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I think I've said it before, but Christmas when you're a grown-up sure is a lot of work. I don't mean that in a bad way. I'm certainly not griping. It's just that before this year I don't think I really appreciated just how much work it is. M. and I cooked and cleaned non-stop both yesterday and today, just to have a handful of guests over. This is going to be crazy if and when we have kids.

Christmas at our place for the first time was wonderful. Everyone was wonderfully surprised with their gifts and very happy. Thanks to my mom I now have a heavy metal guitarist nutcracker adorning my shelf. Well, I actually think he's more of a punk guitarist nutcracker but that's okay :) I also have new clothes and M. basically got an entire new kitchen. She'll be cooking style from now on, which makes all of us happy. After my parents left we had over a couple that we're friends with and their two young daughters and we had a fun time watching Christmas shows, eating, and talking.

Just... wow. So much work. I feel good and mellow but know if I stop moving I'll fall asleep. I hope everyone else's Christmas turned out to be good too.
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No update since Thanksgiving. I'm losing my touch. Truthfully, I haven't had the slightest interest in blogging lately. In the past even when I've lost the motivation I've never lost the interest. Now all that's changed.

But it's Christmas and I can't let that go unnoticed. Tomorrow will be the first Christmas I can think of where I will be having the family over at our house instead of going to theirs. I've been cleaning the house all day, so before I run out of steam I feel like I should give the holiday its proper due.

I am thankful for my lovely wife who is hosting our gathering and who got me Skyrim and a Blu-Ray of the Star Wars trilogy as early presents. I am proud of her for finishing school and starting a new career. I am VERY thankful that my friend whose daughter was abducted by her mother got her back safe and sound and is spending Christmas with a reunited family. I am blessed by the spiritual growth I feel like I've undergone this year and that I am becoming more comfortable with my religious path which is not quite like that of anyone else I know. I am glad that this year I received an out-of-the-blue job promotion that has boosted my self-esteem and is helping me learn new skills. I am thankful for my rediscovery of my path as a musician and that slowly but surely I am acquiring the equipment I need to pull it off.

May the joy of Jesus' birth and the promise of the returning sun be with you all in the coming year. May times be as good for you all as they have been for me these past few months. Merry Christmas.
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This Thanksgiving I am thankful that I live in America where we have American Christmas. That is to say, we pretty much just buy gifts, get fat, watch sappy movies, and do it all in one tidy package on December 25th where we try to forget there are things like darkness and evil in the world.

Europeans don't have it so lucky. For one thing, your typical European country celebrates Christmas on some weird schedule where they'll actually have "Christmas" like, 17.5 hours before the day itself, and then they'll have it again, like, thirteen days later on the Feast of the Three Kings, or St. John the Baptist's Birthday, or the Feast of St. Cleonice Hildegund who was martyred in 917 A.D. for teaching the heathen Albigensians to eat with a fork. She was burned at the stake but was declared a saint because her body was not consumed by the fire. She still died of smoke inhalation, however, because sainthood is one bitch motherfucker.

But worst of all, in Europe Santa Claus - or Sinter Klause, or Senter Klootz, or Zaander Kluddz, or Krizter Kringlhoopen, or whatever the hell they're calling him depending on where you are - is, for want of a kinder phrasing, a real dick. He's not the playful old fellow in the red stocking hat we Americans know. Oh no. No, you're more likely to find him decked out in bishop regalia so over the top that a real bishop would probably blush at it. And if you are a good child, then on Christmas - or 17.5 hours beforehand, maybe - Saande Nikklusz will reward you with a small, unsweetened, unleavened cake.

Big whoop. But it beats the alternative.

If you are a bad child then Santa turns you over to his assistant, Skulsatan der Rapenmost. This horror from beyond the realms of pure hate has seven eyes, thirteen horns, one foot that is a cloven hoof, and another that is a fire-breathing fish - because fuck you, that's why! He also wears a dress, which would be hilarious if it wasn't made of severed human faces. That are still screaming. Bad children can expect to be skinned alive while having their tongues ripped out by hot pincers... and that's just for starters.Because your body can only take so much, but your soul is his forever.

