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I have purchased several guitars in my lifetime and the vast majority of them have been bought via Ebay. I won't lie, I love shopping for music gear on Ebay. It's a thrill ride. If you've never compulsively Ebay shopped, you won't understand. Even when I am not actively looking to buy, I still enjoy just going and looking at the listings because I love to covet and admire things from afar. In my years of searching I have discovered that a secret language exists among online music gear sellers. Knowing how this coded language works can make your shopping experience far more enjoyable. With that in mind, I am passing the savings on to you and breaking down a few expressions and terms commonly seen in music gear listings and explaining what they really mean.

"Signature Model"
Definition - An affordable assembly line-crafted simulacrum of the one-of-a-kind handmade guitar played by a given rock star. Beware of sellers who try to fool the uninitiated into thinking it's an instrument said rock star once actually played.

Definition - Technically a rare and valuable instrument, no longer made. However, "Vintage" is more often used to justify the exorbitant asking price for an instrument that looks like it has been beaten, kicked, barfed on, pissed on, shat on, cummed on, and possibly thrown down a flight of fucking stairs.

"I hate to sell it but I just don't play it anymore."
Translation - My spouse is making me get rid of it.

"I hate to sell it but I need the money more."
Translation - I knocked a girl up and am now having to finance my own shotgun wedding.

"I hate to sell it but I have too many guitars already."
Translation - I am liquidating my assets so my ex can't come after them.

I hope this improves your shopping experience!

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I am done dragging my feet. Went upstairs to the studio tonight, picked up the bass guitar, and didn't stop until the bass line of "From Ancient Sands Arise the Semyazian Succubi" was finished. Guitar, bass, and vocals are done, as in done composing. Now I just need to get with a drummer and it's ready to record, once I buy my recording hardware, that is. In the meantime, I've got four more songs to write and then Failed Blood Experiment's first EP can happen.
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I must have been very tired from [livejournal.com profile] zombiecowboy's birthday party on Saturday night. Sunday night after watching Juon part 1 and about 15 minutes of part 2 I found myself nodding off and went to bed at the very early hour of 11:30. I had strange, vivid dreams. None strange or vivid enough to merit a dream journal post, but a colorful succession just the same. In one I dreamed I was a teenager, or at least among other teenagers whom I was addressing as a peer. There was a tornado, but I don't remember what the outcome of that ultimately was. I dreamt about World of Warcraft too. The rest is a blur now but it was a lot of intense dreaming. I was awakened by the mailman knocking on the door to deliver the Dunlop strap locks for my new bass. Got those installed before work and felt pretty good about the day.

About a third of the way into my shift started getting texts from my mother that their basement was flooding. This has happened before thanks to a miserly landlord who won't repair the gravity drain in the basement floor. It's been bad before but never like this. Four inches of water, the entire basement filled with it. Many of my parents' possessions from their entire life are ruined and so were a few precious ones of mine. Namely the first guitar I ever bought. I don't play it anymore because my others are better but it has great sentimental value. I mowed lawns for two years to save up to buy that thing. It's the product of a labor born of sweat and determination and I have saved it as a reminder of my musical dreams.

It was lying on the floor completely submerged. I am sure the electronics are completely shot but I will let it dry out and see. I should have just brought it with me when I moved. I've nearly taken it with me several times I've been back over there but each time I didn't want to deal with lugging it and just figured I'd get it another time.

I could kick myself now.

My parents have renters insurance. We will be reimbursed for everything, hopefully. They are feeling quite wretched and I feel so bad for them. Someone had arrived to suction the water out as I left tonight. All that sleeping last night and now I am so tired.
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Just another day. Mel's at work and I'm trying to get myself to quit procrastinating and finish AW. I'm pages from the end. I didn't do any work on it yesterday since I got wrapped up in playing my bass until I got a blister on my finger. Really smarts too.

So now instead of doing anything productive, I'm looking at the B.C. Rich website, oggling pictures of their guitars. B.C. Rich guitars are like porn for me. Especially since they've come out with a neck-through-body Warlock guitar with a transparent purple finish. Even if I could afford a new guitar, (which I can't,) I'm not sure I would get another Warlock. I mean, I only own FOUR of them (two guitars, two basses.) It's not like I could really justify a fifth.

We'll be house-sitting for [livejournal.com profile] zombiecowboy and Lesley this weekend. That's always fun, with their zoo full of animals and their giant TV. And today I got offered an overtime shift for Saturday. I had to say yes since I can't afford not to take overtime right now since we need all the money we can get. It would be during the day, which works out since Mel works Saturday daytime as well. I should know by Thursday whether they'll need me for the shift or not.

The job I really want had me fill out a bunch of questions via e-mail last week. I'm getting ancy to hear back from them but I'm forcing myself to be patient. If I don't hear anything by tomorrow I figure I'll e-mail the HR lady to see if I can find out anything. I just really want this job and I've come so far in the application process that if I lose it now it's going to be really, really disappointing. Oh well, I guess it's out of my hands for right now.

I hope we'll find time to go see The Omen either this weekend or before too. It looks really promising, unlike a lot of other horror movie remakes recently.


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