Jul. 1st, 2014

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No one wants to read another Hobby Lobby post saying the same things others have said louder and better than I can. So much hair has been torn and so many breasts have been struck in righteous anger that I can add nothing to the general din. What I can do is be candid about myself.

It's something of an open secret, but I think the time is past due to just say it: I no longer identify as Christian anymore. And if you're someone who goes back with me for any length of time you know that's a big deal for me, and that I held out far longer than just about anyone else I know of who has had a similar struggle. It has been hard to put into words why it happened until now; until today, in fact.

I left Christianity because Christ is not in it. He is where He always was: out in the world doing good, and calling down wrath on those who profane His temples with lies and greed. I left it because I see more of Christ in the pagans and atheists who have fed me and cared for me, asking nothing in return over the years, than I do in the Green Family with their ranks low-wage workers and their enslaved Chinese factories. I left because I see more of Christ in Odin's sacrifice upon the Tree and Thor's intent to lay down his life to end the poisoning of the sky than I do in those who tell me to cast down idols of metal and stone. I left because again and again among those of all faiths and of none, I see evidence of a God who fights Hell at endless cost to Himself rather than a God who wields it as the ultimate oppression.

I left Christianity because it does not own Christ. He goes where He wants and does what He will, and He'll do it whether you choose to hear Him or see Him or not. But I think He'd be delighted if you'd try. I would like to thank Hobby Lobby, the Green Family, and the United States Supreme Court for reminding me that i made the right decision.


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