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Three California teens arrested following the suicide of a 15 year-old girl whom they sexually assaulted and photographed while she was unconscious.

If you're curious what the end of the above article refers to, it's this:

Nova Scotia teen hangs herself to death after being gang raped and subjected to two years of subsequent harassment. Canadian police and justice officials respond with collective "meh."

That seem right to you?

And if you think you don't know anyone that sexual violence has happened to, you probably do. You just don't know it yet.

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After the week it's been at work I fear to see what the weekend will bring.

In my last entry I talked about Mr. Conceal & Carry, the Neo-Nazi, and the false alarm child abduction. Last night I saw a customer lose his shit at the lady in sporting goods because she was following store policy and insisting that he pay for an expensive item that's kept locked up at the sporting goods counter because that's how we do it. He was already mad because she was "rude" to him but not dropping what she was doing with the customers she was already helping to go and help him when he and his brood showed up. How bad did he lose his shit? Put it to you this way, the customers she was already helping insisted on staying around until the manager showed up to make sure he didn't try anything and I was standing around the corner in the tool aisle where he couldn't see me with a hammer in my hand, ready to go.

But that's not the mother load, oh no. Today, today was the mother load because we had a fucking BOMB THREAT. And not just us. One other store in Kansas City and three other stores around Missouri all got bomb threats at the same time. I spent the last hour of my shift standing around outside, which honestly wasn't bad getting paid to sit in the shade and all. But... we were not prepared.

Most of us left through the back door. By then word was already going around that it was a bomb threat. So what does the ENTIRE staff do? They stand in the alley directly behind the building. I pointed out in a loud voice that if the place was going to blow then I was going to stand slightly farther away from it. It was like you could see the light bulbs come on over peoples' heads and the began to file away with me. Then one of the managers told us to move toward the parking lot of the store next door. I didn't fuck around, I got in my car and drove it to that parking lot. Good thing too because about five minutes later everyone who didn't was fucked in terms of leaving. The police came and barricaded all the parking lot entrances which meant no one was getting in their car and leaving.

Then there were the people who left their phones and keys and everything inside the building. I'm sorry, but I don't understand why you would not carry these articles on your person at all times. In this day and age there is no good reason not to. I got to go home when my shift would have normally ended and I was the only one that I know of who could. Everyone else getting off at that time had keys they couldn't get to in order to operate cars that couldn't leave.

I don't know what time it all ended but I do know it went on for several hours. If only there had been one determined citizen in the store with a conceal & carry permit. They might have been able to stop it.    
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Subject line is a quote from Pulp Fiction and it's how work has made me feel the last two days. Last night - less than 24 hours after my last post - I had to sell bullets to some shitty, self-satisfied old man who couldn't walk away from the register without whipping out his conceal & carry permit with so much pride you'd think it gave blowjobs and dispensed $1000 bills. And of course he then started to sermonize about how if somebody licensed to carry a concealed weapon had been concealing one in that theatre...

I couldn't do my normal customer service autopilot and just nod and go along with it. I cut him off and told him that such a person would have died like everyone else, that they wouldn't have stood a chance against a heavily armed and armored assailant with the element of surprise. From the look on grandpa's face you'd think he was a five year-old child who just had his macaroni picture criticized. "Well," he muttered, "not if you got a head shot."

I just said "Yeah, you might get lucky," and wished him a good night. I knew better than to keep arguing. There was no need anyway.

So today I get to work and I see a real live skinhead wearing an anti-Semitic shirt. If you're really curious what it looked like, go here to this NSFW Nazi punk rock record label who sells it. I had no interaction with the man, although I'm sure if I had it would have led to an interesting conversation about my Mjolnir pendant that I wear; a conversation that would have been unpleasant for everyone. What haunts me about it is that he had with him a wife and two beautiful, very young little girls. They were a normal family in every sense except for dad going around broadcasting bigotry on his chest. I can only imagine the kind of talk those girls are going to grow up thinking is normal.

