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When your dog poops while on a walk, you pick it up. It's the right thing to do and a responsibility of being a dog owner.

NEUTRAL GOOD: You pick up your dog's poop because you'd hate for someone to be upset if they came out and found it on their lawn. However, if your dog defecates in a secluded or out-of-the-way location and there's no one around, you might leave it there since it's not hurting anyone.

CHAOTIC GOOD: Not only is picking up after your dog the right thing to do, it's just common courtesy. However, if there were someone bad in your neighborhood, someone you know has done bad things to other people, you might just look the other way if your dog stops and does its business on that person's lawn.

LAWFUL NEUTRAL: Your attitude toward dog waste reflects that of those around you. If your neighbors are fastidious in cleaning up after their dog, you will adapt to this expectation. But in a less tidy neighborhood you might find yourself not caring as much.

TRUE NEUTRAL: Of course you don't want others to have to clean up after your dog, but you'd rather not do it yourself either if you don't have to. If it's daytime and you think someone might have seen your dog poop, you'll clean it up. But if it's dark out and no one's around, you just keep walking.

CHAOTIC NEUTRAL: You pick up after your dog when you feel like it. If someone sees you leave the poop and calls you out on it, you might apologize and clean up, or you might take off running. Even you don't know until it happens.

LAWFUL EVIL: You're supposed to pick up after your dog, everyone knows that. If you see someone leave their dog's waste, you report them to the authorities because you know they'd do the same to you.

NEUTRAL EVIL: You clean up the poop while walking your dog in order to cultivate the image of a good neighbor and thereby gain your neighbors' trust. The second someone crosses you, however, whether in reality or only in your mind, they're going to find so many deuces in their front yard it will make their head spin.

CHAOTIC EVIL: The dog doesn't care where it poops, so why should you? Somebody doesn't like what the dog did in their yard, that's their problem.


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It's hard to feel motivated to stop and update your blog when you've got a lot going on, just like it's hard to feel motivated to update it when you've got nothing going on. Catch 22. But I finally have a day off where I don't have to be anywhere, (except play rehearsal tonight,) so I thought I'd make a go of it.

Part of what has kept me busy in my off hours is that after years away from tabletop gaming in general, I have finally started GMing again. It's a Pathfinder game, (a.k.a. 3.5 edition Dungeons & Dragons under a new name and publisher,) and it's been an incredible amount of fun so far. Maybe the long break as what I needed because this is the most fun I've had running a game since high school and I think my players are having a good time too. I've got a couple of seasoned veterans but the rest have either neither played a pen-and-paper RPG before, or at least have never played this system. Throw in a GM who is way out of practice and what you get is actually a very fun, laid back group that's really getting into creating a good story together. In the past when I've GM'd games I've always ended up getting burnt out and/or developing writer's block by about the third session but that hasn't happened here. It's a novel feeling and probably the most fun I've had running a game since I was in high school.

My wife surprised me with a really awesome present related to the game. )

Next weekend we have some friends coming into town to stay with us for a few days. I've taken vacation time so we can enjoy their visit. Don't know what all we do, but so far we're planning a party. The night before they arrive two of my favorite bands, Fear Factory and Hate Eternal, are playing a show together so that's something to look forward to. Another band I admire, Suffocation, are playing the night following our friends' departure so I may try to make that happen too.

Music really picks up during the summer time, though. Heart are playing at the Starlight theatre on August 18th and that's one M. and I want to make it to together. A few days before that Amon Amarth and Children of Bodom will also be in town but... they're playing in support of Rob Zombie. I know this probably makes me a terrible metalhead but I have a terrible secret to confess: I think Rob Zombie is just okay. I mean, he's a brilliant man, a clever filmmaker, and can write a good song, but I've never once felt like I just HAD to see him live. Plus, as rabidly as I love Amon Amarth and CoB, I'm not sure I love them enough to pay Rob Zombie ticket prices in order to see them. Does that make me a bad fan?

But what I really have to make happen, no matter how bad it hurts, is the Iron Maiden concert in September. They are most definitely a Bucket List experience for me and I know it's going to be madly expensive, but I have to see them no matter what.

I have lots of other things to look forward to, and lots of other things to be happy and grateful about, but that's enough for one entry, I think.
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I wasn't really looking forward to Christmas very much this year. The whole time period just felt stressful and exhausting. But Christmas day turned out to be a lot of fun. Everyone in my family was really pleased with their gifts - a relief since I was on an even tighter budget than usual and the "big" surprise gift for my mom got lost in shipping and had to be re-shipped four days before Christmas. It got here in time though and all was well.

