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I just spent twenty minutes typing a huge entry about how awesome my 4th of July weekend was. It got fucking eaten. There are disadvantages, it seems to this more intimate form of blogging. Well I will try again, shorter this time, I guess.

-My 4th of July started on Thursday because my bass amplifier died last week and I needed to replace it. I finally found a good Peavey bass amp and was preparing to take a $350 hit to the wallet. Instead I walked into Guitar Center where it turned out they were having a 4th of July sale. I got the thing for $100 off. It was a great way to start the weekend.

-Friday night was the cast party for my theatre troupe. We just completed our big summer show. It was hard to get going again this year because we had taken a year off, but the show came together and our audience were thrilled to see us back. We ate lots of delicious grilled meat, made plans for next year, and began feeling strong as a troupe again.

-Saturday was the 4th. Angie and I had many plans but due to general lethargy overcoming us both, we only fulfilled about half of them. We ate BBQ, shopped at Ikea like delighted 5 year-olds, and took a very long, very happy nap. No fireworks, but none were needed.

-Today, Sunday, culminated in taking my parents out for supper at a local down-home country restaurant. We had a good time and Angie is really becoming one of the family. It was also a good day for me creatively. I got good work done on a Pathfinder (D&D) game that I'm writing, played guitar and bass for a good, long time, and learned to play an Amon Amarth song.

-My 4th of July was so good it took four whole days. I had a great time on a holiday where I usually wind up lonely, depressed, and not knowing what to do with myself. Instead I made incredible memories and had joyful experiences. I owe it all to the company I keep.
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I should be getting ready for work since I want to get there early, sit and eat in the breakroom, and write a little bit before my shift starts. But I hate that my last entry was ten days ago.

Had a wonderful St. Patrick's day last night. We spent the evening with a friend and went out to dinner, had some limited edition Irish beer, and sat around and told ghost stories by firelight. Probably the most fun I've had on this utterly trivial holiday in... well, ever!

I am still sticking to my guns in terms of writing and practicing music. Seasons in the Abyss is chugging along at a fairly good clip. I don't have daily word counts since I'm still drafting it by hand but I'm completing approximately two pages a day, which is good for that method. Although I should start typing up what I've already written soon just so it won't seem like such a daunting task when the draft is finished. Sometime soon I need to begin working on Fool's Game as well. I've let that sit and gather dust for too long.

I'm practicing the bass every day but have hit a bit of a wall as far as songwriting goes. Coming up for the next riff in a song is hard. I tell myself it's not urgent because I don't have a guitar amp to write the accompanying part yet, nor any music software to record it all with. But it gets frustrating playing the same things over and over again, knowing something comes after it but not being able to figure out what it is! At least all this daily practicing has definitely turned me into a better player than I've ever been in my life. That alone is reason enough to put up with the repetition.

It's time to go to work. Have a good weekend, LJ world and whoever is left in it.
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I wasn't really looking forward to Christmas very much this year. The whole time period just felt stressful and exhausting. But Christmas day turned out to be a lot of fun. Everyone in my family was really pleased with their gifts - a relief since I was on an even tighter budget than usual and the "big" surprise gift for my mom got lost in shipping and had to be re-shipped four days before Christmas. It got here in time though and all was well.

I had only asked for one gift this year, a tabletop RPG book. My wife eventually coaxed me into admitting that I would really like a PS3, but I never saw the point in asking one since no one was ever really in a position to afford one, myself included. Imagine my surprise when I got both my book AND a PS3. It had in fact been stealthily set up in place of my PS2 and had literally been sitting right there next to me the whole night before. Everyone was counting on me not noticing it and I guess I didn't let them down! Well I am very pleased to say the least and looking very forward to its use.

After an appropriate Christmas feast M. and I went out to see Tron Legacy

After the movie we spent some time on the Plaza. M. got a new camera and was eager to try it out. We got a few good shots despite the biting cold wind that made standing in one place for more than a few seconds all but impossible. We got home exhausted but very satisfied with the day.

My mom gave me some cash to get myself some games with for my new system. Gamestop has a sweet buy-2-get-1-free thing on their used games so I am now the proud owner of Bayonetta, Heavenly Sword, and Fallout 3. Man, I still have a backlog of PS2 games to play through! But I never know when to say when. It's a good thing I don't drink.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope all holidays were happy.
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It seems every holiday these days comes with at least one type of asshole that's out to ruin it.