Finally tonight I had a customer rush and tell me there was a man trying to force a child into a pickup truck. Long story short it turned out it was the guy's own kid, but it was pretty rough and suspicious-looking and I could see why the woman and her husband were alarmed. The woman at customer service wanted nothing to do with any of it and washed her hands of it, so I went outside to sort of keep an eye from a distance while the couple phoned the police. The cops came and I left it to them. Apparently the guy saw me snooping around because he assumed I called the cops and he came inside ranting at the aforementioned customer service woman, wanting to speak to my manager, etc. I'm not in any trouble, but she did make sure to stress to me that our company policy is "we don't get involved."

Yeah. I don't think so. I may know I can't win a firefight in a crowded movie theatre but I also know a LOT of the shit in the world that goes down is able to go down because people don't want to get involved. I did what was prudent in the situation and I don't apologize for that.

But yeah, we should have fucking shotguns.

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I haven't posted a dream journal in a really long time; almost a year, I think. My dreams have been blessedly uninteresting.

Tonight I laid down at 7:30 PM to take a nap and finally had a more vivid dream than I've had in a long time which woke me up at 1:30 AM. Been wide awake ever since.

I'm sure I've said it before but I don't have recurring dreams in the way people probably think of the term. I'll dream I'm in the same place doing the same thing but it doesn't follow a "script" and it's never the same way twice. Tonight I had the "back in college" dream. As usual, this dream involved me trying to attend classes that were somehow scheduled at the same time. Unlike usual, I was not also trying to prepare for a final in a class I had not realized I was enrolled in all semester and therefore had never attended.

This dream is never as interesting as its location. I attended Kansas State University which is a campus full of old, decrepit, decaying buildings that are never cleaned. In my dream the buildings are always even older, more decayed and decrepit, and even less clean. The dream almost always features a building, or sometimes a trio of buildings, that don't have a counterpart on the real-life campus. It (or they) looks like the other campus buildings at a glance but there's something wrong with it. It just seems to radiate evil and sometimes it's decorated with baroque-style sculptures - a common feature of "bad" places in my dreams. Sometimes the building(s) even has a stench coming from it that it seems only I can smell.

When I'm in this dream environment, I always know the building is there on the campus before I see it. As I said, it has no real counterpart, yet I "remember" it just the same. Most of the time I actively try to avoid coming in sight of it; a few times I deliberately seek it out. Of course I always wind up there. I have never gained entry to this building. In fact, it doesn't seem like a building that *can* be entered. It's like a mausoleum, in a way: a building you're supposed to look at but not go inside of.

Tonight when I found the evil building (just one building this time instead of three,) there were what appeared to be RenFest actors performing in front of it. They were apparently pretending to be ghosts of soldiers slain on a battlefield. They had on greenish makeup and medieval armor with green tarnishing on it in places. One of these men in particular was walking up and down the sidewalk doing his best cheesy ghost routine, moaning at passersby "W-h-e-r-e are my teeth? G-i-i-i-v-e me my teeth!"

I was one of the people he accosted and he roped me into his schtick, talking about his damn teeth. It actually diverted my attention from the eldritch house of indescribable evil lurking behind us and just then I woke up. I have no idea what the house is, what it symbolizes, and why it keeps luring me to it. I do know that I've never been so grateful to be harassed by an in-your-face Rennie before.
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For some time I have been toying with the idea of putting together a playlist of songs about the end of the world. This has nothing to do with all the recent earthquakes and other such ominous phenomena. I just have a morbid fascination with the subject. Although my unexplained sudden resurgence of interest has highly coincidental timing...

Anyway, here's what I have so far.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Bad Moon Rising"
Johnny Cash - "The Man Comes Around"
Soundgarden - "Black Hole Sun"
Shriekback - "Nemesis"
Tool - "Aenima"
Blue Oyster Cult - "Don't Fear the Reaper"*
Metallica - "Blackened"
Black Sabbath - "Electric Funeral"

*It may not have been written about the end of the world specifically, but Stephen King really made "Don't Fear the Reaper" his own in both the novel and TV miniseries of The Stand. You try listening to it now without picturing entire populations choking to death from plague in order to make way for Earth's new demonic overlord. It can't be done.

