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I have been putting off saying this on here for quite some time, but it's long overdue by at least a year now. My marriage has ended. It feels weird saying that here on Livejournal because Livejournal is where that marriage began. We met via this site, dated for nearly a year through it, and then moved in together. My use of this site petered out live everyone's has and in the interim, things happened that made our marriage impossible to maintain. The divorce was finalized on June 25th. It took about fifteen minutes. Twenty-five if you count the time we spent waiting in line at the court clerk's window afterward. M and I remain friends and on good terms. Our relationship has changed, that's all. We are both in better places in our lives than we've been in forever and I am glad for that.

There's a lot more to this story... about 24 years' worth. I have, for the last year since the separation began, been seeing someone whom I go back a long way with. Actually, that's a bit of an understatement. Angie and I go clear back to my junior year of high school. We've been a constant presence in each other's lives all these years since and well... We finally saw what was obvious. We have had many incredible adventures in the time we've been dating and now that we are living together we are planning to have many more. I really don't have enough words to describe how incredible my life has become. Magic has come to it in all its glory. I am working very hard. We are working very hard, and things are off to a great beginning.

I have a lot to say. But it's hard to say it because it's easier just to feel it.
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So, a bass-playing friend of mine who is friends with my former band and actually played with them long ago, just mentioned on Facebook that he is learning the same cover songs I was working on at the time of my departure. With the band's guitarist commenting approvingly.

Now, they do not actually come out and state that he is playing with them but they are not really songs most people would just sit down and randomly decide to learn. The timing is... interesting.

Obviously I shouldn't care. They need a bassist, he's a bassist, and business is business. But at the same time... I dunno, I guess it's kind of like your buddy sleeping with your ex-girlfriend: yeah, technically there's no reason why they can't and it has nothing to do with you but it still feels like a slap just the same.
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They fixed our air conditioning two days ago and man has it been nice. The A/C was out over a two day span where the heat index reached 119 in some areas of the city. That's Fahrenheit, btw, for those of you who live in parts of the world where measurements make no sense and think "fifteen degrees" means it's really, really hot. Anyway, the wooden floor in our bedroom was disturbingly hot. Hot in a way that no indoor part of an inhabited building should ever be. I am very grateful that it is fixed now, even if the lights flickered alarmingly during the fixing process.

Today while M. was at work I snuck to a matinee showing of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Spoilery in a minor way. )
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The subject line is my favorite Onion headline of all time and has nothing to do with the post.

Well it's not the power supply on my computer. It's the motherboard. Our Tech Kid (heretofore known as OTK,) can't figure out why the board will accept power but not boot. But it's definitely not a power supply issue. So now I have to order a new motherboard. Apparently no one sells the one I currently have, not even Amazon or New Egg anymore. Which I guess is good because it crapped out after only three years. We found another one that will fit and I'll be ordering it tomorrow when I get paid. Since I have a month of free shipping with Amazon right now I'll overnight it and have OTK put it in on Saturday and hopefully, God willing, that will be the end of this whole sorry mess. I JUST WANT MY COMPUTER BACK! I MISS WOW, AND DRAGON AGE, AND MY PICTURE FOLDER, AND BEING ABLE TO WORK ON MY WRITING!

I had carefully planned to start putting money aside to buy the guitar amplifier I want, starting with this paycheck. I guess that's gonna have to wait one more pay period now. That's fine. Whatever it takes. I just want the damn thing to work again.

Mom update

Jun. 30th, 2010 12:04 am
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Mom got home from the hospital this evening. Whatever was blocking her insides isn't showing up anymore. They don't know if that means it's gone or what, but she's feeling quite fit now and we're hoping things will go well from here. It's been a long few days but we're looking forward to life getting back to normal. She still has to go back for outpatient stuff so hopefully we'll learn more from that.

First day off in what feels like forever even though I've only been working since Friday. I just worked a LOT of hours between Friday and now is all and at weird, inconvenient times. Didn't do much today, just gamed on the computer. Was going to go downtown but once I got out and on the road I suddenly just didn't feel like it anymore, so I grabbed a pizza from Little Caesars and just came home. Had a World of Warcraft raid this evening that we did reasonably well on and I unwound from that by reading my book for a while. I'll probably go ahead with the downtown jaunt in the coming day.
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Due to a schedule change to accommodate an employee's wedding, I wound up having today off. In this day the following happened:

-Got my wife's car licensed and sales taxes paid.

-Finished reading a very good book. (Fallen by Tim Lebbon. If you like dark fantasy check it out.)

-In World of Warcraft completed Blackrock Depths, (one of the largest dungeons in the game.) And got not one but TWO epic items. (Items so rare you could run the dungeon dozens of times and never see one; two is almost unheard of.)

I've had a great deal of stress in my life lately and it's great to finally have a day of just non-stop awesome. Never take such days for granted. If you can get one, appreciate the hell out of it!
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I've got a maudlin, paranoid sort of feeling that I can't seem to shake today. I have no idea why and no reason for it, as usual. I suppose I should accept that I just feel this way sometimes. I think I just notice it more now that I have the ability to blog about it.