At Christmas you have to put up with right-wingers bitching about the "war on Christmas." There are other sorts you have to put up with then 'cause it's the biggest holiday of the year, but they're probably the loudest and easiest to spot.

No one can go through the month of February without hearing at least one lecture about how Valentine's Day is just a conspiracy made up by candy companies.

Nowadays Easter can't come and go without at least one cutesy little jackhole who thinks he/she is funny saying "Happy Zombie Jesus Day!"

And here in the States we can't enjoy Independence Day (and to some extent, Memorial Day,) without someone wanting to lecture us about how evil and bad our country is. Which is fine. We have freedom of speech here for a reason. And while I too find irony in us celebrating our revolution for democracy - the final straw of which was outrageous import fees - by detonating explosives imported from a communist state I see no need to go out of my way to ruin peoples' good time.

Yesterday at work, my pot smoking, beat poet-obsessed co-worker decided to tell me how he just can't see the point in, as he put it, nationalism. "Instead of putting an American flag in your yard why not put a flag of the Planet Earth in your yard. Know what I mean? Right?"

And I like the guy and I appreciate the sentiment. But something about it just really pissed me off. Hippies... And they wonder why no one listens to them.
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I've met many Christians who claim society is a rejection of godly things.

I've met many atheists who claim society is inextricably bound up in Christianity.

With the treasures you seek, there shall your heart be found.

In honor of Good Friday, Passover, and Easter, everyone appreciate your blessings and what you have.
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Tomorrow we'll be leaving for Alabama for the holiday week. LJ access will be sporadic at best, so if I miss something you absolutely need to tell me please e-mail me. Everybody have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.
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 As some of you who are American might know, Friday was the 4th of July. Independence a Day is a holiday I can typically care less about due to having spent most of my July 4th's bored, lonely, and wishing the day were over. To illustrate, let me say that one of the best 4th of July evenings I ever had was spent with [personal profile] batchix and her husband inside a Kinko's - a Kinko's! Yeah, not my holiday. This 4th was fairly decent though. My parents cooked a lot of hamburgers and brautwurst, which is a sure-fire way to make me happy no matter what and while the meat cooked we sat and watched Independence Day which I had not seen in many years and had honestly forgotten how much fun it was. It's not Citizen Kane, okay well as far as alien invasion movies go it probably is the Citizen Kane, but it's still a lot of fun.

And why does everyone always compare movies to Citizen Kane? I've seen it and it was boring as hell. 

After food I humored my dad and set off fireworks with him, which I haven't done since I was a child. And I actually had fun doing it probably for the first time ever. I then went home and rounded out the holiday by watching the last two episodes of Season 1 of Oz. Because nothing makes you appreciate freedom like watching people in prison. 

Saturday was my day of getting things done. I did all our laundry, found a new pair of work shoes so I could finally throw my old hole-filled ones away, and got a long-overdue haircut. The haircut was almost a post in and of itself. I got to the hair salon I always go to and found that it was closed so I then went off in search of this one my boss told me about that he goes to. Locating it in the shopping center was a mini-adventure of its own. The real fun was when I got inside where I was hit with more questions then you should need to answer for getting a haircut. "What's your full name? What's your address? What are the last four digits of your phone number?" I think there were a few other questions too, none of which seemed in any way relevant to the transaction I was there for. I thought barbers got out of the surgery business centuries ago, so why did I feel like I was filling out a release? They also immediately try to upsell you on all these shampoo/styling/hot towel on your face extras. I"m sorry, but what is so hard about hair is long, take scissors, make hair short? I was really happy with the haircut I got but I can't decide if I want to go back there again.

Between all of Saturday's chores I also got a lot done on World of Warcraft. Hit honored with both Aldor and Sha'tari and was able to upgrade to some nice new gear on account of it. The day was rounded out by a fun game of Munchkin with my wife. By that time 5:30 AM had rolled around so it was time for bed.

Sunday I hit WoW for a few battleground matches, bought some groceries, washed some dishes, did a lot of sleeping, and watched Family Guy, Venture Bros., and Metalocalypse. After a shaky start, I must say the new season of Venture Bros. is finally starting to get really good. That means nothing to most of you and that's fine. Just take my word for it.

And that was the weekend that was.


Mar. 22nd, 2008 06:25 pm
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My mom, being the loving mom that she is, loaded us up on potato salad and Easter ham. I have just finished a plate and my goodness, is it yummy.