I'm trying not to have the mix just be all metal, all the time. Because seriously, that's too easy. Some of my favorite bands have multiple albums written about the subject, after all. Anyway, I could use a few more selections. Anyone out there have any recommendations?
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"Conservative Christian murders 80+ in Norway. If this guy was muslim, we'd be in the middle of another round 'Islam is a religion of violence' commentators being paraded across television. Of course, since he was a christian, he's just a nut.

The elephant in the room that no one's talking about is that if Islam is a religion of violence, so is christianity..."
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Yesterday I scored a used copy of Kate Bush's 1989 album The Sensual World. I got it mostly for the lead single "Love and Anger" which is just one of "those" songs that gets inside you and stays with you through the years. But it also contains a very interesting song called "Deeper Understanding." This song tells the story of a lonely, emotionally isolated woman who uses a computer program as an escape from her dreary life. She gets so obsessed with it that she stops eating, sleeping, or getting up to go to the bathroom until finally her family breaks into her home and saves her. But even afterward she's changed, habitually talking like she's in her virtual world when trying to interact with real people.

Keep in mind this song was released in 1989, well before most people had any idea what an internet even was. And now we live in a world where what she's singing about actually happens and people wind up dead or in mental health programs because of it. It's hardly the first time someone has written a science fiction tale only to have it come true just a few years later, and it won't be the last. But the way she sings about it just gives it this creepy anachronistic property that makes it the more disturbing. When you read a Heinlein or Aasimov story from the 50's you can tell its from the 50's even though it's full of stuff we see every day now. "Deeper Understanding" just feels a little too contemporary to have been written so many years ago.

Oh, and for extra brutal irony it's this really upbeat, optimistic-sounding song. If you weren't paying attention to the lyrics you'd think it was some happy story about two lovers who have found a "deeper understanding," as the chorus says. No, it is about a woman surrendering herself to a Lotus Eater Machine.

I suppose I could go see if someone's posted the song on Youtube or something and share it but I'd really just rather not think about it anymore right now.
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Happy New Year everyone. I'm not as grim as I'm about to sound. I've actually had a couple of very pleasant days but maybe that's just making me more appreciative of how absurd things are out there right now.

Placing fantastical or magical elements into a contemporary modern setting, whether you call it "urban fantasy" or not, always seems to come with the conceit that you must explain why most people in the contemporary modern world aren't aware of it. Some settings (e.g. World of Darkness) have the supernatural creatures actively policing themselves and camoflouging their activities from the normals. Others (e.g. Buffy) have the normals themselves trying to hide the nefarious goings-on from the world.

I just finished reading Widdershins by Charles De Lint which postulates an alternative theory. In De Lint's works, most people who've had supernatural experiences - even very intricate, involved ones - simply forget about them. Their mind actively shores up the supernaturally-shaped hole with layers of rationalism and skepticism. Simply put: reality requires no conspiracy to sustain itself. Reality is self-healing.

I think Mr. De Lint may have the right of it but it's worse than he thinks. Not only is reality self-healing, it can barely be wounded in the first place. Whenever something utterly bizarre or unexplainable happens on a grand scale - whether it's glowing spirals in the sky over Norway or the unexplained mass die-off of birds and fish in the southeastern United States - People seem to muster an ability to look the other way that is so overpowering as to be supernatural in and of itself. You can even be looking right AT the thing and still look away. As in, you'll read an article or see a video, go hey that was weird, and move on. A news clip might have a couple of nervously laughing anchorpersons accompanied by a few bars of the X-Files theme song, and then it's on to weather and sports.

I'm not saying the Norway spirals or the animal die-offs have or require any kind of supernatural explanation. They certainly don't and animal die-offs are not unprecedented. But I think people *should* look at something like that and want to know why. Humans should see these phenomena and not go "huh that was weird" before going back to weather and sports. Secret military tests could create eldritch happenings in the night sky as easily as UFO's. Parasites and viruses can kill masses of birds and fish as easily as a Biblical prophecy. And yet I fail to see why one is less feared than the other. Mutated viruses are preferential to an angry God... why, exactly?