I had only asked for one gift this year, a tabletop RPG book. My wife eventually coaxed me into admitting that I would really like a PS3, but I never saw the point in asking one since no one was ever really in a position to afford one, myself included. Imagine my surprise when I got both my book AND a PS3. It had in fact been stealthily set up in place of my PS2 and had literally been sitting right there next to me the whole night before. Everyone was counting on me not noticing it and I guess I didn't let them down! Well I am very pleased to say the least and looking very forward to its use.

After an appropriate Christmas feast M. and I went out to see Tron Legacy

After the movie we spent some time on the Plaza. M. got a new camera and was eager to try it out. We got a few good shots despite the biting cold wind that made standing in one place for more than a few seconds all but impossible. We got home exhausted but very satisfied with the day.

My mom gave me some cash to get myself some games with for my new system. Gamestop has a sweet buy-2-get-1-free thing on their used games so I am now the proud owner of Bayonetta, Heavenly Sword, and Fallout 3. Man, I still have a backlog of PS2 games to play through! But I never know when to say when. It's a good thing I don't drink.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope all holidays were happy.
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I started the music meme to get me to blog every day. An unforeseen consequence was that it made me lazy about blogging anything else! A lot's been going on.

Thursday was a very busy day. I had to get up early (for me) to go meet [livejournal.com profile] stitchedsutures , her boyfriend, and a few friends of theirs to visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. I hadn't been in almost a year and hadn't seen [livejournal.com profile] stitchedsutures in closer to five years so it was a trip of reforging old bonds. The Nelson has several pieces on display that I've never seen including an honest-to-Egyptian-gods mummy sarcophagus and an actual mummy. Being an ancient world aficionado this made my day. Lots of other pieces that were new to me or hadn't been out for a while were to be seen as well. Although it was balanced by Caravaggio's awe-inspiring John the Baptist painting being out on loan for an exhibition in Europe or something.

After the museum we noshed at a place in Westport called The Record Bar - an establishment whose motif as you might guess is vinyl records. The food was good and the time spent was excellent. After that I bummed around Westport for a couple of hours and then was off to rehearsal.

Friday I did nothing but play Dragon Age most of the day. Not very productive, but fun. I gained the respect of the game's angry, sulking, giant-Klingon-samurai guy and got him his sword back. And the French ninja/nun/peaceful hippie is now my lesbian lover. Trust me, it all makes sense when you play the game.

Saturday and Sunday I worked. My workplace is still about as organized as a monkey fucking a football. Glad to be on a stretch of days off again now!

Today was my first visit to the SCA Lilies' War event and my troupe's first performance of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. Our audience was small but our performance was excellent and the audience's reaction to it better than we could have hoped. Considering that our lead actress fell and sprained her ankle two hours before curtain and that this performance was our first time using props, costumes, AND some of the blocking, I think things went pretty damn good.

The reason I am home now blogging instead of still out there partying with my mates is because my dental problems flared up again, causing me serious pain. I'm off tomorrow and there's no performance so I'm going to see if I can get into the dentist, money be damned. I've been trying to tough it out until after the play was over but something has got to be done.

So if you're still with me that's what I've been doing. My mouth has calmed down for now. I'm hoping I can have a nice evening at home without any more episodes.
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Some friends recently had a discussion about religion and one of them made the analogy that "God is basically like an MMO developer." This got me thinking and that's never a good thing. If God is an MMO developer then that would mean different religions and beliefs are like different types of players you encounter in the games. Remember this is all in good fun.

CATHOLICISM: Hardcore endgame raiding guild who distributes loot based on a VERY strict DKP system. Guild Leader has the final say in ALL matters, however you are expected to report to one of the guild officers regularly, especially if you have any conflicts with guild plans and goals.

JUDAISM: Veteran raiders who have been playing since the game was released and feel that with each expansion the game has gotten farther away from its original intent. Despite the fact that they openly shy away from newer content they are still constantly believed to have vast amounts of loot and gear. Regularly raid old content, but on a slightly different schedule than many other raiding guilds.

EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANITY: Can be seen in chat constantly PUG'ing for group members, saying that you MUST be geared and WILL be inspected. Even highly geared and experienced players are turned away for not being geared enough. Also tend to take PVP events based around in-game holidays very, very seriously.

BUDDHISM: Tries very hard to reach endgame content but keeps getting distracted by leveling alts. Have been known to change factions/races/servers regularly.

ATHEISM: Think that the game is entirely too focused on endgame content and PVP and that it's not fair to people who just want to play casually. In fact, peoples' fanatical obsession with getting endgame-level gear is responsible for nearly all the PVP in the game and the game would be better off without it. If you try to explain to them that the developers care they will claim it has been proven that the developers do not even read the game forums. And even if they do they don't listen to what the players want anyway.

JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES: [JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES] Is family-friendly guild for mature players! We are actively looking for members and want to help you quest and level! Pst me for details!
[JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES] Is family-friendly guild for mature players! We are actively looking for members and want to help you quest and level! Pst me for details!
[JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES] Is family-friendly guild for mature players! We are actively looking for members and want to help you quest and level! Pst me for details!
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Due to a schedule change to accommodate an employee's wedding, I wound up having today off. In this day the following happened:

-Got my wife's car licensed and sales taxes paid.

-Finished reading a very good book. (Fallen by Tim Lebbon. If you like dark fantasy check it out.)

-In World of Warcraft completed Blackrock Depths, (one of the largest dungeons in the game.) And got not one but TWO epic items. (Items so rare you could run the dungeon dozens of times and never see one; two is almost unheard of.)

I've had a great deal of stress in my life lately and it's great to finally have a day of just non-stop awesome. Never take such days for granted. If you can get one, appreciate the hell out of it!
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According to one Missouri law enforcement official, no adult has any reason to play Animal Crossing unless they're out to molest children.

I don't play Animal Crossing, don't know the first thing about it. But I am an online gamer and what affects one section of our community affects us all. This is ridiculous. Of course children have to be very careful on the internet, whether they're playing a video game or doing their homework. But for that guy to imply that any adult who plays a certain video game is a criminal is unbelievable. A lot of adults get interested in online games *because* of their children playing them and it actually becomes a good way for families to bond. If I have a young daughter and she teaches me to play Animal Crossing and I enjoy it and start playing on my own am I now a rapist? This is ridiculous. Granted this is a state crime task force guy talking and not, say, the federal government. But since internet crimes are often federal in nature since they cross state lines, it might be worth watching which way the wind blows this particular fire.
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Yesterday was my first day off since last Sunday and it was wonderful. I spent most of the day playing WoW and got my character a decent way into level 79. Only one more level to go! Had a great deal of fun even in spite of falling in with the worst Halls of Lightning group ever.

That misadventure is behind this cut in case you care. )

Late in the afternoon my wife and I decided on late brunch/early dinner at IHOP. Despite a horrific misadventure involving onion it was awesome and the waitress was the best I've ever had at an IHOP. While I've never had a waitress quite as scary as the one at the IHOP I ate at with [livejournal.com profile] batchix and her husband in Illinois, who had "love" and "hate" tattooed across her knuckles, I've had many who were more than a little "off" in their own way. After the tasty dinner we finally got to see Watchmen. All I can say is WOW. It was worth the wait and worth every minute of it's two hour-forty five minute run time. When they release the rumored four hour version on DVD I am *so* there.

Spoilery Watchmen ramblings )

I can't think of a good way to wrap up this entry except that now it's back to work as usual.


Jan. 13th, 2009 09:33 am
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I'm going to take a break from WoW. The last few days I've just found it boring and tedious. I need at least a few days to become whatever the opposite of burnt out is again.

I'm tired and don't feel very good. Going to be a long day at work.
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If a warlock in your group kept exclaiming "I score mad crits with my seed!" would you think he was talking about:

a) The warlock spell Seed of Corruption.


b) That he'd just gotten a girl pregnant.

Just curious. It was one of many hillarious boasts made by a warlock in my Nexus group last night.
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Yesterday was a bullet points day:

-Machinery at work that never functions any time anyone tries to use it continuing not to function.

-Scooping the cat litter box only to realize when finished that the bag I was using had a big hole in it. Luckily no depleted cat fuel escaped, but it was a very tense walk to the garbage dumpster.

-Tried to carry too many things into work. (Book bag, lunch bag, bucket-o-Mountain Dew, umbrella.) As a result, my Mountain Dew wound up spraying all over me. (Dewkkake?) Luckily I was able to clean my pristine white work shirt before stains set in, but it definitely set a tone for the work day.