European Santa is also accompanied by another minion known as Schwarz Peetr - "Black Peter" Black Peter is a time traveler from the future. He is made of metal surrounded by living tissue.

Okay, okay, so I basically just sort of skimmed over a few articles about Christmas in Europe and didn't really read them that close. Is it really worth busting my chops about? Let's enjoy a German Krampus parade!

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I don't think I've really posted what I've done this holiday season so here goes:

Christmas turned out to be very nice despite me having to stay up well into the morning hours madly finishing a freelance project that was due. This was aided by M. having given me her Christmas present a few days beforehand: a new office chair. Much better than the secondhand (and who knows how many hands before that,) dining room chair I had been using up until then. Lower back pain is now gone and sitting at the computer is pleasurable once again. We did the rest of our gift exchange just after midnight and had a nice time with it.

Christmas day itself we went to my parents' for the Christmas meal which was also a very nice experience. My mom stuffed us and left us pretty well incapable of doing anything until after a nap which we took as soon as we got home. There can be something blissful about having it be dark when you wake up. After waking in darkness and opening the path to nightmare, (sorry, Silent Hill reference,) we drove up to the Plaza to look at Christmas lights. We talked about finding a Chinese restaurant to eat at just for the hell of it but by then it was getting late so we headed back home. It doesn't sound like much but it was a very relaxing holiday and just what we both needed.

Last night I did another mad dash of freelance work, interrupted by going out for a few hours. We had planned to go to the Nelson museum but by the time we left the house it felt like a little too much work so we ended up going to both Half-Price Books locations following a wonderful meal at New Peking down in Westport. I think we have a new favorite Chinese restaurant. Super yummy and enough leftovers for multiple meals. Can't beat that. The book store outings were profitable too since Half-Price was having a 20% off sale. I came away with an omnibus of Naomi Novik Tremeraire novels and Brandon Sanderson's first Mistborn novel. These are two authors I repeatedly hear good things about from people I trust so I think it's high time I found out what the fuss was about. Then again, I heard the same thing about Douglas Adams and that didn't turn out well. But Douglas Adams wasn't handpicked by Robert Jordan to finish the Wheel of Time so in Sanderson's case if nothing else I at least feel a little safer.

Now I have to rush out the door to go to work. Happy New year if I don't see you.
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"I'm wrapping Christmas presents." For a teenaged boy these four words are one of the most ironclad alibis in the world for shutting themselves in their room to masturbate. But for the rest of us they are harbingers of strain and woe. Wrapping presents always leaves my back hurting and my presents never quite as pretty as I'd like them to be. I'm the sort of person who if only do something once a year completely forgets how to do it. It takes me about three presents before I figure out how to do it again and even my best ones look like a Charlie Brown disaster on some scale. And it never fails that I'll sigh with relief after overcoming the last gift to wrap, only to spy one, or two, or a pile more that I completely forgot about.

But it's worth it. I like giving things to people. I like making them happy with what I have for them. And when the time comes for someone to tear all that hard work away and be delighted at what's inside, you realize it was all worth it from beginning to end. Merry Christmas.
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With very few exceptions most of my working life has involved working Christmas eve and/or Christmas day. I'm working both this year; part and parcel of the line of work that I'm in, thus it doesn't feel a lot like Christmas, but I'll make do. But if the snow we got Saturday night continues to hold out it will be a white Christmas, which I haven't seen since I was a child. Nice.

Last night [profile] pinkfaeriestars came over and we did our gift exchange with her. We are now equipped to make sushi and she is now equipped to get drunk. Mel and I exchanged gifts too and a good time was had by all.