People don't know and they don't want to know. The conspiracy theorists always treat any "official" explanation for something out-of-the-ordinary as a lie. But I wonder why the official liars would even bother. People are linking this shit on Facebook and then forgetting about it. It's not even a sound byte in the news cycle, if that and then lost forevermore.

Excuse my melodramatic tone, but God help us all.
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A Tennessee judge thinks lesbians should be allowed to serve so male soldiers can "convert" them. At the same time, he wants gay men banned because he believes all they think about is raping straight men.

The actual line about raping lesbians has been removed from the article, but the cat's out of the bag. Even without that line it's still an abhorrent thing to read. Link to the article is provided in the post.
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Oregon man police apprehend a man because the think he might commit a crime.

Police can come to your home and apprehend you without a warrant if they think you might be thinking about possibly committing a crime. Think about that for a moment.

At least in The Minority Report the guy they were chasing was a Scientologist.
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In case you haven't heard, there's rioting in London.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I hate protest rallies. Rallies like this one always end the same way with the police looking like fascist stormtroopers and the protestors looking like savages out to destroy for destruction's own sake. Sooner or later mob rule takes over, people forget what they're even protesting about, and it becomes just an excuse to get in a fight or to break something. Protests rallies are pretty much the entire tragedy of the human race played out in microcosm. And the sad thing is, if I was a professional on welfare, having to make my house payment on credit cards I'd probably want to smash something too. But I'm sure that for every person there with legitimate anger there's at least one more there just wanting to lash against authority because it's there and because they can.

Oh and the slogan "abolish money!" Yeah, that's real brilliant. You may as well be shouting "abolish oxygen!" Because you know, our dependency on it is pretty oppressive.
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According to one Missouri law enforcement official, no adult has any reason to play Animal Crossing unless they're out to molest children.

I don't play Animal Crossing, don't know the first thing about it. But I am an online gamer and what affects one section of our community affects us all. This is ridiculous. Of course children have to be very careful on the internet, whether they're playing a video game or doing their homework. But for that guy to imply that any adult who plays a certain video game is a criminal is unbelievable. A lot of adults get interested in online games *because* of their children playing them and it actually becomes a good way for families to bond. If I have a young daughter and she teaches me to play Animal Crossing and I enjoy it and start playing on my own am I now a rapist? This is ridiculous. Granted this is a state crime task force guy talking and not, say, the federal government. But since internet crimes are often federal in nature since they cross state lines, it might be worth watching which way the wind blows this particular fire.
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The city of St. Louis, Missouri has a bad reputation. It's not going to be improved by this information:

"Hit a Jew Day" - Ten middle school students struck.

Meanwhile, while those disgusting little shits were learning to discriminate, St. Louis high school students were learning that AIDS does not.

As many as 50 high school students potentially exposed to AIDS virus.

While I do understand the privacy issues involved, I find the alleged lack of information that the students are receiving very disturbing. Maybe I'm still on edge after seeing the movie Quarantine , but if the Health Department were to show up and start leading people away to be tested for a fatal disease and no one will tell anyone why I think I would freak the fuck out.

Since the twin spectres of ethnicity and contagion are doing such a fine job of teaching these students to fear and mistrust each other it should only be a matter of time before we can get away with making them fight to the death while wearing explosive collars.
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When Helter Skelter comes down, new wave of survivalists will be ready.

And quite frankly, I'm not sure they're wrong.
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Evil Austrian man fathers seven children with his own daughter while keeping her locked in a cellar for twenty-four years.

It takes a lot to shake my faith that there's a balance of good and evil in the world but this comes really darn close.

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My wife already posted this and it's making the rounds pretty fast. My apologies to those who are seeing this for the second or later time.


The people who would do such things are not my people. Their dreams are not my dreams. Their god is not my God.


Jan. 15th, 2008 08:40 am
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 The Black Death is returning.

I'm just waiting for those magic hyphenated words "drug-resistant."


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