Part of it might be unexpressed excitement. All this week I've been typing up a final draft of a story set in the Apocalypse Woman world for an anthology. We have some business to take care of after I get off work, (more on that tomorrow, hopefully - don't want to jinx anything good by saying to much,) but I should be able to finish it tonight and get it sent where it needs to go. I've been promising a second AW-related work ever since the main novel came out and it feels amazing to final be able to deliver. I actually wrote this story several months ago, hoping it would turn into a larger project. But looking at it now after time has passed I realize it stands perfectly well on its own and hopefully will be just right for the release it's being submitted for. I've only got a few pages left of this draft to type and it's going to feel really great when I type that final sentence.

So here I am, counting the hours until I can finish it, and until other good things can happen. Happy Thursday, everyone!
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Yesterday was a bullet points day:

-Machinery at work that never functions any time anyone tries to use it continuing not to function.

-Scooping the cat litter box only to realize when finished that the bag I was using had a big hole in it. Luckily no depleted cat fuel escaped, but it was a very tense walk to the garbage dumpster.

-Tried to carry too many things into work. (Book bag, lunch bag, bucket-o-Mountain Dew, umbrella.) As a result, my Mountain Dew wound up spraying all over me. (Dewkkake?) Luckily I was able to clean my pristine white work shirt before stains set in, but it definitely set a tone for the work day.

-World of Warcraft has implemented a Zombie Virus event. A neat idea, but now people are using it to grief their own factions. (i.e., you and a bunch of friends deliberatelly turn yourselves into zombies, then attack your own towns.) As if players don't have enough opportunity already to behave badly.

Today seems nicer so far.
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It was a good thing we had plans last night because the floor drain in the laundry room downstairs backed up. Sewage smell all through the entire building. To quote Shin-Chan "your apartment smells like breakfast farts." Yeah, it was kind of like that. Fortunately it was my dad's birthday and we were meeting my parents for supper at the local down-home country restaurant. I ate enough chicken fried steak for three people while we talked about politics and life in my old home town. We then came back home but the sewage smell had gotten no better. The complex actually wound up having to call the water department to come take care of it because they didn't have an auger big enough to get in there and do what needed to be done. So we called up D. and L. who were gracious enough to let us hang out at their house all evening and be shed on by their cats. It was nice to hang out over there again, especially since we didn't think we'd get to do so again so soon.

Fortunately our home was non-smelly enough to sleep in by the time we got back. Although given that the doors were all still propped open when I left for work this morning methinks they're still waiting on that hot date with the water department.
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I let my birthday come and go without getting my driver's license renewed. I figured no harm would come in letting it wait until Monday. Naturally the day after my license expires I got pulled over. Fortunately he let me go but still, very annoying. I got my license renewed Monday so I no longer feel like a criminal. And today I got my tail light fixed, which was the reason I got pulled over in the first place. It was just a short in the connection like I figured it was and only took ten dollars to fix.

I felt sick the last two days. Yesterday I came home and went straight to bed, woke up for an hour and watched The Office, then went back to bed until morning. I feel better but still wouldn't mind sleeping for another 13 hours.

So that's been my week so far.
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Last night was good. I had dinner with a friend I grew up with. It will be almost four years until I see her again because she's moving to Italy with her husband. I'm really happy for her, but it's a bittersweet farewell knowing that much will change in our lives between now and then and there will be so many things we will be unable to see each other have. I'm thrilled for her though. She's living the dream; going exactly where she's always wanted to go, doing exactly what she's always wanted to do. And if we're ever able to go to Italy we're pretty much guaranteed crash space!

Pastor asked me to tell him about my writing. So I did. I didn't go into specifics, just said that he probably wouldn't like my novel as it's very sexual. I felt that was an honest enough way of putting things. I'm interested to hear what he will say.

Toxic day

Jun. 19th, 2008 11:03 am
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Yesterday I worked the first of three twelve hour shifts in a row. Now I'm on the second. I must have slept wrong because I woke up about 5:30 AM with my head and neck aching. I did manage to get maybe another half hour of sleep in which I had the most DISGUSTING dream I've had in years.

Now I'm on the second twelve hour shift. I'm still aching and in the room adjoining our office they are using a wet-cut saw on conrete so I'm breathing all kinds of fumes, making my aches worse.

A minute ago I got up and held open the front door so one of the workers could wheel in a machine. While holding it I brushed up against a handrail that had been freshly painted.

White paint on the seat of my black pants.

And for the last two hours of my shift I get to train a new employee.

I shouldn't have reminded myself of the dream as I can now add mild nausea to the aches. Although that may be the fumes' fault as well.

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- The campus of my alma mater got mauled by a tornado overnight. Old limestone buildings are hard to knock down but they still took a licking. The Toyota dealership down the road from them was not as lucky.

-  Me and my employees will be working lots of 12 hour shifts during the coming week. My bosses are having a manpower shortage with summer vacations and whatnot. Hopefully it serves to make me look that much better at my next interview.