Tonight I have to go over to my parents' house and set up my mom's Christmas present while she's away (I'm giving her my old computer since she doesn't have one of her own,) and finish wrapping her and my father's gifts. It won't be a very restful Christmas eve. Maybe I can catch a nap and then the midnight mass at St. Peters. I'm not Catholic, but I think it's a beautiful ceremony anyway. It's still weird for me to see it without John Paul presiding. Oh well. In all likelihood I'll be in bed before then so I don't know why I'm talking about it.

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday. Drive safe out there. 


Dec. 21st, 2007 12:57 pm
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Happy Solstice everyone. Since I've been on a power metal kick the last few days I want to take a moment to remind everyone of the true meaning of the season, which is of course to LIFT YOUR SWORD ON HIGH AND DIE IN GLORIOUS BATTLE!!! Since the Vikings invented Christmas, this is appropriate.

I'm having lots and lots of money stress but I'm trying not to let it get me down. Everything will be taken care of, I'm enough of a fool for the Lord to believe that. Best Christmas and Solstice wishes to everyone. 
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Spending two hours shopping this time of year feels like a twelve-hour ordeal. Why do all the places I like to go to shop have to be congested at the best of times? I hate congested streets. Give me wide stretches of open highway any day. That's the small town Kansas boy in me for ya.

We have all of our Christmas shopping done. I have 90% of my wife's done and I feel great about it. For once I'm not still shopping on December 23rd. Christmas is going to be a little annoying though since we both have to work at 8am. After that we get to have dinner with my folks, which isn't annoying, but after eight hours I know we'll both be tired.

I should really make my New Year's resolution be "start getting up earlier in the morning." I am not a morning person and cannot drag myself out of bed to save my life. It's always been this way, but now that I'm getting older I feel it more throughout the day. And of course I always willfully stay up later when I know I have to get up early. Why do I do that?

I love the holidays but they really wear you out. And I don't even do half as much as some people do.

::EDIT:: Thanks to someone on my friends list I found the best Christmas icon ever >:)
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I can see Mel and I turning into this couple, if the amount of money we spent at EB games today is any indication. Plus Guitar Hero 1&2 and the Nintendo DS with full compliment of games - these were all Mel's presents but so far we're both getting good mileage out of them.

Holy shit

Dec. 23rd, 2006 04:32 am
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I just realized something cool... I made my New Year's resolution for this year! My resolution was "get my novel published." Granted, I was thinking of Fool's Game at the time and not Apocalypse Woman, which at the time was not even finished. But still, I don't think I mentioned a title in the resolution so it counts. For the first time in my life I fulfilled a New Year's resolution! Take that all you bitches who don't fulfill yours! PWNED!


Yes I am aware this is probably unbecoming a professional writer but give me a break. It's a New Year's Resolution and I freaking kept it! That doesn't happen every day. Doesn't even happen every year, in fact.

You all should have seen me finishing my Christmas shopping yesterday while still trying to make it to work on time. It was exactly like the movie Run Lola Run. Except for the fact that I look nothing like Franka Potente, there were no abrupt animated sequences, the lack of an organized crime presence or throbbing techno sountrack, and nothing was said in German. Other than all that it was totally like the movie. And guess what? My shopping STILL ISN'T DONE.

If only everything were as easy as keeping New Year's resolutions.
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Tonight we did Christmas over at  [profile] kakita_shisumo and [profile] duendegrrl's place. It was an awesome flurry of gift exchanging, eating good food, and learning the dirty laundry of Bing Crosby and his White Christmas co-stars. It was great. And to top it all off, I got home to find the preview of my author bio page over at Aphrodite's Apples. Be prepared for me to annoy you with this news again once it goes public. 

Christmas and erotica are both good, but I don't think any of you want to hear about that right now. I think what you all really want to hear about how World War II really happened. That's right! It was all just an online roleplaying game.

Can't wait for the Sudetenlands Annexation expansion pack to come out, that's all I have to say.


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