refuse to take shit over a blizzard that has stranded 90% of the city in their homes.

Wow, I really didn't intend for this post to be about this. Guess I needed to talk about it more than I thought. It was actually a really nice day at home with M. We don't get many of those anymore so it was an unexpected treat. Overall I've felt positive about many things. Songwriting is going great. I'm writing a D&D game to play with some friends soon. Perhaps best of all, a few days ago on Facebook some friends from my hometown and I inadvertently got into a conversation about bullying that revealed a lot of things that we never knew were happening to each other. The long and short of it is that it was a healing conversation for all of us involved. I know it was for me. I've actually been struggling with a lot of issues these last few years relating to bullying I endured as a child. I'd even been considering therapy, even though it's just wishful thinking since I can't afford it. But the talk with my friends... I think it helped me a lot. I can't say I'll never feel bad about what happened again, but I feel a lot more validated about my feelings than I have in... well, I guess ever.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant and safe winter.
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I hope I don't sound obsessed with the crazy McPherson woman but in the words of Apocalypse Woman's antagonist, I am flattered to be the target of such exquisite hate.

She went and checked out my Facebook profile and had to comment on its "shocking, bizarre pictures." (I currently have a banner by surrealist artist David Ho,) and how it contains "the f-word." I can't see anywhere on my wall where the f-word has been used recently. She then goes on a tangent about the theophanies (physical manifestations,) of God in the Bible. I point out that said theophanies, if illustrated would make for shocking and bizarre pictures, (e.g, the Writing On the Wall, the chariot of Ezekiel's vision, etc.) trying to make the point that the shocking and bizarre should not be dismissed offhand because God uses it for His purposes too.

I think this really frightened her or something. She told me I was "too educated, too filled with abominations, and too chilling in my religious beliefs." She also "kind of likes me but wouldn't dare reach out."

It gets better. She then insulted another poster on the thread's mother. It turns out said poster's mother was murdered. Yeah, I may not know when to back out of these situations but this time it was obvious even to me.

I swear all I wanted to do was learn the political views of folks from my hometown!

I feel bad like I'm posting internet drama or something. I'm really not trying to. This person is just so fascinating from a psychological standpoint.
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So that forum I joined where people from my hometown go to argue with each other? I've been a member for less than 24 hours and have already been called an "accomplice of Satan."

To be fair, the person who said it seems to be the token crackpot of the group and she's taking a pretty hard beating from other members for her toxic statements on various things.

Her comments to me made me laugh but there is a lot she's saying that isn't funny at all. For one thing she thinks homosexuality is a demon; not caused or influenced by a demon, but a literal and actual supernatural being that controls people and only Jesus can drive it out. This is where good, old-fashioned deaths-by-exorcism come from. To say nothing of the suicides that are caused.

Welcome home.


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