-World of Warcraft has implemented a Zombie Virus event. A neat idea, but now people are using it to grief their own factions. (i.e., you and a bunch of friends deliberatelly turn yourselves into zombies, then attack your own towns.) As if players don't have enough opportunity already to behave badly.

Today seems nicer so far.
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I had a very fun weekend. Saturday's L5R game was a blast, especially with all the tacos. So, can someone who was there tell me what happened after we stepped through the Torii arch? I'm dying to find out!

I could continue all the bitching I did at the game about the upcoming 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, but I doubt anyone here cares.

Sunday was very mundane. I did all the laundry I've had piling up for weeks and I went grocery shopping. But all of that made me feel very accomplished. Aside from that my big accomplishment for the day was levelling my warlock in World of Warcraft. I'm levelling her pretty fast but the real fun is coming from speed-leveling her professions. (When you have a level 66 character who can go get all the materials you need for profession leveling in 15 minutes when it would take weeks to acquire them at lower level, things move pretty fast.)

I've fallen behind on my reading lately. In January I finished four books in a month and in February I barely finished one. This weekend I made a great deal of progress on The Subtle Knife, book 2 of Pullman's His Dark Materials. Very enjoyable and action-packed just like the first one. It's a shame that Pullman hates the founders of the genre, hates the readers, and pretty much everyone else because he really is very good at what he does.

I wish I could say the same for my own writing. I keep starting stories but then quickly lose all interest in them and have no desire to finish them. It's frustrating as hell.
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I'm still money stress guy for the time being, but there are a lot of things in life to be happy about. Health and good friends top the list, along with having things to look forward to. I'll be getting to do the RPG thing again this Saturday with the gang over at [livejournal.com profile] cherith's house and that will be nice. Although what I really want to do this weekend is get caught up on sleep. Doubt it will happen, though. Never does. There's just too many things I like doing that require being awake.

This week's LOST. )
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Subject line taken from a parody campaign ad I just saw. Pretty funny. Sadly I fear that Clinton's victories in Texas and Ohio will secure the candidacy for her. Obama's victories are numerous, but they're nearly all in states that swing Red in the election and right or wrong, that's what the superdelegates are going to look at.

Gary Gygax's death is still on my mind. I'm not sad, but rather nostalgic. I started collecting D&D books way back when his name was still on the covers and I was way too young to understand them. They were already shaping my imagination though, right alongside regular afternoon cable airings of The Beastmaster and Conan the Destroyer.* When I first played an actual game of D&D in high school a whole new world opened up. Mind you, this was back when the only thing that could drive you into a Satanic early grave faster than D&D were Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne. My gaming group, we'd play D&D WHILE listening to Ozzy Osbourne. Those were wild times. We lived on the edge. By all rights none of us should have lived to see 21.

Anyway, I mourn the passing of a great man and power metal shall blare from my car's speakers in his honor.

[profile] pinkfaeriestars came over last night with her boyfriend and we celebrated Mel's birthday with cake, ice cream, and Family Guy. I tried to explain this to [profile] megiloth on the phone, but he somehow took all that, completely misinterpreted it, and was convinced I had said something about colitis. Wtf? And then he went off screaming about Shomer fucking Shabbaz and life was good.

Man I wish I was in a D&D game right now. It just doesn't feel right to celebrate the Patriarch's death any other way than the way he lived.

*Markedly different in tone from Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer is generally regarded as the inferior of the two films and mockingly dismissed as a "kids' movie." But you know what? I was a kid so fuck you!
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Singapore bans video game over lesbian sex scenes... 

I don't know what to comment on about this. There's so much. The fact that the game has lesbian scenes but no M/M scenes, the line "by the gods, that was incredible, commander," which sounds like something right out of a space lesbians porno, or the fact that Singapore banned it. It's like I'm in a fugure and can't react to anything....
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Tonight we finally completed our year-long Exalted rp game. My character sacrificed himself that the world might be reborn. It was a good death. Although I doubt anyone will miss the annoying little twerp ;)

I am in the middle of a seven day stretch at work. But I have discovered craigslist so that gives me hope. It can't work any worse than careerbuilder has.

WoW woes

Feb. 23rd, 2007 03:13 am
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A question for the WoW players on my flist )


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