I wonder, why is the traditional food of Easter a ham? I mean, Jesus was Jewish, after all. Maybe it's supposed to be symbolic of Christ's resurrection freeing us from literal strictures of the old covenant. But knowing American Protestants, it probably wasn't anything that deep or thoughtful. "It's a holiday! What should we eat after we get home from church? Oh look! Ham is on sale..." I like my explanation better :) If anybody asks me I'll say that's why I do it.

I haven't been very observant this Easter. For the last two days [livejournal.com profile] christianity has been filled with one post after another full of deep, profound thoughts on Christ's magnificent triumph over sin; the sacred mystery of his glorious resurrection. And then there's me, grinding away on my World of Warcraft character and thinking no really deep thoughts of any kind.

I will say that I do think about Christ's life, death, and resurrection a lot. I don't talk about it much to anyone, but it's regularly on my mind. Maybe I haven't been getting into Easter very much this year because it's actually been Easter for me for a long time; it's a day that's never really far from my heart even if there are periods when my mind is less devout than it should be. Times such as now.

Happy Easter, everyone. However you celebrate it, and even if you don't celebrate it at all, may this special weekend find you in good health, good spirits, and among good friends.
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It's the last day of the year. Usually I don't get excited about the New Year beyond the number of checks I have to stop in the middle of writing and start again because I'm still writing the old year for the date. And even that's not worth getting excited over this year because a seven is notoriously easily to write over and turn into an eight. But I still feel like I should make some kind of post about the New Year anyway.

Today it occurred to me I have kept not one, but two New Year's resolutions in a row. Since I believe this makes me the all-time world record holder in terms of New Year's resolutions kept I now feel pressured to maintain my winning streak.

In 2006 I resolved to get a novel published and I did. It actually came out in 2007, but I recall landing the deal very late in 06. In 2007 I resolved to get a different job from the one that was making me miserable every minute of my life and I did that. This year I am resolving to end the year with less credit card debt then I had when the year began. 

I think the key to New Years resolutions is to make a resolution you actually want to keep, have wanted for a while, and didn't just think of the night before. i.e., Don't resolve to lose ten pounds if you don't want to do anything that might lead to the loss of ten pounds. I *really* wanted both things I resolved for the last two years and I got them. I really want this too. Keep me honest, y'all.

Since I have to work at 8 am tomorrow I'll probably be in bed when the New Year actually rolls in, but everyone who's partying the night away out there, drive safe. Happy New Year. 
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We put in a full day yesterday. I was dead tired by the time I got to work, but it was worth it. We visited with my parents, went and looked at a park for the wedding, and engaged in much gluttony at [livejournal.com profile] duendegrrl and [livejournal.com profile] kakita_shisumo's house. I think today I just need to eat salad or something. I've eaten nothing but bad (yet very tasty) stuff for the last four days and by this morning I just felt bloated. After I got home from work I had a sandwich piled with romaine lettuce and a bunch of baby carrots and already I feel much better. I think I need to continue it for a few days.

I'm still stewing about the other day, so skip if you don't want to hear it. )

My coworker B. continues to improve. Apparently his drugs were causing him memory loss issues, but that's getting better now. They're saying now he will probably have to go on complete disability and never return to work again. But if he's got a second chance at life, that's all that matters. He's getting to keep his leg (knock on wood,) so that's a huge victory in and of itself.

For anyone who cares, I've finally started reading Kushiel's Chosen by Jacqueline Carey. I first read it's predecessor Kushiel's Dart about four years ago and I've been putting off reading this one due to the time gap and fear I wouldn't be able to keep all the characters straight with their unwieldly long names and tangled familial relations. Chosen reads faster than Dart. I think Carey's more comfortable with the pacing in this one since the characters are already established and the plot for it was already thrown into place by the ending of the last book. Yet at the same time, it's not as enjoyable to me. The heroine who seemed so tragic and brave in the first book now just seems shallow and conceited. Also the creepy Master Race attitude of the inhabitants of Terra D'Ange, the series' primary locale, just really gets to feeling yucky after a while. They're like Aryan √úbermensch as dreamed by the Marquis De Sade and these are supposed to be the good guys. It's still a good novel and she's an amazing writer and I will stick with the series until the end, but I seriously hope the tone of this particular installment changes.

Happy belated 4th of July to everyone. I hope it was White-Hot.


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