- I have too many World of Warcraft characters.

- I need a laptop desperately. A good one. Accepting donations.

- Dethklok live in concert this Sunday!


Jun. 6th, 2008 10:11 am
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 After an extremely stressful week I'm really, really looking forward to the weekend. My mom is doing one of her community theatre plays and I'm going to see that tonight, but aside from that I have nothing planned for now and I'm okay with that.

I have been slowly exposing myself to the films of Guillermo Del Toro and might make a review post with my thoughts. Or I might not. Depends.
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 A fuel tank at a local gasoline storage site caught fire during the night so now there is a couple of million gallons of gasoline on fire. When I left home this morning I thought the thick low-hanging black clouds were leftovers from last night's terrific thunderstorms, but following them to the south I could see where the smoke was rising from. It looked like a nuclear bomb went off.
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I haven't felt much like LJ this week, although I have kept reading it. I just haven't had a lot of energy for commenting. I've been distracted, I guess. So if I seem distant I'm sorry. Part of the problem is that I honestly just don't have a lot to talk about, or that I want to talk about. Maybe that's a good thing. Anyway, I'm here but I'm mostly lurking.
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This evening Mel and I went for a walk at the nearby park as we now try to do every evening. Our park isn't exactly New York's Central Park by any stretch of the imagination, but with its half mile walking path, running track, baseball diamond, and tennis court, it's a pretty happening place this time of year. You overhear some interesting things.

Tonight as we were walking past the track we saw this angry-looking man on the running track apparently yelling to someone on our side of the street. He kept yelling "Up yours! Up yours!" over and over again. All I could think was, "Don't you realize that if this were a movie you would be listed in the credits as 'Up Yours Guy'?"

If everyone were to view themselves as a character in a movie every once in a while they might be surprised at what they would learn.
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Well our computer has decided it doesn't like WoW once again and this time nothing we do seems to fix it. This is infuriating because I had just learned how to PvP and was really enjoying it. It was like discovering a whole new game within the game (because basically that's what it is.) I suppose with the downtime I could always do something productive like write up that D&D game I'd really like to run. Yes, heaven forbid I do something productive with my time.

I don't want to jinx it by talking about it too much (because every time I talk about it I seem to stall... hence the recent lack of updates at [livejournal.com profile] tq_kimber,) but things are going really well in the writing department. Creativity-wise, that is. There's still no news on the actual publishing front. But if the creative side is stalled then the rest doesn't matter. So maybe the lack of colorful videogames will increase this productivity even more.

But no matter how much I look on the positive side I really, REALLY hate it when stuff doesn't work.


Mar. 25th, 2008 11:53 am
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Last night I had another one of my ten hour comas where I get really tired around 8:30, go to bed, and don't wake up until morning. It seems I need to do that about once a week and that recharges me. I hated going to bed so early because it was such a nice evening.

This is a short-yet-long week. My overnight man has to go out of town for a wedding this weekend so we traded shifts, he's doing my Friday and I'm doing his Saturday overnight. Which means I won't have to go to work on Friday, but will have to go in at midnight, then go and get our taxes done right when I get off on Saturday morning. Saturday will be a long day. I guess it' good if I stock up on sleep now.

I wanted to work more on my D&D module last night, but all I managed to do was read. I'm currently reading Phillip K. Keep It Clean* Dick's Valis and Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five. And in case you are wondering if I just read what Lost tells me to read, the answer is yes. Yes I do. They're both thrilling books though, and funny.

*BACKSTORY Many years ago, some friends and I regularly used a chat room that had quite a thorough profanity filter and would give the message [Keep It Clean] whenever a dirty word was used. One night we started discussing the works of Phillip K. Dick, and well, you can guess what happen. I've been calling him Phillip K. Keep It Clean ever since even though nobody's around who gets the joke anymore.
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So apparently the latest justification people have for keeping their panties in a twist and going on LJ strike is that the Russian gangsters who own LJ said mean things about the whining LJ users in a badly-translated memo. 

Sheesh. I don't care if they're a bunch of mean jerks who think their customers are idiots. MOST COMPANIES are mean jerks who think their customers are idiots. So the LJ owners see irate users as "the enemy." Guess what? The kid serving you at McDonald's sees you as "the enemy" too. So the LJ owners need a new PR department, I'll admit that. Otherwise, they view you no better or worse than any other entity you buy from every day.

Okay, I'm done with that. In happier news, we got Mel's car back and it runs better than ever. It turns out some idiot put the wrong kind of sparkplugs in it a long time ago and we've never known. Now with the right spark plugs and a new fue filter it runs great. And while it was still costly, it was far less so than it would have been at many other places. We are blessed to know a good and fair mechanic. Having it taken care of is a big load off our minds.

New LOST tonight, the last before the break brought on by the Writers' Strike. The promos have promised that in this episode "SOMEONE - WILL - DIE!" and I'm really hoping it won't be a character I really like. Sadly, that includes just about everyone so unless they just kill off Third Freighter Crewman on the Left I'm probably going to be pissed at the end of the episode. We'll see.


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